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Trainerlevel: 25

Trainerpoints: 368/1,899


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Girafarig28035,415 / 236,041
Primal Dialga218136,842 / 179,034
Floette (Eternal Flower)19818,106 / 118,207
Anniversary Cupcake13557 / 684


inno || tired writer || anxious artist || aesthetic obsessed

hi!! I'm junguwu, but you can call me inno or galaxy.
I'm an avid writer and reader who dabbles in art every once in a while. I can have a slightly sardonic sense of humor, and come off as rude occasionally, but I usually don't mean to. usually. my love for music, books, and tv shows basically takes up my entire personality. if we have an interest in common, don't be afraid to shoot me a message about it!! I'll talk your head off if you let me. I do not, however, reply to begging and hi/hello messages. if you want to start a conversation, start an actual conversation!! also, I might be a little nervous and take a bit to respond to you, just bear with me. the more shy I am around you, the more I like you.

your last chance, carpe diem

green tree frog,
won't listen to anyone,
flipping things over however I want.
green tree frog,
I never listen to anyone, but thanks to you,
I've fixed the habit I've had since I was three.

crossing the line of reality,
this time has come again,
no rules to keep anymore.
a special chance given to me,
I won't lose it,
I won't lose you.

Shiny Hunt

junguwu is currently hunting Girafarig.
Hunt started: 26/11/2017

Chain: 392
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #540000686
Registration: 24/09/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1053:51 Hours
Total interactions: 42,660
Money: 1,766,624
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


nobody is productive in my writing class. all we do is make gay or self-deprecating jokes, whine about characters, and spit out facts only serial killers should know.

Yesterday, 21:420 comments
mauve: if you had to spend a month with only hiraeth, sarcasm, or mals, who would you--?
ten: i'd rather throw myself into an active volcano

1 Day ago0 comments
hey, do you know why so many creation stories have flood stories??
for ancient civilizations like the aztecs and mayans, they lived in coastal regions, or near rivers that flooded annually to grow crops. it's entirely possible that an overflow in the beginning of the agricultural age brought along these myths.
and the story of noah's ark? probably brought along by the catastrophic flooding of the black sea.

1 Day ago0 comments
the mayans and aztecs had the right idea all along -- human sacrifices are the way to eternal happiness

1 Day ago1 comment
nct dream: //make drippin'
taeyong, waking up in a cold sweat: something's wrong

2 Days ago0 comments
hi i'm inno and all i do is over-analyze music videos, books, tv shows, movies, and comics

2 Days ago0 comments
anyone who thinks the bts army is the most toxic fandom in kpop has obviously never seen exo-ls freak out over someone saying "lay is gonna leave eventually"

3 Days ago0 comments
me: i feel like death and can't breathe particularly well
writing inspiration: //slaps me upside the head
me: alright guess i'm doing this now

4 Days ago0 comments
gentle reminder that jae was having serious health complications and was forbidden by a doctor to go to the day6 anniversary fan meeting but he literally ran away from the hospital to make an appearance for his fans. if that's not love and dedication, i don't know what is--

4 Days ago0 comments
i kept sneezing in my classes and since my sneeze sounds like a kitten on helium everyone kept giggling and that's why i hate allergies and colds

5 Days ago0 comments
wow i just went to an open mic night and i'm feeling so weirdly happy for the first time in weeks. it's nice. i forgot how good happiness feels.

6 Days ago1 comment
someone: why do all your characters have stupid names??
me, clutching sarcasm and candytuft: say it again to my face

7 Days ago2 comments
my favorite thing is finding random images of people who are obviously idols and trying to figure out which group they're from

7 Days ago0 comments
the weekends never last long enough. someone stab me so i don't have to go to biology and health tomorrow.

9 Days ago0 comments
me: stop making references to red velvet in your writing
also me: does ten love ice cream cake and russian roulette?? yes. yes he does.

10 Days ago1 comment
the sm rookies: hello we're attractive and talented
ot18 stans, wielding a broom: n o

10 Days ago0 comments
if someone told you "all girls like pink" you would probably say "not all girls," right? because that makes sense. things like that are stereotypes and generalizations that can spread incorrect or even hurtful information. you'd hate it if someone assumed something about you like that, wouldn't you?
then why is it when someone says "oh, [insert fandom here] is crazy/horrible/annoying, they must be too" people just take it and keep judging others for things they probably don't even know enough about to judge?

12 Days ago0 comments
jbhshjkjnsd the ceo said hyuna and e'dawn are not confirmed to be kicked out of cube entertainment just yet and the decision isn't final. ya'll better start praying to whatever gods you believe in.

12 Days ago1 comment
sometimes i genuinely question why the frick i'm friends with some people

13 Days ago1 comment

daffodils among nightshade

people I respect and admire:

zazanoshurhoosaurusyuu-yuugreggorybeep beep

my likes and interests:

⚬ a bunch of kpop groups ⚬ my chemical romance ⚬ fall out boy ⚬
⚬ panic! at the disco ⚬ voltron ⚬ yuri!!! on ice ⚬ haikyuu!! ⚬ hamilton ⚬
⚬ sherlock ⚬ doctor who ⚬ supernatural ⚬ the flash ⚬ green arrow ⚬
⚬ stranger things ⚬ riverdale ⚬ percy jackson ⚬ warriors ⚬ harry potter ⚬
⚬ keeper of the lost cities ⚬ reading in general ⚬ art ⚬ drawing ⚬
⚬ writing ⚬ flower language ⚬ cacti and succulents ⚬ space ⚬ the ocean ⚬
⚬ pastel and retro aesthetics ⚬ languages ⚬ origami ⚬ makeup ⚬



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