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Trainerlevel: 100

Trainerpoints: 12,968/30,099

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Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 24/Aug/2018
Game Time: 7795:01 Hours
Total interactions: 7,604,657
Trainer Battle Stats: 63 won, 7 lost.
Money: 5,137,135
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Ughhh, interaction exchange, please? =D

Today, 16:2120 comments
"Hunter's Log - Day 8.

Yesterday, I finally managed to find that stubborn Hoopa .. after 7 long days. That sure is a mean little guy there.

It was only the fourth one crossing my path, too.

I'm honestly wondering why it took me so long to encounter it, though. Didn't I pay enough attention to my surroundings, or was it something else entirely?
did find three of them within only a few hours the other day, after all. Perhaps they were curious about me; but now that they saw me, they lost interest? I definitely didn't, that's for sure!

Hunting Hoopa has me really excited, and I'm looking forward to find more of them!

- Liirah

3 Days ago3 comments
"Hunter's Log - Day 5.

It's been almost four days since I've last seen Hoopa around my part of Emera Town. I'm starting to believe it might be hiding from me. But I'm determined to meet it again; rumors have it that there's a special colored one flittering around somewhere. I shall not give up and find it!

- Liirah

6 Days ago18 comments
Shadow Mewtwo eggs are a lie.

8 Days ago10 comments
Currently got two White Powder tasks - both of them require 100 Awakenings each. The hell is happening in Emera Town?? Jigglypuff taking over or what? o-o"

12 Days ago8 comments
"You have 3591 Dream Points at the moment."

Name a plushie and I shall send it to you. Only one plushie per user and please pick one that is 100 DP or less.

If you want to send one back - which is not stringently required but highly appreciated - make it either Ampharos, Amelia, Sharpedo, Wynaut, Flabébé or Litten, please? :3c

12 Days ago47 comments
[Checklist 2018]
• get your friend a job at the company you're working on - check
• move them into your (for two people too) small appartment so they can start immediately and have a place to stay - check
• find a new, bigger place for the two of you - check (s CREAMS - we just got the news today ahh)

Way to start into 2018 I'd say. :v

13 Days ago15 comments
On another note, my replacement tablet arrived! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧
Drawing kitties on stream later? : D

14 Days ago8 comments
Did you know that coins from the fountain are donated to charity on a regular basis? You have done a good deed!
(Nothing happened)

So, where do I sign for this charity? :V

14 Days ago3 comments
Aaand down to the last three eggs I had stored away. Now the waiting begins. ಠ_ಠ

14 Days ago5 comments
And so it begins.
Not sure I'm ready to suffer through a Daycare legendary hunt tbh but heyyy, there's gotta be a first for everything.

Sooo, I've got about 20 eggs stored away, waiting to be hatched - interaction exchange, please? uwu ♥

16 Days ago24 comments
Adulthood in a nutshell: when your Mom gets you a new vacuum cleaner for your birthday (and gives it to you early) because yours broke down the other night and you are super happy and excited about it. :"v

17 Days ago30 comments
Lowest shiny frequency
1. Lunala 1
2. Cosmog 1
3. Kyurem 1

Y'all should hatch your Kyurem eggs, one of you's gonna be in for a nice surprise. =D

17 Days ago8 comments
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ♥

21 Days ago50 comments
Okay, can we all just calm down and not freak out about the GTS?

Ten bucks Riako simply copied the message from the last time (GTS Update in July last year? Anyone? No?) and that's why it says to come back on July 1st.


22 Days ago16 comments
Aaaand a happy new year from Germany as well! ♥

23 Days ago4 comments

Won't hatch another shiny this year (unless it's random), so yeah. 647 Shinies hatched.

Fight me and my 597 karps. (ง •̀_•́)ง

24 Days ago7 comments
Guess I know which
I'll be finally doing next. Way to start into 2018. :V

24 Days ago19 comments
[selling] the events listed below for 10,000 PD each.

• Woopice
• Plusle (Flirty)
• Gooseboarder

Let me know which events and how many of them you want to buy in the comments!

25 Days ago20 comments
Sure, I didn't want to draw anyway.

Contacted support already and, since I only got the tablet earlier this year - around May I believe? - it's still under guarantee so that I should get a replacement device hopefully soon but stillllll. Super bummed out right now. ;__; I wanted to draw kittiiiiiiiies!

26 Days ago7 comments


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