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Trainerlevel: 72

Trainerpoints: 2,093/15,623


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About Me

Collecting: Mismagius / Litwick line / Gastly line plushies.
Past Usernames: Accident, ~Potterhead~, -Hecate

x Made by ~Pom~ x

Hunting Costs:
Under 5,355 EHP: 50 gems/30k PD
5,355 EHP: 100 Gems / 60k PD
6,630 EHP: 150 Gems / 100k PD
Above 6,630 EHP: 200 Gems / 150k PD
Discounts available if you add a shiny to my current chain, or order multiple of a shiny.


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Newest gifts
Reaper420OG 6 Hours ago
ThiefsShadowWolf 7 Days ago
Pawnini 9 Days ago
Shane64 25 Days ago

Owed Shiny Slots

x1 - Atavan

x1- Peri

x1- Peri

x1- Stormer90000
x1 -tomato-
x4 KTUltimate
x18 auroradragon93 - 450k paid, 450k unpaid
x9 articuno13 - Unpaid currently (paying as they hatch, payment in PVT Trades)
x1 NAUGHTY - ONIKITSNE - Paid with Gems
x6 Princess Politoad - Paid with mega-able Heracross + Mega Stone
(Also, Politoad to trade extras while hunting NAUGHTY for Oni)

x1 -Nexanda

x2 Thundorus, Landorus, Tornadus - Igdael
Honedge, Jangmo-o or Roggenrola evo - BLEACHIchigo1

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #964212889
Registration: 07/05/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Sep/2019
Game Time: 2215:36 Hours
Total interactions: 1,149,194
Money: 5,161,276
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


My timer to hatch my last shiny is running out x'D I really wanna win this shiny race

Yesterday, 21:205 comments
//kicks last feed//

5 Days ago0 comments
Updated Collection (I'm buying!) Post -
Dark Gems: 2,873/40,000
Cold Rock: 16/100
Hard Rock: 41/100
Light Rock: 6/100

5 Days ago2 comments

2 Years ago0 comments
You found 7x Steel Gems in this treasure box!

2 Years ago0 comments
150 royal tunnel levels.... -.-'

2 Years ago1 comment
You found 2,000x Game Chips in this treasure box!

2 Years ago0 comments
Interaction exchange? I've gotta hatch 2 eggs..

2 Years ago3 comments
By SaraPaulsgirl
Hey guys I really need ditto

Pal pad me if you are selling some normal gems I have some good items to offer on my last feed also please share my raffle
Donations even small ones are accepted

2 Years ago0 comments
Buying a female Togepi, palpad/PM me

2 Years ago0 comments
Buying :
Sky pillar map : 150k + rayquaza
Other maps : 160k
Resolute stone : 100k
enigma stone :60k
Dark orb : 170k
Old Amber Fossil : 7k
help me spread it you'll have change to get
4xshiny ralts,
mega able ralts male and female ,
By Merlin

2 Years ago2 comments
You found 10,800x Game Chips in this treasure box!

2 Years ago0 comments
ERROR: Your Party is full! Make sure you to empty one slot and come back afterwards.
Interaction exchange?

2 Years ago1 comment
I've got a Hard Rock.. Would any of you mind trading it for a Landorus?

2 Years ago0 comments
By SaraPaulsgirl
Ok guys i need help whit my ditto

Pal pad me if you are selling some normal gems I have some good items to offer on my last feed also please share my raffle #SarawishforDitto

2 Years ago1 comment
m buying victini for pd palpad or pm me if your selling one


share the hashtag and if i manage to get a victini then i will give away

14 lugia egg vouchers
1 volcano cave map
1 washing machine
4 black dna splicers

to random users all you have to do is share the hashtag
By: Samuelkerry

2 Years ago0 comments
Tyrunt, Swampert, Rayquaza?

2 Years ago0 comments
Pidgeot => Beedrill

2 Years ago0 comments
Woo! my latias hatched in under 10 minutes. Omg.

2 Years ago3 comments
I have a Latias egg in my party!!

2 Years ago1 comment

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Shiny Hunt

Accident is currently hunting Castform.
Hunt started: 28/07/2018

Chain: 405
(13 Shinies hatched so far.)