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Trainerlevel: 24

Trainerpoints: 62/1,751

Game Records

Trainer ID: #319230643
Registration: 23/02/2017 (6 Months ago)
Game Time: 153:49 Hours
Total interactions: 24,708
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 43,673
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


how do you get the drash and that other berry?

1 Day ago0 comments
man the shop is out of berries and i can't move my berries from the berry garden to the berry bag

3 Days ago0 comments
some bad news, i'm a bit sick cause i have a uti which stands for urinary tract infection and my urine burns a bit when i got to the bathroom so if i'm off i'm either on a different site or i'm in the restroom

18 Days ago1 comment
doing another rowan quest, please help me level up jack the execute

21 Days ago2 comments
i'm never going to do the royal tunnel again for a while i waisted a bunch of my money and i can't seem to get through it

1 Month ago1 comment
i have a retro sentret in the gts

1 Month ago0 comments
i need some flying gems and some dragon gems for getting a jade orb from the gem collector. i have an offer in the gem exchange if anyone wants to check it out

2 Months ago0 comments
doing another rowen quest again. i'm trying to beat professor oak

2 Months ago1 comment
looking for a light blue key and a golden key, thanks

3 Months ago0 comments
man these eggs in the lab are being taken fast and i'm afraid i'll get a pokemon i already have

3 Months ago0 comments
i know it's may 8th here in pokeheroes time but my birthday is may 8th

4 Months ago3 comments
if anyone has a deviantart account let me know and i'll add you

4 Months ago0 comments
does anyone have a light blue key. i need it to open my mystery box. i'll trade a pokemon in my uft box

5 Months ago0 comments
i'm trying to get to level 15 so i can unlock that cave and get to the final ducklett member

5 Months ago1 comment
i can't figure out the daycare one for the ducklett event, can someone help me?

5 Months ago1 comment
i'm kinda new to this site but how come the pokemon eggs from the lab get taken so fast. i want to see what pokemon it will hatch into. is it because some people have the premium membership. i don't want to hatch the same pokemon all the time

5 Months ago3 comments
looking for starter pokemon with everstones. i'm trying so hard to get my pokedex filled

6 Months ago4 comments
is there anyone who has autism like i do?

6 Months ago5 comments



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About Me

i have autism so please don't be mean to me
i like rock music and making YouTube videos and art also video games.
i'm a big fan of pokemon, digimon, sonic the hedgehog, super robot monkey team hyperforce go, danny phantom, sgt. frog and 90's game shows also my little pony

my favorite characters are chiro and otto from srmthfg
tamama and dororo from sgt. frog
lopmon from digimon
cream and tails from sonic x

my favorite pokemon of all is chimchar

i do not like the dark, getting blood draws or butterflies

i hope we can become friends

here are the pokemon my oc's i use for my stories have
darren: cyndaquil
jimmy: sandshrew
timmy: scraggy
tim: turtwig
jim: piplup
lewis: maril
bridget: umbreon
elliot: sentret
sabrina: nidoran( female)
lucas: staravia
mica: aipom
rover: glaceon
ivan: paras
hailey: speal
andrea: swablu
daisy: plusle
rachel: minun
gavyn: helioptile
paige: pancham
rylan: froakie
trista: bulbasaur
melvin: sabelye
kyron: gulpin
calisa: shiny pichu
terri: sneasel
reanne: lotad
ricky: shinx
sebastian: riolu
carter: fennekin
minty: mincinno
ginger: shroomish
nicki: murkrow
hazel: hoppip
kenzo: ralts
lexie: cubchoo
serenity: oshawott
trina: lillipup
colby: duskull
ritsuko: shiny oshawott
maiko: shiny piplup
bianca: shiny aipom
kenny: shiny pansage
nikita: litten

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