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Trainerlevel: 70

Trainerpoints: 10,950/14,769

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Trainer ID: #157660118
Registration: 18/07/2014 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 12/Mar/2019
Game Time: 4279:48 Hours
Total interactions: 2,264,380
Trainer Battle Stats: 8 won, 26 lost.
Money: 135,958
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


So good night. Have a good day, a good life, and a lot of good things ! ;v; <3. <3

Lot of looooove ~

Today, 02:020 comments
Before going to sleep²

I'm not sorry.
All my friends are now my sis' and bro' and you're all -matsu ended.

Today, 01:487 comments
Before going to sleep..

To the people you love, send them love.

To the people you dislike, send them nothing. Ignore them.

To people bad with you, kick their butt and burn them.

Today, 01:440 comments
Near of my city, ( at ~40km, a city where i go for my friends etc ), a black woman was beaten by white woman and men from the police..

And nobody wants to protect her because it's about the police..


... I have no words.

Today, 01:240 comments
/wait to have PD to ask for art of my foxona ouo./

Today, 01:113 comments
I wish i could go over my complexes but..

.. They are like " Nope. Cry. :v. "

//sigh// another thing i should change about me, but it's so hard..

Today, 00:380 comments
So. I bought a plushie for Noir.

... Like it was taking really long, i contacted the seller, and now he is like " MEEEH. IT SEEMS TO HAVE PROBLEMS. CHOOSE ANOTHER PLUSHIE FROM MY SHOOOP ? "


I wanted.
this one.
Not another.

And now i'm really mad :l

Yesterday, 11:062 comments
Gonna watch - finally - the anime of Ace Attorney. I absoluty loved the game - even if i couldn't finish the 2nd because of a freakin' bug ;v;.

Someome played the games and saw the anime and loved it ?

Yesterday, 00:290 comments
If you want to be massclicked.. you know what to do !

1 Day ago1 comment
The story of they Camel and his assistant finish atthe the 100th comment ! We need a good, epic and happy end.

3 Days ago0 comments
So. I'm gonna put a begin of sentence.. And you'll have to continue it !
Comment only ONE word or two if it's like " a cat " etc.
We're gonna see how far and crazy this will bring us !


Long time ago...

3 Days ago91 comments
So ! If nobody else want to participate to my contest with a friend to win each a Mega Stone, i'll choose the winners tomorrow !

5 Days ago2 comments
SO. I want to made people happy. So i'll do a little contest, and for this, you will need.. A GOOD FRIEND ! ouo.

It's simple, you say something that you like about your friend, and your friend also say something they like about you !

... The duo of friends will win each a mega stone ouo.

10 Days ago39 comments
Doing SHINY HUNT on POKEMON SUN ( Via SOS METHOD ) for 50k per shiny or for x1 Retro Starter Egg Voucher !

Pokémon that can't be hunted by SOS : Wimpod - Komala - Minior.

Also, for rare called pokémon : Like Happiny and Mareanie we will see the price together.

Palpad me ! ouo

15 Days ago0 comments
List of hunt i have to do :

25 Days ago2 comments



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Mikomatsu is currently hunting Charmander.
Hunt started: 14/10/2017

Chain: 131
(2 Shinies hatched so far.)

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Bulbasaur : 1 | Squirtle : 5 | Charmander : 4

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Bulbasaur : 0 | Squirtle : 0 | Charmander : 1 Y / 0 X

Shiny Retro Pokemon from Rumble Hatched :
*Couting since 20 of may 2017.*
Taillow : 1 | Poochyena : 0 | Zigzagoon : 0

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Taillow : 3 | Poochyena : 6 | Zigzagoon : 8

Egg Storage Box : 16. % shiny Chance at Chain 16* : 0.118 % %
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