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Trainerlevel: 51

Trainerpoints: 7,116/7,853

Game Records

Trainer ID: #151931111
Registration: 02/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 2063:21 Hours
Total interactions: 182,036
Trainer Battle Stats: 5 won, 4 lost.
Money: 21,885,860
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Tales of the Rays has been released today (worldwide version).
Its out for android on google playstore, but might take a few days more for ios players.

2 Days ago1 comment
I was able to get the impossible!
Got one of the new amiibo (female Corrin)
Last one in the store

3 Days ago7 comments
Dunno, I don't kinda know if I like Fairy Tail's ending or not...

It has an open ending (that's cool, more fanfiction material).
My NoTP ended friendzoned (That's ultra cool, way to go Natsu, Luigi doesn't deserve you)
But I still feeling like this last arc was only fanservice and the quality of the manga faded so much it was sometimes awful to read. Even I, that I've been a Fairy Tail fan since the beginning of the manga 11 years ago, I was tempted to drop it.
It sure deserved a better final arc, and a better ending.

5 Days ago2 comments
Matching with Ardyn... kinda?

need more peeps to complete the gang (?)

7 Days ago2 comments
Who needs pokéheroes when I have my family?

Drama is too real RN.

Today is the 17th birthday of my cousin and my brother and little cousin (the one staying with us) went to my aunt's house.
After they ringed the bell, the friends of my cousin took the gift from they and slammed the door on their faces.
They got back to my house and told my mother about that and she went to the family whattsapp to scold my aunt in front of the other brother/sisters.
My cousin called to our house when her father almost grounded her for her behaviour (of not opening the door herself and letting her friends slam the door on their cousins) and she invited both kids back for a swim in the pool and eat the cake.
But there was no cake when they arrived and they both came back home totally pissed.

8 Days ago3 comments
My mother had a heart attack yesterday and my father has been with her in the hospital all time.
I've been left in charge of my brother and my 9yo cousin.
Plus I have my work.

I'm really stressed right now and it's almost impossible for me to find time to get online.

11 Days ago0 comments
I'm kinda angry with my past self.

Ten years ago, when I first played FFXII was really complicated for me.
The walls on Raithwall's tomb and all the dungeon took me more than a month to beat (I had to exp grinding to level 26)

Today, playing the Ps4 version of the game, and only with my characters at level 16 I've beaten the full dungeon in less than 45 minutes.

14 Days ago1 comment
Sun/Moon players

Go to mystery gift right now for a free shiny Tapu Koko

14 Days ago10 comments
Two months into this hunt and still no shiny and I'm on a really low chain X'D
What is worse is the fact I want to hunt another event as just I get the shiny.

14 Days ago0 comments
Gg's name started as a inside joke with myself when I was trying the God Eater DLCs as male and female.
The ps4 cursor starts on the letter G when inputing a name and I only used the letter G and acept but since it was too short, the game didn't accept the name.
So I added another G, and it became Gg.

Not really long ago, I tried a game, I had to think a name for the main character and since I didn't really care about the game, I remembered all these GE characters I did only for showing DLCs and their pointless existence.
After that, I started to use the name Gg everytime I was asked my name on a videogame.

15 Days ago0 comments
#MyFavoritePokemonIs Lèvi

Gallade is my favorite pokémon ever (Lurantis and Misdreavus complete the poll)
But what makes Lèvi extra special, is the fact that he was born as the first Ralts on pokéheroes.
He was also the first Kirlia and couldn't evolve into Gallade due to a bug Riako had to fix XD
He's also the father of the first generation of Ralts on the site and the father of the second shiny Gallade Kurumi's one had to born a day before mine ¬¬

He's 4 years old right now and my precious baby, since I got him, he had never leaved my party.

15 Days ago1 comment
Random confession time:

I have a pikachu body pillow (similar to this one) and I've slept with it everynight since I was 9.
Now I'm 26, I can't sleep without it and I'm not ashamed of telling it.

Mom is going to re-stuff his insides (he's kinda worn out from usage) when I move out and I'm totally leaving with him as hand luggage. That's how I did arrived when I was 10 to the island and I intend to go away in the same way.

16 Days ago3 comments
Apparently every bus driver know all the other bus drivers on a 200km radio, that's a real fact.

17 Days ago2 comments
Is past 2am here, I should be sleeping, but I'm too pissed with my workmates to sleep.
And I have less than 4 hours of sleep until I see their faces again!

I'll just spit all out on a notepad, take an screenshot of it and upload it as picture to make a feed while the sleeping pills do their job.
(too long for a normal feed)

19 Days ago2 comments
*goes to the kitchen in underwear*
*picks Dad's favorite pan that can only be used by him*
*grabs the "Sacred extra-virgin oil only for salads"*
*gets an england imported Coke*


20 Days ago3 comments
Parents are off for a week.
Meebo's summer break starts now!
A whole week I can totally enjoy without being constantly tormented and harased.
(I just wish to have a bit of free days at work)

First stop: Shopping for real food.
Next: moving all my things to the sofa and just lay there all day except when working or sleeping.

21 Days ago5 comments
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Skugar in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

Finally, lets hope for a fast shiny.

21 Days ago1 comment
Found the location of Pokeheroes servers!

22 Days ago2 comments
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 4 Years now!

Time sure flies .w.

26 Days ago0 comments
Apparently, the mother couldn't get anyone today and the kid is back on my house.
At least now I know she is allergic to cats and has intolerance to gluten, lactose and eggs...

Gladly she ate salad yesterday and I didn't kill her by accident...

27 Days ago1 comment



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