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Money: 21,813,501
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


*15 minutes in the shower*
*writes a funny poem about an ugly princess no one wanted to marry*

She was named Princes Steelwool, a name without any charms.
Totally adequate for someone with tangling hair under her arms.

(a "translated" fragment)

Yesterday, 16:011 comment
Four Pachirisnow eggs on a day... I'm feeling lucky

1 Day ago0 comments
Years ago, we were a group of three friends.
We were like that since school.
Suddenly, two years ago one stopped talking to us.
And we were left to be a duo full of sad anecdotes from when we were three.

Now, today, at eleven days before moving out of the island, I got a private message on facebook from this friend, who didn't answered our calls or messages for two years, asking me to meet with her on sunday.
Me, only me.

Should I go?

2 Days ago3 comments
Hope all our heroes friends on México are right.
Photos and videos are terrible to see, i wish the best of luck for everyone, their families and pets

4 Days ago0 comments
*deaf customer*
Me: *notices he's deaf and signs "hello good afternoon"*
Deaf customer: *starts to sign really fast*
Me: *signs "slowly please"*
Deaf customer: *starts laughing*
Me: *realices i've signed "slow bi***" instead of please"*

6 Days ago6 comments
How to look like a good cook:

1- Put leftovers in the microwave
2- Microwave them
3- Serve the food with your best fake accent
(works better with italian, mexican or french accent)

7 Days ago2 comments
Tales of "things that give me feels"

- Ludger and Elle
- Eizen and Edna
- Sorey and Meebo
- Lambda's past
- Xillia 2 bad ending
- The other two endings of Xillia 2
- The fact there's a comatose sleepover at Maotelus place

- There isn't any Xillia anime
- We dont have Graces 2, Xillia 3, Vesperia 2 or Zestiria 2

9 Days ago4 comments
I can't understand my cousin's head.
Her parents are struggling to reach the end of the month as both can't work because body injuries.
Yet, their daugther can actually do 1 day vacations (wich involves flight and sometimes hotel room) at least twice a month.

Like: aren't you forgetting someone?
Your parents maybe?
The ones who raised you and welcomed you back when you came back home pregnant and without work with the full pack of oven bun + jobless boyfriend + 3 large dogs?

If I was her (and I cared for my parents btw), I would preffer my mom and dad to have decent food instead of cheap frozen food instead of going to brag every two months to all my aunts who are already fed up with me the product of my unprotected sexual intercourse.

11 Days ago2 comments
The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs

*flips trailer* (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
And horses? Where are the horses?
Why no mice or birds on the trailer?
They have been here since 2.
We still can't have a mini pig or a chicken as pet without mods.
This feels like a step backwards.

But... hey!
You can dress your demon spawn corgi with funny costumes.

15 Days ago13 comments
My mom does tailor work and today two people came on an ambulance to pick their things.
Father come home from work and sees the ambulance parked in front of the house and our door open.
He flipped because he tought mom had another heart attack.

16 Days ago0 comments
Hurricane on NA and earthquake on LA?
Who was the one who awoke Groudon and Kyogre?

16 Days ago13 comments
I'm at the half of the Boruto movie and I'm like "I've already seen this thing"
Seriously, I don't remember doing it.
But every passing second of the movie it's like a déjà vu.

(I've played the Boruto DLC on NSUNS4 but It's not the same, I remember the scenes perfectly as they are here)

16 Days ago4 comments
Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba

(looks better on person, photo quality is bad)

17 Days ago1 comment
Stupid roaches, most useless thing ever.
I've just discovered a nest of them on my wii u (now I know why the thing didn't work lately)

After cleaning (partway because I couldn't take the CD-unit due to uncompatible screwdrivers) and erradicating almost all the roaches ('cause stupid bugs hide under the CD-unit) it's working again.

Roaches are 99 of the 100 reasons I don't like living here.

18 Days ago3 comments
New upcoming characters for Tales of the Rays:
(right now no idea if event or story related, sorry)

- Emil Castagnier (Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World)
- Marta Lualdi (Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World)
- Laphicet (Tales of Berseria)
- Eizen (Tales of Berseria)
- Kanonno Earhart (Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2)

But seems like Emil + Marta and Laphicet + Eizen as events (since past events had all 2 characters from the same series) and Kanonno as story related character.
Not sure RN, wait for confirmation.

20 Days ago3 comments
I can't believe i'm just a month away from leaving home.
Finally gained my freedom from that house hell

23 Days ago5 comments
Can't believe my friend.
I've told her to help her cleaning the house after the other day party today.
But my mother asked me to go with her to the bank and supermarket.
She can't go alone since she's propense to suffer another heart attack by heat or stress.
And now my friend is pissed because I told her I would be 1 hour late

25 Days ago0 comments
I spoke to a friend and I'm getting a new small tattoo next week.
She does them by hand without machinery and without licence or sanitary, so it's going to be kinda painful.
(But I've seen her legs full of self-made tattoos and she's pretty good at it)

I'm kinda wanting a Lion King themed tattoo, but I can't decide between two options.

A simple Rafiki style Simba on my shoulder.
The quote "It means no worries for the rest of your days" on my foot.

Pros: Pretty place and I can easily show it.
Cons: I'm doing a KH wayfinder over a scar on my neck and it's going to be pretty near (I can't do the other shoulder because I have too many moles on that one)

Pros: Easy to hide, lovely place (she has one and looks great)
Cons: Place full of painful zones, has to be on the right foot since I have my first tattoo on the left leg.

25 Days ago2 comments
Back to my adorable Hakuryu pixel avatar (by Asato).

Since i'm 90% focused again into writing the story she's part of.

25 Days ago0 comments
Meebo is back

29 Days ago5 comments



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