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Trainer ID: #540000686
Registration: 24/09/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 972:57 Hours
Total interactions: 17,323
Trainer Battle Stats: 1 won, 0 lost.
Money: 1,521,547
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


I think my favorite part of the day was when I yelled "10:10!" after looking at the clock and my friend screamed back "HOSHI!" while everyone else fell out of their chairs in surprise--

Yesterday, 22:040 comments
does anyone else ever want to be a chicken or is that just a me thing

Yesterday, 21:014 comments
I keep forgetting there are "major character death" tags for a reason--

Yesterday, 03:130 comments
Me @ this fanfiction: please don't kill my favorite character
Fanfiction: I won't
Me: thank-
Fanfiction: I'll just torture them and make you cry
Me: unacceptable //keeps reading anyway

Yesterday, 00:022 comments
Team Eyeliner explained in quotes:
Mauve: "If my life was a train, the tracks would become a circle just to make me bored."
Ten: "I'm 50% hate, 10% extreme dislike, 20% anxiety, and 20% depression."
Sarcasm: "I really don't like rectangles but I have absolutely no reason to dislike them so I've decided the universe just hates me."
Mals: "I'm sort of happy, sort of sad, but mostly insane."
Death: "If you made my personality a tangible object it would be pure squish."

1 Day ago0 comments
Current mood: that feeling when everything just seems useless and you don't feel anything to the point where someone could stab you with a knife and you wouldn't flinch

1 Day ago1 comment
Just generally curious-
How did you meet me on here? And do you consider us friends, in any sense of the word?
kinda stolen from toma I guess

2 Days ago7 comments
do you ever get that feeling when you're reading and you realize there's not enough chapters left for everything you want to happen
then you check and there's no sequel

3 Days ago1 comment
friend: //makes a terrible joke
me: //squinting at phone
me: ...
me: ......
me: no. im too tired for this.
friend: why do you always say that-

4 Days ago0 comments
so, uh
I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to cats?? How did I not know of this before??

5 Days ago3 comments
I'm back and I'm gonna art
for once

5 Days ago0 comments
breeding projects on flightrising seem insanely hard
...but i'm up to the challenge...

6 Days ago1 comment
so, good news:
I was accepted into the high school I applied for. I'm going for creative writing, and I'm super excited.
honestly, I can't believe this actually happened-

6 Days ago4 comments
i'm pretty sure there's no feeling like redesigning an old character and making them beautiful again. it's so satisfying.

6 Days ago2 comments
he was the fear from a world of confidence,
and they were the courage from a world of uncertainty.
but somehow, someway,
they became beautiful,

Does anyone actually like poetry anymore or is that a myth?? Because I've met so many people who dislike it-

7 Days ago2 comments
me at noon: tired
me in the afternoon: sorta tired sorta okay
me at midnight: awake
me in the late morning: "i should've slept more-"

7 Days ago0 comments
Mals: why is it called 'lost in thought' when people are best found in the worlds inside their heads?
Also Mals: what does seven look like again??

7 Days ago0 comments
what... is really the point of homework? because I've been doing it for the past two and a half hours and it's all pointless-

8 Days ago1 comment
you do not know true sadness until you've accidentally kicked a dog and they look up at you with betrayal in their eyes

9 Days ago1 comment
if this is the longest hunt I've ever done, am I allowed to complain?

9 Days ago1 comment



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"Darkness," said the Others, "crime, hunger, war, death, sickness."
But the Writer stood their ground, refusing to run from the terrifying words. They were alone, a drop of color in an ocean of black and white, but they were strong.
"No," replied the Writer, "beauty. Kindness, love, peace. I see it, in the sunlight on clear lakes and glittering morning dew." The Writer reached out, and wherever they touched, new hues blossomed to drive away the gray.
They were not alone anymore.

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