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Trainerlevel: 19

Trainerpoints: 57/1,101


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Breeding partner
11618,879 / 40,717

About Me

Hi, I’m a dragon and I don’t start the conversation
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-being an introvert
-my friend
-Fried food

Owo I am also shiny hunting flomantis owO

-oders (online daters)
-a lot of healthy stuff “-3-
-getting a warning
-making ppl upset


Game Records

Trainer ID: #288221074
Registration: 06/04/2018 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 168:48 Hours
Total interactions: 20,812
Money: 11,280
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Me and my friends wanted t go into the pool but they all thought it was cold so I swam alone ;-;


Not a hashtag where you can win something

Today, 01:085 comments
i started a shiny shop (~”0)~ I’m exited for people to join or order :3

6 Days ago2 comments
I need all the grass and ghost gems in the wwwwwwwooooooorrrrrllllllldddddd bbbbbbbbooooooiiiiiii

XD oml

16 Days ago3 comments
Quirky and timid pokemon in the daycare fingers crossed they breed! XP

19 Days ago0 comments
I caught my first retro! A typhlosion! : D

20 Days ago5 comments
Gem man that knows breeder man! Make ur friend breed me phantump! Has 3 ghost gems and 9 grass gems. Sees it cost 20 of each. DANGIT!

21 Days ago0 comments
My pokeradar says I need to hatch an egg to start my hunt what does that mean :3:

21 Days ago4 comments
I’m so close to my first shiny Hunt I’m so exited :3333 (43k out of 50k)

21 Days ago0 comments
“I just got the pokeradar I can’t wait to hunt phantump!” Sees u have to pay 50k for batteries. “Ghvjtyfhfftfhffhgghfftjtfhjguyghykuhgfdrss!?!?!?!?!?”

22 Days ago6 comments

22 Days ago11 comments
Hmmm.... I should do a hashtag giveaway... to spread the love >w<

Share the hashtag #ItsJokeBuuBuuDesuWaSmolDemon (I’m in idol heaven right now, as you can see x’D) and you’ll get a chance to win...

1st place: 155 nuggets!
2nd place: 150k pd!
3rd place: 50 nuggets and 50k pd!

And... for a 4th place... a shiny aerodactyle and mega-able buneary! ^w^

This will end on June 30th, at the reset! So, 1 day! Good luck everyone!

23 Days ago1 comment
I’ve been saving for months for the pokeradar and I’m only at 60,000 :3:

24 Days ago0 comments
*a pokemon comes back with a dark blu3 box and light blue key from a rumble mission*
Me: jjjijjjnhgrddesfyunklkookokokoijhuttfdtrdffujkjjmjhjhgtyfddfddfgdstddgfhbmklmklmlkjlljjjhbhffdrxdseesseddfgfgvhbjjljjkokmolknnjk

25 Days ago13 comments
A pokemon came back with a dark blue box from a rumble and when I went to check if I had a key for it I had a matching key for it and I had some keys and opened 2 boxes still had some left over and there was a light blue but no dark blue (TT*TT)

27 Days ago0 comments
I was bored and thought maybe I should change my user name -\(:/)/- and so I came down to these to *~SylveonTheBest~* and TheUltimateRockruff I can’t deside if I should change it or keep it the same what do u guys think?

1 Month ago2 comments
By a23577
I’ve sent bolts solgaleo and lunala back to their home region: ALOLA!
Let’s see who brings back the most recruits and the best items!
They should pretty much end any arguments about who is better solgaleo or lunala
Please comment who u think will win
Please also share this
1 share and 1 commenter will each win 1 dragon gem
(Bolth the sharer and commenter must have voted for the winner prize goes to another player)

1 Month ago0 comments
(Badges repor: u earned the interaction warm-up badge!
Make 5,000 interactions.)
I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all from today tbh xD

1 Month ago0 comments
Any body up for a battle?

1 Month ago4 comments

Shiny Hunt

*FlowerDragonStary* is currently hunting Fomantis.
Hunt started: 14/07/2018

Chain: 11
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

Meh “Leage”

So this it really just the list of people who wanted to have a rank in this meaningless thing -\_(“D)_/-

Gym #1
Gym #2
Gym #3
Gym #4
Gym #5
Gym #6
Gym #7
Gym #8
Gym #9
Gym #10

Elite 4 #1
Elite 4 #2
Elite 4 #3
Elite 4 #4

Champion: *FlowerDragonStary* (fairy, fire, ghost, normal, dark)

Tell me witch position you want in the other part and beat me here yet I won’t allow you to pick the team to fight.

Random gif made by Cyanna sprite made by MetalHeadKendra