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Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 1,245/3,103

Game Records

Trainer ID: #329966650
Registration: 12/09/2015 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 686:39 Hours
Total interactions: 387,602
Trainer Battle Stats: 39 won, 23 lost.
Money: 88,009
Starter Pokémon: Emboar



Day 5: Favorite Fighting Type

Pure fighting-type: Makuhita
Dual fighting-type, primary: Lucario
Dual fighting-type, secondary: Blaziken

Day 6: Favorite Normal Type

Pure normal-type: Lickilicky
Dual normal-type, primary: Pidove
Dual normal-type, secondary: Helioptile

Day 7: Favorite Poison Type

Pure poison-type: Koffing
Dual poison-type, primary: Croagunk
Dual poison-type, secondary: Bulbasaur

Day 8: Favorite Steel Type

Pure steel-type: Klink
Dual steel-type, primary: Klefki
Dual steel-type, secondary: Alolan Sandshrew

15 Days ago0 comments
Do some Miltanks make more milk than others? Because mine is making, like... none.

16 Days ago2 comments

Day 1: Favorite Fire Type

Pure fire-type: Litten
Dual fire-type, primary: Charizard
Dual fire-type, secondary: Salandit

Day 2: Favorite Water Type

Pure water-type: Psyduck
Dual water-type, primary: Lapras
Dual water-type, secondary: Kabutops

Day 3: Favorite Grass Type

Pure grass-type: Chespin
Dual grass-type, primary: Decidueye
Dual grass-type, secondary: Sewaddle

Day 4: Favorite Electric Type

Pure electric-type: Pikachu
Dual electric-type, primary: Zapdos
Dual electric-type, secondary: Joltik

18 Days ago0 comments
Professor Rowan is talking about the Orre region! I wonder if that means Shadow Lugia might be available on PH soon.

22 Days ago0 comments
What's the coolest thing you've ever gotten in the PH Wondertrade?

23 Days ago2 comments

I'm scrubbing all the walls and ceilings, and gathering up all the stuff we don't need and selling it. :3

1 Month ago0 comments

I would love a map or summon item, if you still have any. ;w; Dragon normal or fairy gems work too.

1 Month ago0 comments
Eugh, I hate stuff having to do with Bill and boxes. I can't even get Missingno, how can I be expected to find Mewtwo? Gonna need some more help.

1 Month ago7 comments
#OneYearOnPH By auroradragon93

woo! on april 25th, i will have been a member of PH for an entire year! so let's do a raffle to celebrate!
Goal--to finish both nidoran hunts before the 25th of april
How to enter--donate poison gems and/or PD to auroradragon93 (daycare gets expensive!), and share the hashtag!
one ticket for sharing the hashtag
one ticket for each poison gem donated
one ticket for every 10k pd donated (10k=1 ticket, 50k=5 tickets, etc.)
ENDS APRIL 25th!!!

of course i would never forget the prizes!!!
first place--free shiny hunt from my future hunts list (in my about me)
second place--free shiny slot in my upcoming Tauros hunt
third place--three random event pokemon from my extra sales box


1 Month ago0 comments

Lost contact with someone who was going to trade me a Victini. ><

1 Month ago0 comments
Just got a starter from the lab. I didn't know that could happen. o3o

2 Months ago0 comments
By Annoying~Dog - 7 Minutes and 24 Seconds ago. Since it is my birthday....
...I'm going to do a giveaway!
This will be the first giveaway I do.

1st prize - Shiny Gengar + Mega-able Mudkip + Strange Ornament

2nd prize - Shiny Gardevoir + Star Piece

3rd prize - Mega-able Mudkip + 25K PD

How to enter:
Share Hashtag - #AnnoyingBirthday

Ends at server reset.

Prizes will be picked through that random name picker, I forgot the name of it, but I can google it xD

2 Months ago0 comments
#Ag2Au by Argentis

If we can get this special Minun placed (preferably in 1st, but 2nd and 3rd's good too!), I'll raffle out prizes!

Zygarde gem-bag
2nd: Red Lunar Wing + Adamant Orb
3rd: Mega stone or Black Key
4th: 200 N or x6 Dragon Gem
5th: Adamant Orb OR Shiny hunt (no genderless)

How to Join:
* Spread this hashtag post with links share here = 1 ticket (max 4 daily)
* Train my Minun = 1 ticket
* Berry him = 2 tickets (please provide proof on my post or your share)
* Send me x1 Rare Candy = 5 tickets

Share It | Delibird

3 Months ago0 comments
Just caught a Gloweon on the beach! I didn't know that was possible.

3 Months ago2 comments
How about no? I'm gonna be blunt with you guys, ya'll are being a bunch of sore losers.

4 Months ago2 comments
UGH I'M SO MAD. The site started lagging just as the SCE started, so now my chances of getting Victini are completely ruined. I'd be cussing my head off if this site allowed it.

4 Months ago0 comments

Hey guys so I've been on pokeheroes for about 2 years now. I don't really go on it anymore so sadly I'm quitting (But no one probably cares). I decided to give away my best things like my shiny regice and mega ables. So I'm making a raffle as my final thing I do in this game. All u gotta do to enter is share this to others. Prizes will be announced soon.

Ok so here are the prizes to my raffle:

1: mega sableye
2: shiny regice
3: mega Latios (I will miss you!)
4: shiny of their choice first
5: shiny of their choice second
6: the final shiny that's left
7: 4 megable gyrados
8: 2 lugia
9: black box
10: palkia
11: 2 regirock
12: keldeo
13: jirachi
14: 2 celebii
15: 500,000 PD
I will miss you all!
Just another prize

4 Months ago0 comments



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