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Trainerlevel: 48

Trainerpoints: 992/6,959

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Trainer ID: #19162878
Registration: 25/06/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 07/Jul/2017
Game Time: 3267:59 Hours
Total interactions: 205,659
Trainer Battle Stats: 40 won, 130 lost.
Money: 1,087,082
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


*hisses* why does the outside hate me

My left shoulder is sunburnt so bad i can barely move my arm with out it hurting or feeling on fire

Today, 02:324 comments
Sis : if you went out in the sun and tried to get a tan you wouldn't burn so much (even suggested going to a tanning salon)

Me : i dont ever go outside during the summer

Mostly cause i burn no matter what

Yesterday, 23:310 comments
1St how do i get the snorunt evos

2nd the map is with a shiny and the enigma stone is with an incenaroar in the auction house both (were) at 0 for 2 weeks

Yesterday, 21:583 comments
Hmm which is better 250k for my map or 250k for the stone and map.....

Yesterday, 15:495 comments
Someone wanna read over a song thing i typed out? Its from my thoughts and i tried to get it all down before it left my mind but its in some screen shots

Yesterday, 07:520 comments
Why do i sunburn so easily

Yesterday, 03:160 comments
Ugh. I may just have offers for my last feed in the comments sorry peeps i just im going to bed before i upset anyone else or so...

2 Days ago0 comments
Im selling a marine cave map and enigma stone

Im sorry if i said this before i may not have noticed or forgot the offers

2 Days ago1 comment
Heh i feel like i upset certain peeps alot when i don't mean to. And when i do i feel bad and hate myself for doing so ugh why am i so mean

2 Days ago0 comments
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2 Days ago1 comment
Im finally awake ive just slept most of the day away

2 Days ago0 comments
Finally done organizing cs pets i just hope i did well

3 Days ago0 comments
-me *tells my bff about someone*

Bff -uh huh . are you sure you two are just friends

Me - .....yeah

4 Days ago5 comments
For those who uses webtoon

I just wanna suggest a webcomic call myanners i can also suggest more depending on what your looking for

5 Days ago0 comments
Signing out peeps

6 Days ago0 comments
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You obtained a new badge (Event Collector)!

6 Days ago1 comment
This is like those bff questions but

Do you ever just have some youtubers that you dont remember how you started to watch them but you are subbed to them and like them

6 Days ago1 comment
You push the green key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Enigma Stone found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

For sale

6 Days ago1 comment
Back from the chicken smoothie pit. Heh i nay have shocked someone who is leaving the cs site tho

6 Days ago5 comments
One way i tend to get scared or freaked out is when im chatting on messenger and the person or i accidentally calls the other one

7 Days ago2 comments



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Name: savannah, age: 17
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my mweor friend id 182496

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Complete trade deal of 3x shiny darumaka's???(plus one or two for me)
1x shiny mega charizard for tiffanyp6 (preferably x)
1x shiny mega squirtle/blastois for clefairy kid
1x shiny mega beedrill for scarletvalkyrie
1x shiny mega lucario for SkullBossGuzma

Complete next mystery dex
Get/make mega stones {14 needed so far}
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these three as shinies{already Have Cubchoo} Next maybe three hoppip taken

Plooshie hoard process

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