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Trainerlevel: 104

Trainerpoints: 30,989/32,551


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
3,2459,065,071 / 37,822,508
Sugar Plum Fairy
(Mega Gardevoir)
9,754294,574,852 / 356,813,514
2,3192,710,235 / 16,140,241
(Florges (Sakura))
9131,263,310 / 2,503,447
14,244451,543,615 / 608,717,341

Shiny Hunt

Liirah is currently hunting Burmy (Trash).
Hunt started: 15/08/2018

Chain: 149
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

More Shiny Hunt Stuff

[15 / 50]

[70 / 100] xxx [45 / 100] xxx [33 / 100]

[75 / 300]


Game Records

Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 29/Aug/2019
Game Time: 8679:32 Hours
Total interactions: 8,766,988
Money: 1,479,759
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


[update character auctions] I decided to end both auctions early!
So both, the Zeraora X Mega Lucario fusion as well as the Yin & Yang themed Umbreon and Espeon [find them here], end tonight at 18:00 server time!!

Today, 08:385 comments
Yes, hello? Am I speaking to the PokéRadar Support? I have a complaint to register--

Yesterday, 14:396 comments
How could you not love them? ; w;

2 Days ago14 comments
Hello, I'm Lii, 28 y/o, and I hate the world we live in.

Try to change my mind.

3 Days ago54 comments

If people get high bids on their art auctions, that's because people want whatever it is that is auctioned off badly enough to go as high. Even if it's just 'a messy sketch'. They like it and bid on it.

Some artists might be more known, thus, get bids on their stuff more 'easily'. But you know what? Being known means putting themselves out there and producing art. Just because someone has done adopts and shown their art on-site for years, and through that gained a 'following', doesn't make them overrated. It makes them a persistent artist.

Not to mention that art always is a matter of personal taste. You may find someone's art 'overrated'. Guess what? Other people might not think so. Which is perfectly fine. Just because you disagree with them and their art preferences, doesn't mean you can be all ignorant and call artists 'overrated', belittling their work.

3 Days ago32 comments
What even is Buzzwole and how to fit all if it in 96x96---? థ_థ)

Honestly, some of these UBs are just. So tremendous.

4 Days ago17 comments
Honk, honk! Your ride is here!

Happy water day, everyone. ♥

5 Days ago2 comments
tmw you forgot you've got a major sunburn and start scratching your neck because there's an itchy spot. ಥ_ಥ

5 Days ago7 comments
real quick
who of you does NOT know about Nightmare Before Christmas?

7 Days ago36 comments
that plushie update

I'm in love.

7 Days ago5 comments
Dream big or go home!
Pichu's got its future all planned out: be the best surfing Alolan Raichu in the whole wide world!!

11 Days ago11 comments

Stumbled across one of Riako's mons on a click exchange website. I got curious, checked out the site and here I am. :'v

With this being said, happy water day, everyone! <3

12 Days ago5 comments
Let's pretend someone would do a Cresselia hunt in the somewhat foreseeable future (pfft.) and they'd offer hatched Cresselia and, probably, a few PD along with it (around 50 - 100k-ish?) for a Full Moon Map/Yellow Lunar Wing, would people be interested in that kind of offer or does no one do these kinda deals anymore? (Totally out of the loop when it comes to map legendary hunts, tbh - can you tell?)

Asking for a friend.

14 Days ago18 comments
I really don't want to live on this planet anymore. Or, at the very least, not anywhere that gets 25°C+.

These temperatures. They just. Don't work for me, omg.
Like, I dragged my sorry butt our of bed a little after seven this morning already to get the weekly cleaning out of the way. After mopping the stairs only, I already felt like someone had ripped out my lungs. I had trouble getting air for, like, 5 minutes, maybe more. I had to lie down on the floor, trying not to die for the next couple of minutes. :'v

What a great time to be alive.

(Please, someone take summer away. I don't want it anymore.)

14 Days ago45 comments
Ohh, that's a nice one, so here my story goes.


Back then, on my Crystal version, I once encountered a Shiny Swinub. Young me didn't know of the existence of shinies yet though (ahh, good old times where having internet - hell, having a computer even - wasn't a common thing yet .. we actually had to rely on and [gasp] buy game magazines!), so I actually thought it was frozen for whatever reason. So, while I did indeed catch it, I didn't learn about shinies until years later; by that time, though, the savegame was long gone and replaced with a newer one. :'>

15 Days ago14 comments
(Repost because, thanks to you crazy people out there <3, I actually just reached my Poison Gem goal!)

[looking for] Ghost Gems!

I'm trading other gems, all kinds of different items and various shiny/mega-able/event Pokémon → see here.

Also, friendly reminder that I trade Event Pokémon out of this box for any 10 random gems! (It's mentioned in the spreadsheet, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to emphazise it. ^^)

First come, first served.

Please only comment if you're actually willing to trade. Thanks! ;3c

15 Days ago23 comments
All children, except one, grow up.

17 Days ago11 comments
like omg can whoever has that stupid egg already hatch that shiny Reshiram? I wanna knowww--- 8I

18 Days ago26 comments
It's Wednesday and y'all know what that means! Happy Water Day, everyone!

Also, on a completely unrelated but still important note - interaction exchange? :3

19 Days ago9 comments

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