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Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 1,047/3,103

Game Records

Trainer ID: #74872293
Registration: 06/03/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1284:41 Hours
Total interactions: 160,112
Money: 1,209,051
Starter Pokémon: Charizard




2 Days ago0 comments
Serious Question (like 1 other person will get where this question comes from, and very few will understand anything to do with this but still XD)

If Chaos killed Error, would it count as suicide or murder?

2 Days ago4 comments
"I'M NOT INSANE! I'M JUST... Yea I'm insane."


4 Days ago0 comments
"Error XD Stop changing your username XD"
"but i have soooo many ocs! XD
this is the closest i get to roleplaying as them at this point in time XD"


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5 Days ago0 comments
"We must train the moms!"


9 Days ago0 comments
"This isn't The Maze Runner and I'm not Minho"

close posts ik but idc XD

10 Days ago0 comments
"Now's not the time to be shouting about videogames. Or burning things."


10 Days ago0 comments
"I might not have Error's luck, but i do have something better. A knife."


11 Days ago0 comments
Top 5 Bad Ideas (OC Edition) (in no particular order)
1. Call Nightmare "Nighty"
2. Call Eternity "Corruption 2.0"
3. Attempt to kill Corruption
4. Annoy Shadow (or Nightmare or Corruption)
5. Mention the fact that Shadow killed his own brother.

11 Days ago4 comments
"Dad, you can't be punching fridges.


11 Days ago0 comments
Me: I have like over 50 characters but I can't even remember the names of most of them haha.
Friend: Okay then, name 10 of your characters.
Me: Nightmare, Corruption, Error, Shadow... uh... Reaper, Wrath.... uhm..... Ice, Crimson, Unknown... Edge.
Me: Even that was pretty difficult
Friend: Why do all of them have dark or depressing names?
Me: //shrug// Infinity isn't dark or depressing though.
Friend: Name a character HappySmilingRainbows or something, they'd totally fit in.


16 Days ago1 comment
How to be a successful killer:

Rule Number 1: The dramatic speeches go second.
Rule Number 2: Don't get caught. (Few exceptions may apply)
Rule Number 3: Don't be a kill thief. Seriously, nobody likes someone stealing their kill.
Rule Number 4: Don't die. (That should be obvious)
Rule Number 5: Indirect kills still count. Use that knowledge to your advantage.


17 Days ago5 comments
"There's nothing wrong with flamethrowers!"


18 Days ago0 comments
"I'm not a weirdo
I'm a squid nugget"


18 Days ago0 comments
Me, just 2x easier to annoy, carries a knife that she WILL use, has powers, AND HATES VIDEOGAME REFERENCES.
She also looks awesome.


19 Days ago0 comments
Me: I'm bored.
Also Me: You should probs do productive stuff
Also Me 2.0: Nahhh watch this SotC speedpaint
Also Me 3.0: You could just make a new OC.
Me: Welp i'm not doing anything productive, that's for sure.

Yes. more hashtags

20 Days ago0 comments
"I'm not sorry, but just so you know, I have nothing better to do at this point."


21 Days ago0 comments
"Happy Stamina Games!"
"And may the odds be ever Running Away from you!"

a very old piece of conversation with one of my hunger games ocs and someone else's

24 Days ago0 comments
"I'm not sure if I'd bother killing any of you. Except the annoying idiot, obviously. And I'm not on about Error, I'm on about the other annoying idiot."


24 Days ago0 comments



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My Chaos-Kitty. Colouring by me, lineart not.

Also not 100% accurate because i thought her left eye being red instead of blue would be cooler.

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