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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 3,413/3,709

Game Records

Trainer ID: #29380610
Registration: 21/04/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1195:26 Hours
Total interactions: 426,836
Trainer Battle Stats: 2 won, 3 lost.
Money: 525,075
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon



Today, 01:110 comments
I feel like a MOUSE would be useful for my SCEs lmao
I've been using the touchpad of my laptop, and I think that's slowing me down

Yesterday, 19:121 comment
Oh sweet I got an unown egg

Yesterday, 16:250 comments

Yesterday, 06:071 comment
Your interactions: 2,357
...Well. That's an improvement. xD

Yesterday, 05:101 comment
Okay I'm going to attempt ONE MORE SCE
And if the lag is awful to the point where I can't make any interactions, I'm giving up

Yesterday, 04:581 comment
Me: Huh, I missed a lot of new videos from my youtubers
Also me: ...I could rewatch this MrEnter episode for the 48th time, too

Yesterday, 03:560 comments
That moment when you write for a character for whom you imagine with a british accent and you wonder why you imagine them with a british accent

Yesterday, 02:374 comments
Happy birthday! Stay awesome! :'3

1 Day ago0 comments
Your interactions: 612
That was awful. The lag makes these events nearly impossible.
Just another reason why that stupid GetOutofSCE hashtag is bull.

1 Day ago5 comments
I really want a shiny lugia voucher hnng
I think I'm going to save up all my game chips until I'm able to buy 10,000 tickets or some number like that

1 Day ago1 comment
[small rant in the comments]

1 Day ago4 comments
I'm going to bed, goodnight!

1 Day ago2 comments

2 Days ago1 comment
Umbreon isn't the best eeveelution.
While it was my favorite for awhile, I have to say that Leafeon has the nicest looking design and is (arguably) one of the best eeveelutions stat-wise

2 Days ago4 comments
Freedom from this hunt is the best feeling ever
I thought it would never end urg

2 Days ago2 comments
FreeMil Final Round by Argentis

Given that this weekend is an SCE weekend, well, best get started today no?

How to join:
1) Get FreeMil to be the top trending hashtag before 23:59 on Feb 25.
2) Pick a number between 1 and 100.
3) Pick a Pokemon between Bulbasaur (#1) and Zeraora (#807)
4) If your chosen number AND Pokemon are the same as another user’s, pick again.
5) Hope you get lucky on Feb 26, on site, for your number and Pokemon being chosen!

This is strictly a give-away. No PD for ticket buying, everyone has one chance to win!

[Google Share]

19 and dragonite!

2 Days ago1 comment
Oh hey
I'm still doing homework
So that means I'll still be on/off
Send help why is there so much--

2 Days ago1 comment
My dog is just determined to keep me from focusing
I finally got around to turning off my own TV and begin to really focus on studying when she bUSTS INTO THE ROOM
So I try to shoo her out gently and she lies down in the doorway so I can't close the door
And the TV is just blaring
So thank you, doggo.

3 Days ago1 comment
Gonna be on/off for a bit as I tackle the TONS of homework I have >.<

3 Days ago0 comments



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I love the two idiots in this gif way too much

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