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Trainerlevel: 84

Trainerpoints: 11,412/21,251


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About Me

I WILL be your shield
Pokemon Go FC: 5148 5296 1407

23 years old, Canadian, gay. Call me Jessie
Past Usernames- Glaceonboy> Airbendinggamer> Jessiegames95> Primarina> AlolanVulpix> Jessiegames95> BrigitteLindholm > Jessiegames

Next hunts
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- Pikachu
- Totodile
- Turtwig
- Piplup
- Zubat
- Buizel
- Rotom
- Pachirisu
- Oddish
- Ekans
- Aipom

Mega hunts will start once i have enough gems. Contact me with gem prices. (gem donations would be appreciated)

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- Shiny mega Mareep (Electric 893/60,000)
- x2 Shiny Mega Snorunt (Ice 35/240,000)
- Shiny mega Swablu (Flying 715/30000 & Normal ???/30000)

Do NOT message me about buying one of my Pokemon and/or item (that includes nuggets!) unless i've stated that i'm selling it. you WILL be blocked AND reported if you constantly do it.

Collecting these plushies so feel free to send some thanks


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #158918295
Registration: 16/05/2014 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Oct/2020
Game Time: 1984:43 Hours
Total interactions: 4,453,586
Money: 2,017,105
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


#MyWishForChristmas! to get this shiny mega ;-;

Today, 03:540 comments
Imagine by Ariana Grande has given me new life bless this girl

Yesterday, 06:080 comments
It’s hard hearing about a friend and fellow streamer passing away. You’ll always be missed, Jaytheoutsider <3

Yesterday, 03:102 comments
Sometimes i feel weird watching a Mr. Beast video. He looks so much like my ex Evan haha even down to the smile

1 Day ago0 comments
I was hoping to hatch this shiny mega this year... doesn’t seem like it’ll happen

2 Days ago3 comments
The fact multiple people are posting feed after feed with hangman asking people what the answer is is getting annoying. So many people have made feeds with links to forums with hangman answers, you can open up the forums and just search ‘hangman’ and find posts where they have everything split up from 3 letter answers to 3 word answers. There’s no need for 10 people to make 5 feeds each asking for answers when you have the resources.

2 Days ago5 comments
got 17 wiki berries from todays thing

3 Days ago0 comments
1 hour done, another 9 to go. I can’t wait to go home and nap for a couple hours and then stream the Overwatch Event

3 Days ago0 comments
anyone already have a mega flygon? i wanna see what it looks like :o

4 Days ago4 comments
currently downloading SSBU. another 38 mins to go (i hope)

8 Days ago0 comments
YouTube rewind this year... big oof.

8 Days ago5 comments
I got 10 dragon gems from this day. Blesssssssssss

9 Days ago7 comments
So I’ve had Kirby Star Allies since I got let’s go eevee/pikachu and I’m finally playing it tonight on stream lol been so busy with shiny hunting Pokémon

11 Days ago0 comments
SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE https://www.youtube.com/user/PewDiePie

12 Days ago10 comments
so i shiny hunted rattata (lets go eevee) from november 23rd- december 1st. i never found one. instead i found 2 shiny pidgeys, 2 spearows, 2 bellsprouts, both nidoran M and F. so once at midnight i gave up and started hunting a bulbasaur. within an hour i found a shiny weedle and caterpie. honestly, at this point, i think rattata is shiny locked for my game only ;-; I JUST WANT MY DUMB GOLD RAT PLEASE ARCEUS I BEG OF THEE

13 Days ago2 comments
please dont be stupid and buy prism scales at 50k PD +

that's a scam. disgusting seeing people do this every time for event pokemon/new items. wait a bit for prices to go down.

13 Days ago5 comments
The Thank U, Next music video has cured my depression <3 thank you Ari for blessing us with this music video

14 Days ago0 comments
#MyBiggestAchievement! on pokeheroes is getting almost 300 shinies this year, more than double i did last year. for irl stuff is my work. been streaming a lot and enjoying it but also been doing good at my work and even got a raise.

14 Days ago0 comments
I started shiny hunting Rattata November 23rd.. it’s November 30th and still no dumb gold rat. I’m gonna just give up and move on soon

15 Days ago5 comments
I’ve only been at work for 2 hours but I’m already done with it. I don’t feel like myself, feels like all my energy is just gone. Vanished into thin air. But I have another 8 and a half hours to go .-.

15 Days ago4 comments

Shiny Hunt

Jessiegames is currently hunting Buneary.
Hunt started: 11/05/2018

Chain: 6,911
(202 Shinies hatched so far.)



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