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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 8,402/11,593

Game Records

Trainer ID: #81178025
Registration: 13/09/2016 (4 Months ago)
Premium member until 20/Jan/2018
Game Time: 668:41 Hours
Total interactions: 4,834,283
Trainer Battle Stats: 1 won, 3 lost.
Money: 3,634
Starter Pokémon: Swampert



Rowan's Quest so plese help me and feed a berry if you can!

3 Days ago0 comments
You push the red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Resolute Stone found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

Yaay! ^-^

3 Days ago0 comments
By PokéRadar - 28 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Meowth hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #11)!

I am bursting into tears xDDDDDDD

5 Days ago5 comments
I am trying to complete my Kanto-Dex and need a Mew.. i pay 350k pd, so please palpad me!!!

7 Days ago0 comments
Hi Guys, 
I am Planning to leave Pokeheroes soon so i am auctioning away my pokemons or giving them for free .But before leaving i want to help you 
I am giving away the items mentioned below for free to a lucky winner for free-
470 evolutionary items
4000 berries 
1000 random gems
300 cooking items
100 boxes and keys 
My pd and around 500 nugget

Please Share this Hashtag each share counts 1 ticket.
The winner will be chosen randomly

9 Days ago0 comments
I am selling Shiny Male Popplios for 200k each!

Palpad me if you are interested :3

12 Days ago0 comments

1x Azelf Egg Voucher
2x Uxie Egg Voucher
3x Mesprit Egg Voucher
5x Lugia Egg Voucher
5x Shiny Popplio (male)
41x Rare Candy
11x Misdreavus Cosplay
2x Griseous Pearl

Prices from the Price-Check So palpad me if you want something

13 Days ago0 comments
WTS: Shiny Popplio (male) x5 for 240k pd or 180 nuggets!

Palpad me if you are interested I also take other equal worthy payments ^-^

14 Days ago0 comments
#Espurr4Kyu by ~Kyu~

Okies, there is a shiny Espurr in the Auction House that I'm after, but I don't have enough PD…
I have 55k at the moment and I need 300k in a little over 5 hours.

This means I'm hosting my first raffle!!!

1st prize is a Dragon Gem!
2nd is 43 random assorted gems!
3rd is a set of all four Season Deerlings!

All you have to do to enter is send me PD.

1k gets you 1 ticket.
10k gets you 10 tickets.
50k gets you 50 tickets.
So on, so forth.

Sharing this {With the links attached} and commenting here will also earn you a ticket.

Remember! The clock is ticking, so start donating!!

~Share ~ Ticket Holders

21 Days ago0 comments

Some cool Eventsales

1 Month ago0 comments
When you are like "i won't go to the third island before completing as much from the pokedex as possible so far" and train in the Shadowforest...

What i got so far:
~150 dex-entries, 80 hours of playing, 3(!!) random encountered shinies xD

Best way to catch a (or even 3) shiny: Don't be trying to get one :3

1 Month ago0 comments

My current lottery! (by AkaruiShiro)


1. ~ Free shiny hunt in my shop (rarity easy - rare)

2. ~ Free shiny eevee

3. ~ Free shiny eevee

4. ~ Eevee of your choice (gender, nature, I evolve if you like!)

5. ~ Free female eevee


1.5k pd = one ticket

50 nuggets = 50 tickets

4 common gems = 1 ticket

1 free entry per sharing! (notice: only 1 time! sharing it 100 times is still only 1 ticket!)

Also, I am open for any other offers

See my profile for more information, contact me per palpad or pm!

1 Month ago0 comments

i don't know who gave this present to me or who made this happen... but the best gift i received is the first moment when i met my girlfriend for the first time ever.

1 Month ago0 comments
By PokéRadar - 10 Minutes and 55 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Eevee hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #7)!


1 Month ago8 comments
Finally!!!! After 171 Mudkips O-O

By PokéRadar - 46 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Mudkip hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #381)!

2 Months ago0 comments
Hello Ladies & Gentleman & all other kinds of people!

I have a very special offer for you today:

I give you a shiny Gible and in return you give me a mega able non-shiny Gible! (which will be a financial win for you!)

If you are interested, palpad me ^^

2 Months ago4 comments


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