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Trainerlevel: 51

Trainerpoints: 4,880/7,853


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
2,0807,580,366 / 16,231,801
2,10610,239,599 / 13,312,027
8261,027,380 / 2,049,307

Shiny Hunt

Amelyanna is currently hunting Tendenne.
Hunt started: 05/04/2018

Chain: 137
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

Be happy, like he is!

Current Goals

Finish mah Retro collection

(this is for me to keep track of them)


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Newest gifts
Csoxi 14 Days ago
SlimStrider 20 Days ago
Csoxi 22 Days ago
Csoxi 1 Month ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #626816815
Registration: 09/04/2014 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 1591:40 Hours
Total interactions: 260,449
Money: 370,090
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


Don't know which character of mine should I draw. xAx
There are so many yet so few. >·>

3 Days ago0 comments
what even?
I have no clue what am I doing.

9 Days ago0 comments
I can't wait to put in my other earings. x.x But I can't do that till the end of December. xAx

Also, I might get a bunch of Xenomorph ones and only put those ones in. I'll look like an idiot. xD

11 Days ago0 comments
Hello Wien and good night cx

17 Days ago0 comments
Got mahself some new earrings/piercings. Whooo!
I can't wait to put them in.

Sadly I can't touch the last 2 ones as they were shot in recently. >·> only 4 to change I guess. But I have them in both ears.

17 Days ago0 comments
Do Not Feed The Monkeys

19 Days ago0 comments
I found a whole site dedicated to selling tribbles.

24 Days ago0 comments
I want a tribble.

24 Days ago0 comments
Stuff falling behind my bed. I don't know what they are. But we'll be moving it soon so I'll find out.

29 Days ago2 comments
I would give my right hand for an event tall grass.

29 Days ago1 comment
Should I get this event and carve the shiny or should I just let it go and get it later?
I don't know. These rodents won't go away that easely but mareeps ave 3 evos and can be set up to wt.
Ugh.. The choices!

1 Month ago2 comments
Moshe is almost like Tinten but innocent. <3

1 Month ago0 comments
I was about to hunt down both genders for these rodenta but now I don't know.
I want to complete the whole dex and it will be long and in the middle of a shiny hunt inpossible.... Uuuggghhh.... So many choices and every one of them is wrong... x.x

1 Month ago0 comments
There are so many games I want to play... I just can't get all of them. xAx

1 Month ago0 comments
I have so many things I should get done but yet I don't have the moos for anything x.x

1 Month ago1 comment

6 Months ago2 comments

Help Dovahkiin

Help my Dovahkiin to be stronger. She needs to charge her full power. Help her up to LVL.5000

Space, the final frontier.

Kirk: Mr. Spok. Regaining eyesight would be an emotional experience for the most. You I presume, felt nothing.
Spok: Quite the contrary captain. I had a very strong reaction. My first sight was the face of Dr. McCoy bending over me.
Dr. McCoy: A pity brief blindness did not increase your appreciation for beauty, Mr. Spock.
Dr. McCoy: Unusual eye arrangement. I might have known he'd turn up with something like that.
Kirk: What's that doctor?
Dr. McCoy: Please don't tell Spock that I said he was the best first officer in the fleet.
Spok: *turns around* Why, thank you, Dr. McCoy.
Kirk: You've been so concerned about his Vulcan eyes, you forgot about his Vulcan ears.

Chekov: It makes me homesick, just like Russia.
Dr. McCoy: More like the Garden of Eden, ensign.
Chekov: Of course doctor. The Garden of Eden was just outside Moscow. A very nice place. It must have made Adam and Eve very sad to leave.
Kirk: Just outside Moscow. All right.
Kirk: And you'll learn something about men and women, the way they're supposed to be. Caring for each other, being happy with each other. Being good to each other. That's what we call love. You'll like that too, a lot. And your children.
Lady: What are children?
Kirk: Uhh.. The little ones, look like you. They... Just go on the way you're going, you'll find out.