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Trainerlevel: 59

Trainerpoints: 10,053/10,501

Game Records

Trainer ID: #413860540
Registration: 12/12/2013 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 2062:02 Hours
Total interactions: 4,456,458
Money: 3,098,961
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Yesterday started playing Ultra Moon and found out there is more different things from Pokemon Sun then I thought. :o

2 Months ago0 comments
Just noticed, that I already have a Mega Alakazam!

So... If I hatch a mega able Abra, your offers?
Accepting normal gems, other mega ables I dont have, but you can offer other things too

7 Months ago0 comments
Started shiny and mega able Abra hunt.

8 Months ago2 comments
Trading everything in my Valuable UFT box for Golden Keys and Normal gems.

8 Months ago0 comments
LF Dewgong, Grimer, Nincada, Klang, Espurr.

8 Months ago1 comment
LF Resolute stone/Keldeo

8 Months ago1 comment
How the heck did someone get a Victini egg if SCEs arent over yet?? :o


8 Months ago2 comments
Giving Grass gems for Normal gems. (1:1)
Collecting Normal gems for Ditto, progress: 2425/10k
Also giving any other gems, but I have not so much of them, just ask

8 Months ago0 comments
Wich is the best fire type for Tiny tourney? IThe tournnament is tomorrow, but I dont even have a team. Ill use Mimikyu, Togedemaru, Pikachu, Leafeon, then I need a bug type, Ribombee? And Sableye. Instead of 1 of these I need a fire type...

8 Months ago0 comments
Anyone here plays Pokemon Spectrum? What is a latest version of it? Will there be more then 2 gyms soon?

9 Months ago0 comments
Your Heracross made it to Rank #7 in our Bug-Hatching Contest!

You won 500 Festival Points.

Its the first time something like that happening :o

9 Months ago0 comments
Wha :o A mega able Bug hatching contestant! :o

9 Months ago3 comments
Wha :o :o


9 Months ago1 comment
Prof. Rowan:  EmoMouse, you should not have seen that!
Get out now!! 


9 Months ago1 comment
Eeveelution givaway lucky url


9 Months ago0 comments
What happens with PokeHeroes?? It doesnt load pictures, so I even cant click my eggs (going to Storage boxes)

10 Months ago2 comments
Heyy, I am now downloading a Pokemon Spectrum! I watched a videos of gameplay and I really like those new fakemon. Especially starters Ill choose Pyroo

Do you have this game on your PC and if yes, what starteryou chosen?

10 Months ago0 comments
Dear japans!
Plz explain me, what kind of competition you had? What are the prizes?


10 Months ago0 comments
A 7 day rumble mission?? :o Whaa.

10 Months ago0 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Cyndaquil hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #78)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.


10 Months ago4 comments



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About Me

Hi guys! My real name is Veronika, and I really like yellow/orange electric-types and also fire types! I was emo for 8 yeasrs and I had a friend calling me a hamster thats what from my nick comes
I like german people, always am glad for PMs from them Learning german and if u speak with me german, I can ask smth I dont know
Also playing Candy crush soda, Jesus journey, Scrubby dubby and Papa Pear saga in Facebook, always glad for lives/helps there

From music, I like Skillet, Rise against, Versailles, Tokio Hotel, Fall out boy, NegativE and many other rock music bands
My birthday: 12th october
Name day: 4th february (I know in many countries people doesnt celebrate it, but its celebrated just like birthday, but in smaller amounts, and thats the day, when ur name is in calendar)

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