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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 5,069/5,333


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,293675,499 / 6,274,284
(Mega Charizard X)
74324,624 / 1,967,847
Kasumi :3
503261,942 / 760,537
(Ninetales (Alolan))
520187,421 / 812,761
561220,461 / 1,182,309


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Shiny Hunt

JadeING is currently hunting Flabébé (Eternal Flower).
Hunt started: 18/09/2018

Chain: 21
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

About Me

Jade | 17 | Lazy Artist

I'm just a friendly not-neighborhood, nerdy, shy Girl from the Internet.. Uh, Hi! x3

I can't use words well.. I can't keep conversations up either. Not quite talkactive and.. Why am I so awkward? ;w; I do enjoy conversation though, but they might turn out to be one-sided I'm sorry in advance.

Have a question or just want to try to talk to me? Go ahead! I don't bite (×w×)
buuuuut you might wanna bring some topics to talk about... ;;

First Shiny Mega hatched at Chain #122

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #188533160
Registration: 24/04/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 749:32 Hours
Total interactions: 805,053
Money: 1,092,582
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Reeeeeeeeee owo say hello to my little boi who was in development for weeks now xD He's alive! Finally! heisabitofaventcharbutistilllikehim

I'm looking for Art and for a couple of friends for him :0c

Yesterday, 16:306 comments
Huggles? \(QwQ)/ I'm lonely..

1 Day ago7 comments
these babs are still looking for a new home ~

6 Days ago0 comments
[ Looking for Art ]
I'm in desperate need for some Art of my new Babu!
Digital and Traditional are fine with me ^^
Also he needs maybe a couple of friends o(>w<o)~

hhhhh- I love him so much! ( ♥//U//♥ )

8 Days ago4 comments
Why do people have to be jerks? I'm just peacefully sitting in the shade, eating my lunch and drinking energy (im sitting on the floor because all benches are full) and all of a sudden this girl from my class (the girl I ranted about a week ago) walks by with her new friends and try to kick my drink away while passing. Good thing I pulled it away in time...

9 Days ago3 comments
[ Looking for Art ]

hhhhh- hi! QwQ
I'm looking for Art of this babu, this bab aaand this gal :00
only digital, please...

I can pay in PD/Nuggets or Art :0c

11 Days ago3 comments
Is anyone taking commissions (digital only) ? :0

13 Days ago2 comments
Ayyy :3
I was wondering if anyone would like to have a cute-Halloween picture of their character? :0 It would be pay-what-you-want (so you can literally pay me anything x3 )
I'm just having so much fun drawing cute things atm x3

Ex.: X | X
it works best with Anthro or in general anything that has paws...

If you want one, tell me which character you want, in which costume they should be stuck into and how they feel about it ^^

15 Days ago21 comments
Lilly just caught a huuuuge insect and almost ate it o~o
It looked similar to a grass hopper but I'm pretty sure it wasn't one. Thank you, Kitty, for alarming me with your beautiful screams and waking me up for it xD

17 Days ago4 comments
My mum is a cliché parent when it comes to pokémon

Me: *shows mom a picture of a cleffa*
Mom: "Oh! A Pikachu! ^3^"

1 Month ago6 comments
*opens arms* Free hugs! Free hugs for all! Who wants a free hug? Come and get it :3

1 Month ago18 comments
my cats' reaction to "No, stop it!"

Cherry: Does is anyway like "Whatchu gonna do? -w-"

Lilly: stops everything she does like "oh nononono what did I doo?? I apologize, hooman!"

1 Month ago3 comments
It's almost 4 a.m. and here I am watching two fish spit sand at each other...

1 Month ago6 comments
Tfw u stand in GameStop and two boys start argueing about your Gender...

2 Months ago3 comments
(Cherry = My 3 year old cat + Alpha Cat | Lilly = 1/2 year old cat)

Cherry: *lies on the table and uses all space she can get*
Lilly: *Jumps on the table and sits down on Cherry*
Cherry: *bites Lilly's butt and growls at her*
Lilly: *starts pawing Cherry*

2 Months ago4 comments
I forgot how hard it is to draw traditionally :0
I tried drawing Spyro, though owo

2 Months ago2 comments
Hmmm maybe I'll start doing Speed Paints on YouTube owo

3 Months ago6 comments

3 Months ago6 comments
I want to draw... Any suggestions? 0w0

3 Months ago19 comments
Am I the only one who is scared to chat with a User who's Profile Picture looks scary or annoyed..? ;w;

3 Months ago0 comments


Waiting List:

Rainfall - Halloween-Costume for Dagger
Tapioca - Witch-Costume for Camellia
Nymphrasis - Pommae in a Kermit the Frog onesie

Rainfall - Dagger


Next Goals:

Shiny Mew



1 year Premium


Other stuff you can find me on:
JadeING #0743