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Registration: 11/05/2017 (7 Months ago)
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Game Time: 288:55 Hours
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Money: 379,167
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


By Dokku


hey i have shiny lugia egg voucher on sell

Only for nuggets

So share this and if i sell it for more than 2.5k nuggets will raffle out 1k nuggets (in packs 250 per pack or 500 per pack)

Offers on pal pad

Its up only till i sell it

Yesterday, 21:030 comments
My mom is complaining about how I didn't mop the kitchen floor correctly. Like really, that old mop is literally falling apart how the hell am I going to do it the way you want it when the mop is shedding strings?!

Yesterday, 18:160 comments
Okay so today was quite interesting. I woke up from a dream about me playing Pokemon Ultra Sun and my Primarina suddenly having the ability to mega evolve. The Mega evolution turned out to be a weird pink sparkling snake. Then my aunt called me to tell me happy birthday, when my birthday was eight days ago. And then while I was making my way to the library, some dude that I didn't even know asked me if I was single. And when I told him I was 16, he's like "Oh s*** naw!" and walked away. I've never been this confused before...

Yesterday, 17:560 comments
Lol why does Infinite from Sonic Forces catches my interest? Does his edginess is so much that it draws me in? Is it BECAUSE OF THE FACT THAT SONIC FORCES DOESN'T SHOW MUCH INFORMATION ABOUT THE EDGY JACKAL WHICH IS WHY I SPENT ABOUT AN HOUR TRYING TO FIND MORE ABOUT HIM?


1 Day ago0 comments
does anyone have soothe bells? I need them, please! :3

1 Day ago0 comments
Hey, ~Bella~! How is it going?
Recently I ordered important components for a machine that I'm currently trying to build. The delivery was supposed to come via Delibird express from the Sinnoh-Region, but apparently the parcel went missing right before the Delibird arrived in Emera Town. It was caught in a heavy storm and lost all parts over the Rumble Areas.
Well, I could order the components again, but... they're very expensive!
Could you maybe help me to find them? Just tell your Pokémon to look out for Machine Parts out on the rumble areas. I'd highly appreciate your effort!

Welp, another quest! Did anyone do this one before?

1 Day ago1 comment
#FreeMil Round 18 by Argentis
A grand prize of 750k pd, two prizes of 125k pd, shiny and MA Pokemon!

How to Join:
1) Share the FreeMil Hashtag.
2) Name a single friend (or user), if you can, who has improved your PokeHeroes experience. Please use their full username.
3) Wait for Argentis to comment on your hashtag share. No comment means you are not in the raffle.
4) FreeMil ends on Dec 10, at 23:59!

Bonus: help fund FreeMil by sending in PD and be entered in a contributor prize draw. [Max. 75k PD. Must have “FreeMil” in the comment.] Three prizes for this round, either a MA Gyarados OR shiny Staryu OR 125k pd (first names drawn = first pick).
* M!Gyarados if 500k is raised!

Share It | Google Docs

1 Day ago2 comments
wow, I'm going back to my aunt's in atlanta again for christmas break and she showed me a video of the snow and it's so beautiful out there! I can't wait to get there. I never saw snow in real like x3

2 Days ago0 comments
Alert: Your Premium Account expires in three days!
Go to the Item Shop in order to extend your premium membership.

Ah no! Better sell my things quick for nuggets! I'm still doing my shiny unown hunt! Anyone want two shiny alolan vulpix's, a cosmog, a reshiram, and a nebula stone? Selling them for nuggets :3 palpad me if you're interested!

2 Days ago0 comments


You fed Crusher a Oran Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 51,822 Exp. Points.

2 Days ago1 comment
Does ANYONE believe in the Peeko?!

2 Days ago3 comments
First comment will get two random plushies it's definitely not because of the advent calender task or anything ahaha...

2 Days ago1 comment
I have this Nebula Stone I've been wanting to sell for nuggets but since it seems like no one wants it, you think I should do a little hashtag thingie and just gift a random person who shares it the Nebula Stone? I've never done a hash tag free raffle thingie(or whatever you call it)

4 Days ago0 comments
Man eating chicken fajita with spinach and rice for lunch at school really tore my stomach up! And plus, I burnt my tongue while trying to eat it. Maybe they should wait for it to cool down before serving it to the students...

4 Days ago0 comments
Selling Reshiram, Two shiny alolan vulpix's, Cosmog and a Nebula Stone for Nuggets and/or PD! :3

4 Days ago0 comments
also wanted to add this too

Thank you so much for this! Basically it's a Shiny Eevee with a black bow on her right ear and a purple scarf around her neck. If it's not too much, can you maybe add a Glaceon (which is Shiny Eevee's mother) watching her daughter as she plays in the snow? If it's too much, then you can just draw the Shiny Eevee playing in snow. (Or just the Shiny Eevee in general) Again, thank you. It's hard to find artists that are willing to make drawings for others for free. Especially if they draw art as good as you :3

4 Days ago0 comments
Wahoo! Finally after nearly a year, Amethyst finally updates Pokemon Reborn! Now with Gen 7 Pokemon, Z moves and the gen 7 abilities. Can't wait to download it and replay the longest game ever besides Pokemon Rejuvenation! ;D

4 Days ago0 comments
Whoops! My premium is going to end in 8 days and I have zero nuggets. Welp, time to go sell my shinies! Anyone need Two Shiny Alolan Vulpix's, a Cosmog and/or a Nebula stone? Selling them for nuggets :3 and a few shines I have in my shiny box.

6 Days ago0 comments
Wait how much does the ice stone cost? I just saw someone selling it for 200k.

6 Days ago2 comments
Interaction exchange? Need these eggs to hatch :3

6 Days ago0 comments



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Oh! Well hello there, dear! My name is Bella is I'm known for being the one obsessed with Eevee. I just love that adorable Pokemon. And don't forget that it's Ice Type evolution, Glaceon. I love Ice, Ghost and Fairy types. Glaceon's design is so cool and cute!

Anywayyyyy, here's some basic things about me. I'm a female. I'm 15. I was born on December 3, 2001, a day after my mom's birthday(here's Dec. 2nd). My favorite color is Purple and I'm a huge fan of Pokemon. I hope we can be friends here on this site! I love to chat with people.

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