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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 296/3,709


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
• Edd •
289222,762 / 293,133
•* Emperor *•
(Mega Ampharos)
610528,029 / 1,323,542
(Mega Lucario)
1,1433,224,287 / 4,673,127
15149,023 / 86,071

Game Records

Trainer ID: #495684114
Registration: 18/11/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1473:27 Hours
Total interactions: 211,437
Money: 1,402,513
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Watching PH evolve has been really fun.

I’ve spent so much time on here. I’ve joined fun roleplays and met amazing people.

But.. times change. People change. And PH has been such a major part of my life for almost three years now. It got me through some rough patches because I knew I had people I could count on. And I’ll never forget the people I’ve had to say goodbye to. Or the people who disappeared one day and never came back. And the ones that have had my back from day one. New friends.

I’m leaving.

Not permanently; No way. I have things to finish, people to talk to. But I’ve lost interest in this site. I’ll still be online, but maybe not as often as I was.

I’m not as happy as I was before. Things changed. My views on everything changed and I finally realized that it was a good thing. I can make my own opinions.

And I love you all, but I guess it’s time for me to go too.

Thank you. All of you.

1 Month ago11 comments
I’m storing pictures that I used as a pick-me-up today in the comments because I love them and need to keep them safe forever

2 Months ago4 comments
So I’ve watched the same scene on repeat for the past hour and a half and it’s still making me wheeze

It’s just the same guy whispering “I wish you were dead” to his roommate over and over and over again and I’m actually in tears it’s so stupid but I cant stop laughing and I don’t know w h y

2 Months ago10 comments
Forks are better than Spoons thank you for your time

2 Months ago20 comments
Some writing tips I guess??:

• Villains shouldn’t be obsessed with the same character all the time*. This gets boring to read, no matter how good the rest of the characters are. It makes the story feel repetitive. Change things up a bit!! Have the villains be focused on different characters for different reasons.
*(— especially if the bad guy changes a lot. When a new villain takes the stage, please give them development. Don’t make them exactly the same as the previous. Please.)

• Remember that not everything needs to revolve around the main character. Don’t forget about your other characters too.
(Give your side characters development too please)

• Rivals are usually fueled by emotion, rather than logic- but not always. And don’t forget, not all rivals are mean. You can have friendly rivals too.

Feel free to add on, I might keep going in the comments

3 Months ago11 comments

Matt | Genderfluid | 15 | MINOR

Whaaaat? Matty finally has an 'about me'?!

Welcome to my page!
Yell at me about anything and I'll probably respond at some point. I'm not really that active but your message will be answered eventually. Probably. Hopefully. Man, I dunno. We'll see.

I would die for the CoroCoro Coroika characters. ‘Specially Aloha n’ N-Pacer.

FlameCatPaw -> LucarioKnight -> MikuCharacter -> beako ->
flamey -> ~Sylph~ -> ~Kogayne~ -> ~Lovino~ -> -Sylphie