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(Mega Rayquaza)
1,2254,799,837 / 5,631,939

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-Ike- is currently hunting Eevee.
Hunt started: 30/07/2018

Chain: 106
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About Me

I just kinda exist | The king of all trash(and idiots) |A self proclaimed good Fire Emblem player. Among other things.

Figured I'd put this up here.
By far the best friend I could ask for.

Yo! Seein' as you clicked my profile, I s'pose you wanna learn a bit about me..
Well I'll try not to disappoint.. Let's see here...Well, the name's Josh. And if it wasn't obvious, I'm a total moron. I uh..I don't socialize well. I have social anxiety, depression and a few other things I won't bore you all with. Thankfully there are users here who can just shatter through my barriers and accept me as I am.

But my personal thing aside, I like Kirby, Pokemon('Specially Jolteon and Grovyle), Worms(the game series. The bugs look like deformed snakes, so I'm neutral on them.), Blazblue and other games(like Monster Hunter).
I like a lot of anime. I can't give a list now.

And uh, yeah. If you're gonna add me for 3DS things, my friend code is: 1993-7518-2246. I'd appreciate it if you let me know you added me
Well I've droned on long enough and hope that gives you an insight to this idiot. Laters!


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Starter Pokémon: Charizard


It's the return of "Borderlands 2 shenanighans!" also the "I'm a filthy cheater but if it hurts it works" show.
Fot a giant boss with specific pain points? well you have 2 options!
The intended way: learn when you can hurt it, do some trial and error and maybe have some friends to help.
Or my way: abuse a sniper and piercing shots to break every weak point you can see then time your shots to pierce armor and kill it that way.
Either way, the DLC leviathan boss sucks and I now have a cheese method.
Also internet issues blah blah i have no social life.

Yesterday, 22:140 comments
Today on "Borderlands Misadventures";
Playing pistol sniper with a meelee based character. Why? Because arena rules, you die, you don't go back in. So while my sniper pal is in there, I gotta support as good as I can.

5 Days ago0 comments
Well after sorting through some of my old stuff, my nerd shelf(tm) looks more alive.
Which leads to this tangent; does ANYBODY remember when UB Funkeys existed? Or was it something that obscure? 'cause I do. I loved it.

13 Days ago0 comments
I'm a simple dude.
I see a rathalos? I stabs it.
New dragon quest game? hype.
Go outside? lolno
and now for something i wont regret ever; multiple shiny hunts in a chain. just gotta get a list going for what order and then get enough painkillers for the headaches these will bring.

17 Days ago0 comments
4 years on this site. Man I feel old..
Well, obligatory "very depressed/nihilistic/pessimistic dude expresses gratitude" thing..
Huge thanks to my friends here for another decent year. Even if I'm more or less mute at this point. Your cookies for putting up with my crap will arrive never. Instead I'll sort out another kinda gift I guess.

18 Days ago4 comments
So apparently there's pride drama? Ironic that there's this stuff involving a time of acceptance for all.
Keeping my personal views personal because raisins, but to any of you who are in the LGBTQ community (i think that's the full name? my apologies otherwise), here's a little thing for you;
Regardless of your preference, own it. Mad respect to you, you aren't any less human because of it.

19 Days ago0 comments
I swear it's a tradition to be a phantom here.
Well over the course of the month..did nothing productive, wasted even more money on sugar and spent most of august in a headache.
So happy september or whatever, I'mma go back to my coffinless grave.

20 Days ago3 comments
Well. This summer is kiling me, probably very literally.
Between an unshakable exhaustion and often feeling sick that is, which is fun. Cannot wait for the September Showers.

Anyway yo. I got nothin' else to share.

1 Month ago1 comment
Today on the "I need to stop buying on impulse" show;
I waste even more money.
What on? Well, firstly; that Lucina amiibo. Funny, since she's recently getting more attention in the FE:H community.
And a deck of Dragon Ball trading cards. Featuring Bardock.
Also Cola. Because Cola.

1 Month ago4 comments
Well. Today so far has been sweet.
just been rockin' an old DS game I finally found and had to emulate and whoo boy the nostalgia is heavy and I love it. Chances are I might go out and waste even more money tomorrow so yaay.

Anyway, hey.

1 Month ago0 comments
So my day was cool.
Got my new phone sorted
Bought a pair of Tekken Pop Vinyl figures, and I may go back to that store and buy the Lucina Amibo they have if it's still there. Can't use it, but I wanna start collecting them because I'm tired of never expressing the things I like by having physical things to show it
And finally helped my friend with phone contract stuff. Yay, productive day.

So how's everyone here?

1 Month ago2 comments
I swear a bonus of not really caring much about my birthday is friends & family don't overdo it.
on the plus side; finally got my christmas gift(s) from my dad. woo.

Anywho, yo.

2 Months ago2 comments
Well today's been a thing.2daysplshelp
Got cola.
I no longer have a phone.

so hey! running of 2 hours sleep, goin' delirous and apparently speaking to people is a good idea.

2 Months ago0 comments
Well, as I can now count the hours down til I turn 19..
Yo. It's one depressed dude coming back for..a day? I dunno.
How's life for you lot?

2 Months ago4 comments
So I might end up more active on discord. Basically lemme know if you want to see my madness/receive random meme pics and I'll shamelessly plug my tag at a point.
Also yo.

2 Months ago6 comments
Oh snap, Grovyle plushies exist now.
It is a good day.

2 Months ago2 comments
Well. Been reading the Seven Deadly Sins manga. Can safely say that getting from whatever chapter the anime ends to 270 I have been nonstop hooked.
Anyway hey.
I'll be looking for a job son, wish me luck.

3 Months ago2 comments
Well this week's been eventful.
Sent my phone to Tartarous and it still works despite the screen being 92% cracked.
Mother goes to hospital twice in a week and will probably be OOC for the rest of it.

I also have a new ringtone. And still can't do a complete ponytail so my hair gets in my face and annoys me.

Sooo, how's everyone here?

3 Months ago0 comments
Ok now call me pathetic, but I may have evolved to overlord of inside memes. Yu Gi Oh style.
> Sent a friend a link to a card's wiki page.
> He asks why.
> Tell him to check our Discord Server.
> While he's in brb, change my icon and nickname.
> bamboozled server admin.
> #Unban Stratos.

3 Months ago1 comment
So, on my list of awful desicions, eating a 5 year old sweet is one of the worst.

4 Months ago3 comments

Important thing I guess

So, went from an edgy cat to this. Why? eh, I'm an FE nerd.
For those who still dont know: CatTheDeviledge --> -Ike-. voila

You can also get hold of me on
Steam -> Kaiser Madlad
Discord -> Kaiser Madness#6909

I didn't know what to put here because I'm not interesting or funny much.
Uh. Chromgrats if you read this.

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