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Trainerlevel: 25

Trainerpoints: 713/1,899

Game Records

Trainer ID: #456439422
Registration: 30/11/2017 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 83:08 Hours
Total interactions: 173,445
Money: 98,349
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


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Check out my last feed for some free mystery boxes /keys, super easy to enter.

7 Days ago0 comments
aaa! first Mudkip from the lab!! i shall name him Squishy

11 Days ago0 comments
2:02 am...insomnia strikes again..

12 Days ago3 comments
Good evening, GoldPeasant, want to hear a short story?
A few days ago, I went to the Emera Mall because I wanted to buy some berries, when suddenly this strong earthquake erupted!
I was a bit scared at first, but then I ran out of the building to see what was happening. I saw this gigantic Pokémon in the distance - it was red and had dark stripes on its back. I've never seen such a Pokémon before!
Unfortunately it was too far away and I couldn't see any details, but I'm sure it's not gone for ever. Though I've heard people talking about it, they said this Pokémon lives in a deep cave that is completely filled with boiling lava!!
They might exaggerate a bit, but I'd really like to find out more about this mysterious species.


12 Days ago2 comments
Oh, great, you already found 1 Machine Part(s)! But there are still a few missing...


13 Days ago0 comments
So what are some thing people would exchange for nuggets? :Y

18 Days ago2 comments

Good luck with updating things and working on new events! Hope you have an awesome day!

18 Days ago0 comments
By Guzma


I don't have time for a huge give away like I usually do, but it's my Charizard baby Charcoal's birthday!

Feed him a berry and share the hashtag for a chance to win 3 Nebula Stones! Ends at reset tomorrow night <3

19 Days ago1 comment
Happy Easter Fool’s Day guys

20 Days ago0 comments
AAAA got my event egg >.> what horrors await i wonder

21 Days ago0 comments
Ohhhhhhh Raiko you eeevil evil thing.

21 Days ago0 comments
Just awesome. So on top of everything going on already, I just learned that my grandpa had a heart attack yesterday morning... What else could go wrong..

22 Days ago0 comments
Hey guys, I know I'm not "super" close with anyone in particular on here and I know exactly which people are gonna say "you can always talk to me about it!" etc.. but I'm thinking of taking a break from this site for a little while after this event. Nothing's been really going my way lately and I just feel like I need to take a step back from it all. I'll still be on occasionally to do daily things but that's about it. Idk, maybe I'll even do a giveaway and start fresh. Who knows.

22 Days ago2 comments
I'm thinking the event mon might be an easter furret :3 i reeeaaally hope so <3 what do you guys think?

23 Days ago5 comments
GoldPeasant and CassOfDelphi:
They are meant to be.

o.o I stand corrected. THIS is the highest lol

24 Days ago0 comments

Mistook someone's scam for kindness.. This girl(I don't have a clue what her user was anymore)offered me an Alolan Vulpix for 50,000 PD. She stated that it was a discount for being a new user. I was like woah cool alright I'll do it! Needless to say, I learned my lesson a little too late. u.u

24 Days ago0 comments
Okay I officially give up. I'm 100% convinced my last egg is either non existent because of some bug or on a page I don't have access to. u_u oh well better luck next year.

26 Days ago2 comments
it's been hours, I've looked through every site map I could find and I still can't find the green spinach egg thing(bottom row). Trying again tomorrow then giving up because I know I've been though every page multiple times. bleh. >.>

27 Days ago0 comments
This last egg is driving me insane. I've been on every page >A<

27 Days ago0 comments



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