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Trainerlevel: 19

Trainerpoints: 986/1,101


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Eevee571,537 / 9,919
Eevee569,409 / 9,577
Eevee571,716 / 9,919
Eevee573,841 / 9,919
6510,448 / 12,871
Club Leader Dex
401,865 / 4,921

Story Preview

Dive into the Deep Blue : A Changed Heart (Preview)

"How much longer till we get there?" I asked my mother sleepily. "We have at least another 2 hours sweetie. Just go back to sleep." she said softly. I nodded and drifted off to sleep. After awhile my mom woke me up. "Sweetie... Time to wake up! We're here!" she said trying to drag me out of the backseat. I groaned trying to get out of her grip. "Do I have too..." I whined. "Yes! We need to get unpacked." I sighed.

[Narration] So you might wonder why my mom is so excited about moving. Well, let me tell you why. My mom decided we should move back to her hometown of Shisuta. The reason she decided to move back here after my father died was that this was the town she met him in. Anyways now that my mom and I have finished packing, it is time you go to the story. I checked in on ya later!

[Back to the current story]

"Ok now that we are finished packing, can we go get some food?" I begged my mother. "She smiled. "Of course! Now go change out of your pajamas into some decent clothes." I nodded rapidly before running into my room and digging out a nice pair of brown cargo shorts and a light blue shirt with a golden seastar on it. I ran back to my mom and we slipped on our sandals and headed out the door to town. We soon got to the boardwalk after a while we finally decided on getting some burgers with french fries. After we ate we went to the arcade a few buildings down from the burger shop. We looked around and we couldn't find any interesting games to play. Until we saw it, it was a punching bag machine. My mom and I ran over to it happily. "Are you ready to lose Mom?" I said smirking. "Actually you're going to be the loser this time!" She said putting quarters into the machine.


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WaterBottle is currently hunting Eevee.
Hunt started: 31/01/2019

Chain: 34

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #188150023
Registration: 19/06/2018 (7 Months ago)
Game Time: 173:19 Hours
Total interactions: 21,867
Money: 49,973
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


I am creating a blog that I like to call 'Durp Gamer's Gaming Cafe' If you want to view its current unfinished status and see how it looks feel free to palpad me and I will send you the link!
10 Days ago
By FrozenHeroes - 1 Hour and 44 Minutes ago.
Howdy! Frozen here! You should totally join mine and ErrorThePyromaniac’s tribe Ditch dudes! Comment here and you are accepted to out tribe and i will send you a secret link to our hidden tribe :3
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12 Days ago
I feel like the only person in the world who actually likes Magikarp. I mean I used to have an army of them at one point. I had GPX and I bred a crap ton of Magikarps and had more than you could ever imagine. Sadly I ended up deleting my account but I will get my army back together!
12 Days ago
Ok, so I found a small charity thing to were every tab you open gives you one heart. Each heart is worth 1 cent. You can donate the hearts to 7 different charities. I have a join link to where if you use the link to add the extension to chrome it will give me 350 that I can donate! It would be amazing if you could download it and help out too! You'll find out more about it on the chrome extension page! Here you go!
13 Days ago
Iteraction exchange? I really need my eggs to hatch I have 6 in the day care.
14 Days ago
By: Hacked~Project4


Share the hashtag #MarshieAndHP4 to win:
( First ) : My Events / Legends ( and maybe Marshie but Marshie needs a good home because Marshie is my mascot 0-0 )
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=Fourth= : ??????? ( Mystery )
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15 Days ago
Ok so my friend and I were talking about horrible things we did in the past and she reminded me of when I used to get a bucket of steaming hot water and stick my hands in it when ever I did something wrong. To this day everyone thinks I am a fricken masochist. I swear I am not! I did it because of a dare. I met someone before her and he dared me to do it for and entire year because he was also dared to do it. And I followed through with, so yeah. Every single (and taken) one of my friends thinks I am a masochist. And now I am walking home and basically freezing to death
15 Days ago
Anybody got some oran berries I can buy? I am trying to get a "small" stash of them.
17 Days ago
By Iceland - A little while ago
Hey my first shiny turns his 1st Year of being hatched, to celebrate I want to do a little giveaway
Share this hashtag #MilanTurns1Year
And the lucky winners can get:
1st Place: 150 Nuggets
2nd Place: A Custom Shiny hunt!
3rd Place: 250PD!
Ends Monday 28th
21 Days ago
22 Days ago
Help me, I am tired cause I didn't get to sleep last night cause two pipes in my house burst, the power also went out and I had no heat. Life's great...right??
23 Days ago
Hey guys I just published the first ever chapter of my story Dive into the Deep Blue: A Changed Heart! Here you go!
24 Days ago
Yes or no? Don't question this just answer, Yes or no?
1 Month ago
Alright, guys, I have an announcement to make. I will be leaving Pokeheroes for a little while. I will not state why but I will allow you guys to know that will always be checking in every once in a while so feel free to message me if you want. I will always check my messages so don't worry about them not getting read if you ever message me. (Don't know why I said that cause ain't nobody gonna message me.) I will tell my closer friends why I am taking a break tho.
1 Month ago
Join the #hydratedgang ! Share the hashtag!
1 Month ago
I would tell you guys a joke about paper but it's tearable.
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
Is 2,140 honey too much honey for one person?
1 Month ago

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