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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 6,960/7,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
686155,204 / 1,413,847

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ARtai0S is currently hunting Voltorb.
Hunt started: 29/10/2018

Chain: 143
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)



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my pokejourney

well where to start, one might call me a veteran by now

everything began 1998 for me at gen 1 when pokemon aired as anime and soon after was released on the gameboy (gb) ... i got blue and few days later red ... started with charmander and squirtle.
when yellow arrived actually for the gbc i got it as well ... i also owned silver and crystal

timepassed by as did ruby , emerald , leaf green , fire red ... later came pearl and platinum as well as blavk and white

as i needed money that was my point break ... i sold my old gameboy , my advance sp and my games ...

just to join back in with pokemon y and omega saphire about 6 month before we hit alola ... where i got moon and both ultra editions

over time i also got the virtual console (vc or vcon) games blue yellow silver and crystal

i wish to buy red and gold too so i can get some slightly tempered old gen attack alolans ... e.g. watergun alolan marowak , geofissure machamp .... or eggbomb alolan eggsecutor

but that aside i am looking forward to the lets go games and gen 8 hoping that pokebank will turn multiplattform for 3ds and switch so i can collect on and stay with my perfect pokebank as well as by than a good ongoing of events and such

other games i enjoy

Stardew valley or the hunter call of the wild both are chill games for me

horizon zero dawn , graphics, atmosphere, open world , easy yet challenging ... the witcher 3 but better (in my opinion no offence to my witchers out there)

Heroes of the storm ... cause i am a blizzard fanboy

Spider-Man PS4 .... can't tell how good it is tbh but it is awsomenone the less

on mobile marvels avengers academy just cause marvel got the heros i like [and dc the villains ... if we had the villains of dc and the heroes of marvel i would have my fave comic universe ]

games i am hyped about/ looking forward to:
pokemon let's go eevee/pikachu (switch)
soul calibur VI (with a bit of a not sure yet)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #850928160
Registration: 11/08/2017 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 01/Apr/2019
Game Time: 782:35 Hours
Total interactions: 595,786
Money: 910,244
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


sad day today ... mr. lee you've been excelsior in all you did

5 Days ago0 comments
will ub eggs be chainbreakers? i guess yes ... but want to make sure by asking

8 Days ago2 comments
anyone selling 340 nuggets for 510k pd?

15 Days ago0 comments
stuff you realize on that you are playing beat'em up's rarely .... your leftthump starts to hurt xD

just got tekken 7 and played a bit.... feels like my thump gets torn out xD well game is good though imo ... something for every now and than

16 Days ago2 comments
current hunt done .... next hunt will be voltorb .... by votes on the poll

21 Days ago0 comments
so we get marshadow and a halloweenmarshadow .... i actually like this choice .... i'd say there is not much of a better choice espacially for implying marshadow ....

first the name marshadow is meaning marching shadow ... so far not so great ... BUT if we go for the lore of halloween and even more the original samhayen .... we woukd find marching ghosts ... or as they back than also where called wandering or marching shadows ....

i actually really love that fit and think it is an amazingly great choice


i would also say blavk friday should get magearna but the explanation i woulf put is wonky if anything at all

22 Days ago0 comments
so i'll need to collect 30850 candy + get enough dp for the shiny plush ... ph really has to hate me at my condition xD

22 Days ago7 comments
serious question ... as they are both at 3 votes .... my next hunt voltorb or porygon ?

22 Days ago2 comments
seemingly no one wanta venonat/venomoth shinies xD .... i got 2 ready yet no orders ....

23 Days ago0 comments
good start of rhe day so far but now i am tired xD .... finished the 1st part of the spidey dlc ....

managed to cut everything for a good ol chicken noodle soup with addition of paprika, tomato, an onion a bit garlic ,two small potatos and a tiny special ingridient no one will taste prominent in the soup ... but so far proud of myself ... also will add marrowballs later for the taste and maybe an egg quickly stirred in for richness ... but yeah

( probably i sound a bit chef-y there ... it's just a thing i enjoy in my sparetime)

24 Days ago1 comment
#newpoll please vote

24 Days ago0 comments
46 and 54 where shiny ... (46 already evolved) but this is going nice ... well no orders but still going nice xD

25 Days ago0 comments
new poll

25 Days ago0 comments
soin the shiny shop on my profile you can order 1 or 2 of 3 shiny slotsvor venonat/moth ... they go at 200k per ... and the first shiny just hatched

25 Days ago0 comments
omg .... twitter headmasters of spoiler xD ...

i just spoiled myself something about the spider-man the heist dlc wich is awsome bur ahhh xD

25 Days ago0 comments
god ... just dl'ed the spidey dlc part 1 ... only tried the intro quest ... this is a rather challenging goodness we got there .... but it gives me all i want for a dlc or yeah it gives me at least an enjoyable dlc xD.... there are more than enough games wich don't just hit the expectations by crushing them from overdoing what was expected ... now i really need my newgame+ to finish for a vit of bonus hp and strength and urghs xD .... i really really need to buff up before really going to the dlc

26 Days ago0 comments
venonat hunt started

order here

it is 200k per shiny , 3 shinies to be sold + a 4th one for myself


if you want to help bug gem AND poison gem donations are highly appreciated

27 Days ago0 comments
seemingly i somewhen had a hoopa in a treasurehunt but stopped after i had all i needed xD

28 Days ago0 comments
ideas for a genderless hunt please .... i will pick some for a poll after finiahing my current hunt will start venonat after that a genderless comes

29 Days ago5 comments
holy smokes so much excitement ...

spiderman just got a new difficulty AND the newgame+ mode (i am so hyped to replay the game) it also has 2 new trophies there + a first insight on the 1st dlc part trophies
i also got the dlc (all three parts) just 2 days ago ... so looking to finish the ng+ before 23rd

i bred my last slot joltik ....
soo let me anounce my next hunt starting after my next shiny joltik (wich is for myself obvious) will be venonat ...

29 Days ago0 comments



next hunt joltik , 3 slots, 130k per slot single slots
extras myself 1
total shinies needed 4

figure a follow-up hunt

About Me

born july 1991
age 27

haircolor blackish brown
eyecolor brown
bearded and wearing glasses

languages : german , and a blend of english

hobbies : books , scribbling , gaming on console ,pc ,mobile and handhelds
fave anime : hellsing
fave movie: /
fage tv series : elementary
fave netflix series : /

favorite comichero : deadpool
favorite villain : joker

favorite quote : "Some humans would do anything to see if it was possible to do it. If you put a large switch in some cave somewhere, with a sign on it saying 'End-of-the-World Switch. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH', the paint wouldn't even have time to dry."
Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

in case of interest:


(as it resembles leo on that site) unovan:

fave pokes

my top 6 or my mostly used team

Metagross : since gen 3 it is my trusty lump of metal never let me down at any time

Umbreon: it is a night time based pokemon no need to explain more than that

Charizard the dragon who isn't (not calling megas in this) , helped me in 98 in red against the elite 4 so plenty of times

Alolan Marrowak (including a trick) a fireghost who IS able to use watergun in style [ use virtual console cubone tm 12 and pokebank .... you get cubone with watergun to sumo or usum and thisway have that special]

Scizor espacially shiny ... the metal bug ... in shiny looking at least in usum on the new3ds like an alloy of aluminium ...


in case of legends ,mythical and such

arceus i simply like the design

ho-oh ... well here we are back at my scizor reasoning the metallic look espacially in the shiny form

Kartana ... origami and katana in one thing double awsome

zeraora the digimon that wasn't xD

magearna another pokeball lookalike at least sometimes

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