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Trainerlevel: 14

Trainerpoints: 183/601

Game Records

Trainer ID: #781464332
Registration: 06/02/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 195:14 Hours
Total interactions: 53,884
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 197,024
Starter Pokémon: Serperior



Welp, maybe I'll learn something from this.
What was your first impression of me? Comment, PalPad or vote in my most recent poll.

Thank you for reading. ;-;

3 Days ago0 comments
Beep beep I'm a sheep

5 Days ago3 comments
»Good night sleep tight
Don't let the dead bite
What would you do if I told you I hate you?
What would you do if your life's on the line?
What would you say if I told you I hate you?
I got something that will blow your mind«
Dead Bite - Hollywood Undead

10 Days ago0 comments
Notice: I really dislike people who just want to avoid their problems with other people by blocking them. Therefore, I'll block you back if I notice you blocked me.
Thank you.

10 Days ago1 comment
I hope my assumptions will apply. ;-; {Random stuff without any context}

10 Days ago0 comments
Sometimes I open up my terminal emulator under Linux for no reason and close it shortly afterwards. I have no idea why I'm doing this.

12 Days ago0 comments
@ the person who voted "other (per PalPad)" and didn't actually write anything: You're mean. Suck my toe. ;-;

12 Days ago2 comments
Well, I'm not quite sure if I should change my username or not. Still can't decide which name I wanna use if I'll change it. ;-;

Mind helping me a little bit? Just vote for one of the three options in my most recent poll (please?)

{Thank you very much for reading this. ;-;}

12 Days ago0 comments
Probably there's no reason to mention that but I really like My Little Pony. It's hella awesome.

13 Days ago6 comments
»Life goes on, it gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear a waterfall
In the night the stormy night she'll close her eyes
In the night the stormy night away she'd fly«
Paradise - Coldplay

Good ol' memories. <3

14 Days ago0 comments
»Can you fix the broken?«
Well, apparently I can't.

14 Days ago1 comment
So... I just built Adobe Brackets 1.10 on my Arch Linux even though the most recent build from the AUR is the version 1.9. I'm so proud. {Yeah, I just modified a simple number to make it get the most recent version, but psssht, I'm still proud.}

17 Days ago0 comments
"If I were a zombie I'd never eat your brain
I'd just want your heart, yeah I'd want your heart, I'd just want your heart." - It's so cute. x3

17 Days ago15 comments
Anyone here up for a little conversation? :3

18 Days ago3 comments
I have the best friends ever. :3

18 Days ago12 comments
*yawns* Probably it's a bad idea to stay awake the whole night.

20 Days ago2 comments
Any Linux users here on PH? #linux

22 Days ago0 comments
»I'm holding on so tightly now
My insides scream so loud
They keep watching, watching me drown
How did it come to this?

How did it come to this?
How did I know it was you?
It was a bad dream asphyxiated

Watch me bleed

The life support was cut
The knot was too tight

They push and pull me
But they know they'll never win«

Hollywood Undead - Sell Your Soul

1 Month ago0 comments
»Besiegt die Liebe alles, im Falle jeden Falles?
Wo findet man denn noch ein richtig gutes, treues Herz?
Sag, bin ich echt dein Meister?
Gibt's Gott, wenn ja, wie heißt er?
Gibt es den großen Plan, ist alles nur ein übler Scherz?
Sind geistig Arme selig, und wenn ich tot bin, fehl ich?
Und überhaupt, wenn jemand von uns geht, wo geht er hin?
Gibt es den freien Willen? Wie lange soll man stillen?
Ergibt das Machen in Verbindung sinnvoll einen Sinn?«

ASP - Abertausend Fragen

1 Month ago0 comments
»Jede Nacht höre ich
Lachen hinter weißem Licht
Bist du das? Rette mich
Schütze mich vor meinem Ich
Wenn des Nachts ein Traum fegt
Keine Reinheit mehr besteht
Leise Stimmen werden laut
Es folgt der Schrei vor dem mir graut«

New favourite song. Yeh.
Dioxyde - Geist

1 Month ago0 comments



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About Me

Yeah, welcome on my profile. If you like, take a seat and get comfortable.

A short introduction:
Well, my name is Lyrreax. But you can call me whatever you like, as long as it's not insulting or offending.

I was born on the 27th of September. Which year? Every year.

Also, I'm a Metalhead and like to make inappropiate jokes, puns and stuff like that. At least sometimes. And I'm a nerd. If you can't deal with stuff like that, please don't contact me at all.

Otherwise you can always palpad me. I'll respond to every message as long as you stay friendly. {And I really enjoy talking to people - so go ahead and message me! :3}

Some information about me
Name: Lyrreax. My real name does not matter until we get to know each other.
Birthday: 27th of September
Hobbies: Talking and writing with friends; reading; programming; gaming; watching movies; learning languages; listening to music

Little Q&A
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General stuff

Q: You know that your About Me looks ugly, don't you?
A: Yep.

Music related

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?
A: Primarily rock, metal and subgenres of them.

Q: Favourite bands?
A: Caliban, WBTBWB, Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon

To be continued

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