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Trainer ID: #151931111
Registration: 02/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Dec/2017
Game Time: 2128:50 Hours
Total interactions: 182,108
Trainer Battle Stats: 5 won, 4 lost.
Money: 21,900,875
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Being me like:

I'm not watching any anime from the next season, just Fate/Extella
*checks info chart*

Shaft studio
Satoru Kosaki as composser
Nero Saber as main servant
Focuses on male main character route
*pushes the anime away with disgust on the face*

But hey! Green Archer is here!
Remember that Toriumi Kousuke is his voice actor
*pushes the anime thing into the abyss*

Why so picky?

Yesterday, 18:590 comments
I feel funny seing people naming their pokemon things like "1 OS" or "second on site".
Makes me wonder if it's kinda similar to naming your children "first born from my private parts"

2 Days ago5 comments
A genie appears to grant you any wish

People: I want to be rich.
People: I want world peace.
People: I want to find true love.
People: I want ten more wishes.
Me: I want to have a Gameboy lamp on the past so I don't burn my eyes out by trying to play pokémon on the car at night.

having glasses sometimes stinks to the infinite...

4 Days ago4 comments
I'm not even following the anime series I should be following but...

Re:Creators is yay or nay?
I've bee already in love with the BSO for a while, should I give a bit of that love to the anime?

5 Days ago1 comment
That feel when they change totem pokémon... but Lurantis stills there.

Alola Whitney's Milktank confirmed to be part of the Pokéilluminaty.

5 Days ago2 comments
As everyweek: Houseki no Kuni speech.

Still waiting for manga #62 to be translated.
Finally Antarc baby showed on the anime, I'm feeling like a proud parent or a really hardcore fangirl.
Plus I feel like Antarc's voice actress does a really good job with the character's personality.
Precious genderless being who deserves no harm.

Now I'll just wait just to see if Cairngorm 2nd fave chara makes it into the anime (or at least Ghost Quartz)

6 Days ago0 comments
Female Popplio, female Zorua and female Eevee on the first try.
Rare gender 'mons love me, or something

6 Days ago2 comments
The "joys" of working 12 hours and only having time for sleeping.

I'm tasting a magnificent expired bread sandwich with expired cheese and salami.
For tomorrow, I have to eat some beautiful meatballs made with expired meat stuffed with expired spinach.

12 Days ago0 comments
Finally my genderless boy showed on the anime previews.
Can't wait to meet him next week, I hope the voice actress does a good job
(hoping he gets a really tomboyish voice like Romi Paku, Yuu Kobayashi or Miyuki Sawashiro)
since their voice actress hasn't been yet revealed

He knows it's now his show, so he must bury protagonist to gain more fans

13 Days ago0 comments
At the end, I'm working with the big V.
With no fixed salary (bummer)

All I have to do is convince store owners to change their company's phones and internet lines to Vodafone.
For each owner convinced, I get 100€.
That's going to make me gain a lot on a single month if I'm good doing this or literally nothing if I'm bad.

Bad part of it, is that is a camp work, I need to go personally to each store and talk to the owner or manager.
It's a 9am to 7pm shift full of walking (I have a 20 minutes morning break and 1 hour lunch break)

Let see how it goes.

17 Days ago2 comments
Went to the cinema specially to get the special cap pikachu.
0% interested on the film.

They only gave the code to the first 100 people of the first movie session.
I was one of the 10 first of the second session.

I've just wasted 8€ to watch Ash Ketchum...

19 Days ago2 comments
Yesterday I bought the full set of "ready for winter" houseclothes: Pajama, Slippers and Housecoat.

Since they are all navy blue, I decided to wash them first to not get inked.
But the instructions said that they couldn't be on the dryer.
I would totally let them dry outside on the courtyard (the interior one, not the one with the mayonaise) but it has been raining all day.
(Couldn't get the clothes line because it was soaked on rain)
So I just hung them up on hangers on my room: On the flaps of the window, bathroom's doorknob, wardrobe knobs...

Now the room smeels like laundry.

20 Days ago1 comment
When you're chilling on your room and someone from the higher floors throws a mayonaise jar to the courtyard.

WTF? Is this city even serious?

20 Days ago6 comments
People on tumblr: Playing .hack
People on facebook: Playing .hack
People on youtube: Playing .hack
Me: *inhumane silent scream*

21 Days ago0 comments
13º outside, i'm slowly dying.

I'm someone who thinks that 19º is too cold for life.
Need a cup of hot tea and a few blankets, seriously dying.

21 Days ago6 comments
Btw, I have a job interview tomorrow.
I hope everything goes smothly and I can finally start working.

I still need to buy nice confy chair, warm bedsheets (or at least more bedsheets), my own fluffy housecoat with matching slippers, and of course food.

And then I will get a tv, one of these small sofas that are also a guest bed, all the videogames I want, all the junk food I can eat... and I will gift myself a Switch for christmas or my birthday because I'm so awesome that I deserve it.
(Making dream castles is one of my passions)

22 Days ago2 comments
Guess that having less than 20€ on my bank account is going to help me a lot tomorrow when I go to the game store to get the event pokémon.
I won't be able to expend my money on anything and that's cool.
Not really because .hack gets released tomorrow

22 Days ago1 comment
My bank account stills blocked and the landlord wants the rent money today *sigh*

He like told us yesterday night to come today to pick the money and we were all like "I can't get the money with so little time", but this guy doesn't attend to reasons and he's still coming today for the money.

Like, only one of five people on the house can pay the rent right now.
Why bother to come today and stress everyone?

22 Days ago3 comments
Rate my halloween nails?

Not a professional, obvious.

25 Days ago2 comments
So salty RN with the Fire Emblem Heroes event that I only want to burn their server building.

98 Orbs totally wasted and couldn't get the unit I wanted.

25 Days ago3 comments



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