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Trainerlevel: 20

Trainerpoints: 521/1,219


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Lurantis245170,800 / 180,811
Lurantis24526,893 / 180,811
8312,278 / 22,695
9021,490 / 24,571
22379,995 / 173,223

About me

•Sophie• •Gender Fluid• •They• •Pansexual•

Hi everybody! As you can see on top I am gender fluid If you don’t know what gender fluid means it simpally means sometimes I like be referee as a boy, sometimes a girl, sometimes neither, or even both! So if ever talking to me please, PlEaSe, PLEASE to talk to me in the correct way. If you’re not sure what I want to be referred to at the time (he, she, they) then check the very top of the about me!

Ok with that out of the way I’m a very nice person with a love for video games and hanging out with me few close friends irl. If you so happen to have the Nintendo Switch and Splatoon 2 you can find me in there! My friend code is SW-2092-8448-1228 and my name (in splatoon) is [WUT]Shaba . I do have school so please have patience from 7:13 a.m - 4:10 p.m Mountain time I am busy with school so please don’t get mad if I don’t reply during those times. I’ve never told anybody about my gender fluid and pansexuality because I would get bullied or looked down apon for it so I’m be8ng brave and sharing it with you guys. The 6 months ive been here I’ve only experienced good so I hope all of you accepted that...... I love experimenting and reading creepypastas/scary stories. So far the best creepypasta/scary story I’ve read is: My Friend is a Plastic Surgery Monster. (Before you look it up note it contians some cussing!)

May add more idk yet xD


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Hepsalgon 6 Days ago
Ephenia 6 Days ago
Near 10 Days ago
Coraline 20 Days ago


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #288221074
Registration: 06/04/2018 (7 Months ago)
Game Time: 329:55 Hours
Total interactions: 24,481
Money: 35,472
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


For all the people that know me on splatoon 2 I have changed my username to WUT♦OctoWo

2 Days ago1 comment
-sees new Gourgeist plushie-

Me: holy fudge I need this.

6 Days ago0 comments
What!? *FlowerDragonStary* is evolving! -cue in transition- *FlowerDragonStary* evolved into WUT_Beat3 !

6 Days ago0 comments
Soooooo...... the Splatfest for November 2018 has came out!

Are you Team Salsa or Team Guacamole?

I personally don’t like either so I just went with the better Off the Hook member. Pearl’s Team Salsa! XD

10 Days ago8 comments
I’m just curious but how many people here play Splatoon 2? Comment down below if you do! (Also possibly what you are called in Splatoon 2.)

16 Days ago7 comments
You have already changed your Username within the last 122 days. You can change it again in 9 Days and 21 Hours.

ᕕ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)ᕗ

21 Days ago0 comments



I got it in my head now I can’t get it out.

21 Days ago4 comments
I rember when I first got splatoon 2 for my birthday on September 30th I tried salmon run and on the second training session with mr. grizz (where it teaches you how to beat the bosses) I chickened out because I got scared of the steelhead xD today I finally decided to give it anouther go. I finished it now I frickin love salmon run xD.

22 Days ago0 comments
By CatCatCat - 2 Hours and 35 Minutes ago.
Hi! I'm hosting a Halloween themed giveaway!
How to enter:
Comment below (anything you want to comment, if you comment again your comment will be deleted)
That’s it! Share the hashtag if you want to give this exposure.
FIFTY PEOPLE CAN ENTER MAX. (Once 50 people have entered, I will comment on this post, and any further entries won’t count.)
What do you win?
Now here’s the deal. You will either get a Trick (0 pokedollars) or a Treat (10,000 pokedollars)
The giveaway ends on the 31st at 5pm pokeheroes time. I'll post a separate feed that day, where under it in the comments I'll say who got trick, and who got treat
Good Luck!

27 Days ago3 comments
It’s my first ever splatfest in splatoon 2. (as any Splatoon 2 player would know a splatfest is going on!) And I’m having such a great time xD. Already a trick champion! :’D

1 Month ago0 comments
Holy fudge my bro is watching tv and I still can’t belive what just happened for some reason....

CookieSwilC (a youtuber I used to watch) was in a fricking shopkins commercial.

1 Month ago0 comments
Lol I’m bored and I thought I should share this for some reason xD:

On the Nintendo switch my name is GhostWoomy and my friend code is SW-2092-8448-1228 just in case you wanted to be friends . man this sounds so braggy even though I’m not trying to be Dx.

1 Month ago0 comments
My friend’s poem about flowers xD:

Flower flower flower PRETTY flower flower flower PRETTY flower.

1 Month ago1 comment
Changed my avatar to my inkling in splatoon 2 cause why not? XD

1 Month ago3 comments
By DatCreep - 57 Minutes and 57 Seconds ago.
Im not gonna do this much but today has been an amazing day
Share the hashtag #CreepyDares and your favorite plushie between 5-200 DP.
I shall pick whenever I feel like it!

1 Month ago0 comments
Splatfest time has come my fellow splatoon 2 squids and octopus! So tell me: are you team trick or team treat? I’m team trick! >:3

1 Month ago1 comment
Sorry if im not online much guys ;w;. The thing is I got splatoon 2 and the Nintendo switch and I’ve been playing it a lot xD. btw my name is CandyWoomy

1 Month ago3 comments
You push the purple key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

335x Pokédollar found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

335 pd. O’_’O

1 Month ago0 comments

Shiny Hunt

WUT_Beat3 is currently hunting Fomantis.
Hunt started: 14/07/2018

Chain: 124
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

plushies collecting

i heard you have 35 or more dp points....


i heard you have 100 or more dp points.....