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Trainerlevel: 66

Trainerpoints: 8,997/13,133


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Spring Fliffy
(Spring Flaaffy)
2,6638,445,201 / 25,459,431
(Mega Ampharos)
485351,089 / 834,092
(Mega Manectric)
1,8766,016,292 / 13,204,696
(Mega Altaria)
673342,883 / 816,484


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Katakuri 4 Hours ago
Hunnie 4 Hours ago
Hunnie 4 Hours ago
Hunnie 4 Hours ago

Shiny Hunt

Liffy is currently hunting Foongus.
Hunt started: 29/05/2018

Chain: 1
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #869116695
Registration: 15/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 24/Jun/2018
Game Time: 2801:08 Hours
Total interactions: 564,611
Money: 5,725,115
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


I'm sure I've never done this before, so comment for an honest opinion. `u´d

Today, 17:0649 comments
Just out of curiousity: Would people be interested in plushie style commissions of their pokesona? I think I'd price them around 200k - 250k PD or 150 - 200 nuggets.

Examples can be seen here.

Since I'm not ready to open my commissions for more complex art soon again, I'd like to try out something simple. You know it's my job here to draw DW plushies and it's always fun and relaxing creating them. <3

Please let me know what are you thinking about this idea. Thank you! ;u;

15 Days ago37 comments
If you're bored and you have nothing better to do with your life - you're welcome!

17 Days ago6 comments

( ˵  ̄ (●●)  ̄ ˵ )

18 Days ago0 comments
Summer is great!

Amirite? bథ◡థd

20 Days ago8 comments
I'm sorry for my current absence. I feel highly under pressure staying in contact with everyone again and I spend most of the time alone, sorting my thoughts and such. There is no need to worry. Apart from mood changes and stomach problems I feel... okay, I would say. Give me some time and don't be mad at me when I need longer than usual to react on messages. I'll be hopefully back soon. ♥

26 Days ago16 comments
Why does it have to be so disgustingly hot today? Summer, can you chill and wait a bit until Spring is done with its job? Thank you! (ノ´ー`)ノ

//melts into a puddle of water

1 Month ago5 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Swablu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #137)!]

MEGA! I cannot believe my luck right now! x//x

1 Month ago30 comments

I wish you all the best and I hope you have one of the best and sweetest days ever! Feel hugged, you cute Hootie! (*´ ˘ `*).。oO ( ♡ )

1 Month ago1 comment
Congratulations! A shiny Mareep hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #876)!

No way! IT'S MEGA ABLE! ♡ //cries

1 Month ago28 comments
Anyone like to do an art trade with me? I'd love some art of my new bab Thornuz. You can send me a link of some art examples of yours + a link of your oc/sona you want me to draw and I'll pick designs for 1-2 trades. <3 I'm preferably looking for fullbodies, busts or icons.

Don't be shy!

1 Month ago11 comments
Actually... I wanted to create another sheep adoptable and yet, fate took its pay, I insta fell in love with the design. On other words, I have a new oc. lol

1 Month ago11 comments
| Pokémon Adoptable Auction |

Valais Blacknose Mareep based on this breed.

You can bid in nuggets, PD's and/or Star Pieces.

Winner gets the full resolution of the sheet without watermark (on request I can add further details) and is allowed to give them a name, ability, attacks, story, etc.

Auctions ends on:
Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 20:00 (server time)

Good luck! ♥

2 Months ago20 comments

I wish you all the best and an awesome day! Thank you for working so hard on ph. <3

2 Months ago0 comments
Finished three sketches.

Jin for Amande
Tiara for Rhoosaurus
Lumi for straight

Hope you like your characters. ;u; <3 Maybe I'll try another oc's tomorrow or in the next few days.

note to self: Buying bigger sketchbooks only in the future - I struggle so much with smaller sizes. lol

2 Months ago9 comments
Not at home atm but I brought my sketchbook with me.

I'd love to do 2-3 headbust sketches. Gimme some refs of your Pokesonas or Pkmn oc's! <3 I also wanna scribble more with my colored sketchpens. You can choose between orange, red, pink, green, violet, light and dark blue.

I'll pick designs I like the most. Sketches should be done until tomorrow at the latest. ♡

2 Months ago14 comments
You peeps are the cutest, I cannot handle your kindness! This warm welcome makes me super happy. I'll try my best doing a good job here and I hope you like the plushie art.

Please give Koushi and Hime-Nyan a hug! They're both really sweet and super nice and skilled art colleagues. ♥

2 Months ago11 comments
| Pokémon Adoptable Auction |

Scottish Blackface Flaaffy

You can bid in PD, nuggets and/or Star Pieces.

Winner gets the full resolution of the sheet without watermark (on request I can add further details) and is allowed to give them a name, gender, ability, attacks, story, etc.

Auctions ends on:
Monday, 19th March 2018, 18:00 (server time)

Good luck! ♥

3 Months ago13 comments
Say hello to my new Flaaffy oc Elnath!

He was supposed to be an adoptable but I immediately fell in love with his design and I couldn't bring it about the heart to give him away. His design is based on the four horned Jacob Sheep. Look at that precious and majestic creature!

Also, would any of you be interested in more Flaaffy adoptables like Elnath based on real sheep breeds? I have so many great ideas. ;u; Let's just hope I can resist to keep them all, then. lol

3 Months ago11 comments
You have collected all badges from Set 4!


3 Months ago5 comments

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