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Trainerlevel: 24

Trainerpoints: 864/1,751


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
19487,695 / 130,455
15622,551 / 91,846
Prickly Pear
18411,475 / 102,121
212102,829 / 135,469
16351,884 / 80,197
19027,698 / 108,871

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Nyctophiliac is currently hunting Girafarig.
Hunt started: 26/11/2017

Chain: 369
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #540000686
Registration: 24/09/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1025:16 Hours
Total interactions: 26,991
Money: 1,606,912
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


there is literally something in kpop for everyone.
do you prefer rock music? day6. like softer, sweeter music? seventeen. want an older group with more history? bigbang. want a newer group you can follow and learn to love? astro. how about a group with darker concepts? vixx is the one. a group with lighter concepts? twice, for sure. a group with a lot of members to love? nct has eighteen to choose from. a smaller, more manageable number of members? monsta x only has seven. a group with just the right amount of members? exo has a good, solid nine. a group with young members and plenty of talent and personality? stray kids. want to follow a girl group that's not all cute all the time? try red velvet, blackpink, or f(x). want one that's popular and lovable? bts!
so don't say kpop isn't for you until you've tried to find the group that fits your taste.

1 Day ago3 comments
my favorite poem from writing camp:
"i wrote this based off of my terrifying experience by the lake with the geese" -author
I look at the goose,
I look at the rock.
Back to the goose,
Then at the rock.
I ponder.

2 Days ago1 comment
i love my writing camp mostly because everyone around my age are fandom-loving dorks like me

2 Days ago0 comments
some things about seventeen's oh my:
-the most aesthetically pleasing video i've seen in a while mmMMM that's the good stuff
-it's?? so?? soft??
-minghao's mullet still lookin' great
-jun and minghao have lines bless pledis
-yep, seventeen are still vocal kings
-this concept is actually going to kill me it's too beautiful
-the choreography is so cool i can't wait for a dance practice
-i love that pillow fight scene it's adorable my boys are having fun
-minghao's skinny legs though please eat more child
-joshua's face is still god-like and i live for it
-i screamed it's so much better than what i could've asked for

3 Days ago2 comments
someone motivate me to finish my about me please

4 Days ago4 comments
I've been working on my new about me for two days now and I am not even close to being finished

also, my ask me stuff feed is still open since I'm bored

5 Days ago0 comments
someone about my age: do you work here?
me, looking down at my yellow employee wristband and inwardly panicking: uhhhhhhhh
someone: oh, nevermind. you look terrified. I'll ask someone else, don't worry about it.
me, quietly: i hope you win a million dollars you angel of a person

5 Days ago2 comments
me: //taping up a 'no one under 18 allowed' sign
me, whispering: i am a rule breaker

5 Days ago2 comments
ask? definitely not stolen.
i won't do 1 and 2 for obvious reasons. you can ask as many as you'd like, i won't stop you.

5 Days ago8 comments
i take it all back aesthetics are hard

6 Days ago0 comments
a good friend sends you videos of their dog at three a.m.

7 Days ago0 comments
i should probably redo my about me but coding is hard

8 Days ago0 comments
i wish life was as soothing as picking an aesthetic

8 Days ago0 comments
ten: i made tea
sarcasm: i don't want tea
ten: it's not for you, it's for me
sarcasm: then why did you tell me?
ten: it's a conversation starter
sarcasm: that's a terrible conversation starter
ten: is it? we're conversing. checkmate.

10 Days ago2 comments
i feel like german has a word for everything

10 Days ago2 comments
bandwagoning. my oc's in a nutshell:

elin: looks innocent, will push you down the stairs without a second thought, someone control him please

val: constantly screaming inside but still says "fine" when someone asks how he's doing

ten: *breathes in* *breathes out*, "i promise no one will die this time", *confused depressed noises*

felix: "FLOWERS ARE MY CHILDREN", aesthetics galore, prefers cats over people

fell: "i'm the adult but don't do anything i tell you i might be wrong", either 5 or 30 mentally, red aesthetics

mauve: colorscolorscolors, "ten no murder is bad", who let her be in charge it was a terrible decision, constantly has 'wake me up inside' playing in her head

sarcasm: beautiful hair, flirts with anything that has a pulse, he's died three times and all he gets is a participation award

11 Days ago2 comments
free cookies if you join
it actually feels good to make a roleplay after so long. i feel like i have so much inspiration.

11 Days ago0 comments
elin: //screams something at beyond in japanese
fell: language!!
elin: sorry
elin: wait
elin: you don't speak japanese
elin: how did you know?
fell: i assumed. have you met yourself?
elin: fair point

11 Days ago0 comments
i really want to make a roleplay about flowers. dunno why, i just do.

12 Days ago1 comment
elin, walking in with a Starbucks cup: hey sorry i'm late
fell: oh you stopped for starbucks? no prob, kid.
elin: not exactly
beyond, stumbling into the room: HE PUSHED ME DOWN THE STAIRS. TWICE.
elin: i stopped to laugh and point

14 Days ago10 comments



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