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Trainerlevel: 101

Trainerpoints: 599/30,703

Game Records

Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 29/Aug/2018
Game Time: 8137:14 Hours
Total interactions: 8,282,491
Money: 4,542,882
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


[looking for art] of Seira and Zhetis, preferably together. >o<
Just updated their respective bios and yeah. ;;

Funds are somewhat limited, but I can pay in PD and/or Nuggets. uwub
Show me examples of your art, if you're interested in offering - and, please, state what you would want to receive as payment, and how much. I'm really bad at pricing art and I don't want to underpay/insult anyone or whatever. ;;

2 Days ago8 comments
Flamaij: [links this in a group chat]
everyone: [laughing because they find it funny]
me: [starts typing the link into browser]
me: [posts link] there, that's what the kiddo wants
Flamaij: ... you did not just write down the url ...
Bokuto: are you being serious right now? XDD

Honestly. Don't show me something like this and not expect me to be curious. 8U (I lowkey expected the link to be some kind of "adult" troll or something tbh.)

3 Days ago12 comments
Mystery Box (Black) opened in total: 100
Full Moon (Map) [Cresselia] obtained: 37
New Moon (Map) [Darkrai] obtained: 46
Griseous Crystal obtained: 15
Griseous Pearl obtained: 2


Managed to collect 60 Cresselia Maps in total so far. I'm getting there.

4 Days ago8 comments
Actually, let's join the bandwagon for once.

What do you not like about my art?

Comments like, "your art simply does not appeal to me" are fine, so feel free to say something among these lines if you want to - as art always is a matter of personal taste and varies from viewer to viewer.

Also, feel free to offer actual constructive criticism if you're up for it, I'd appreciate it!

Just don't be mean and spout crap like, "your art sucks, it's ugly and so are you!!1!11" because that is just plain rude, disrespectful and tactless.

And I'm not just saying that because I don't want to be treated like that but because you should never, ever say something like this - to an artist, a writer, any human being. Don't be an ignorant jerk. :>

11 Days ago33 comments
Why are some people so hellbent on being constantly and unnecessarily rude and not showing respect towards others lately? Crashing people's feeds or forum threads, completely out of context and proportion?

I just really don't get it.

Why say something - that has nothing to do with the actual and initial topic, mind you - if you, you know, could just shut up and not upset basically everyone around you for no apparent reason? Other than maybe putting yourself in the spotlight (by making yourself look like an idoit - way to go, good job!)

I just don't get why people put themselves in situations like that .. I really don't. Like, already your own life could be so much more peaceful - not to mention the lives of all other people involved.

I. Just don't know what to make of behavior like that anymore. ಠ_ಠ

13 Days ago29 comments
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

14 Days ago6 comments
That was not what I was looking for but I'll take it? Gimme my shiny already gdi

16 Days ago17 comments
[selling adoptable] this rose breed Comfey, to be precise.

you may offer
• Nuggets
• PokéDollar
• art of my characters¹'²

auction ends when I see an offer I like - so this is not a "highest offer wins" kinda deal - with Friday, April 13th (huh), 2018, 18:00 Server Time being the absolut latest.

- footnotes ¹ and ² in the comments -

17 Days ago19 comments
I'm so weak for his happy face rn omg you have no idea--

17 Days ago4 comments
I mean. I'm not saying I was expecting this chain to be sweet and short, but, man, am I starting to get really tired of it. ಠωಠ

19 Days ago8 comments
Ughh, suggest me things to watch on Netflix? (If you could give a short summary/genre info that would be hella rad ♥)

Stuff I've seen and liked:
Shadowhunters, 13 Reasons Why, Sense8, Orphan Black, Stranger Things, Supernatural (up to season 11), Dark, Atypical, easy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (still watching)

[There's probably more but I'm too lazy to go digging haha.]

21 Days ago48 comments
How to start your day - a documentation by Yours Truly.

1. Peel a kiwi fruit.
2. Watch it slip out of your hand.
3. Proceed to watch it fly straight into your coffee mug. (Because of all surfaces/things to land onto/into, it naturally had to be your already filled mug of hot coffee. Of course.)
4. Have kiwi flavored coffee.
5. Enjoy.

22 Days ago11 comments
Wanted to draw something cute and simple that lifted my mood a bit, so I did this. :3

I love little vress so much ahhh! ;;
If you don't know the precious shark bab, check out vress on twitter. It's one of my all-time favorite accounts - seeing their posts always makes me smile no matter how bad of a day it has been hhh. ♥

23 Days ago15 comments

24 Days ago0 comments
Someone seems to be on a mission today.

25 Days ago14 comments
I love reading about people making assumptions about the Easter event mon based on the egg artwork shown in the index news article, because all I can think is, "you'll (probably) never guess that one." :3c

On a related note, how's everyone's egg hunt going?
Now that Riako made the page tell you which eggs you already have and which you're still missing, there shouldn't be any confusion about the lighter eggs anymore, ye? =D

27 Days ago28 comments
20/20 ♥

30 Days ago11 comments
Ask me again why they are my favorite team.

Also, I'm the girl not being pictured, discussing Kuroo's looks with their friend.

1 Month ago1 comment



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