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Trainerlevel: 85

Trainerpoints: 17,055/21,759

Game Records

Trainer ID: #269423043
Registration: 30/10/2014 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 25/Jul/2018
Game Time: 4786:18 Hours
Total interactions: 7,109,436
Trainer Battle Stats: 51 won, 14 lost.
Money: 44,734,984
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Today's my last day of break, tomorrow I start my college course although I probably won't study at school tomorrow. ^^
So I guess I will be less active than before, at least not 12 hours a day. xD

1 Month ago5 comments
OMG Chain 7068, but I don't regret anything <3

1 Month ago107 comments
Merry Christmas to all PH users ^^
I don't usually make feeds about holidays, but I am saying this to my teachers and friends through email, so I thought I should say this to my PH friends too xD

5 Months ago14 comments
Mmm, nothing bad to happen in my life which I am happy with, I guess.
I will eventually get my shiny mega female Absol if I continue my chain until I get one so not much worried about that xD

5 Months ago2 comments
I guess it has to be my mother who always loves and cares about me.
My biggest worry is 'what if something happens to my mother?' and my biggest wish is 'I hope nothing happens to my mother'. Worries make my life so much harder xD

5 Months ago11 comments
My first rumble shiny <3
A cute golden mouse that is cute but can't be hugged because of static ability xD

6 Months ago36 comments
7th November, my birthday, so I got a Birthday cake for myself like last year xD
18 already but still a long way to grow up, at least I grew up a lot from 16 until now, while I played PH :3

6 Months ago30 comments
Just bought the Fisherman hat at the cost of 1 Relic Crown from Leah. :3 Now it will protect me from thunderstorms somehow, I feel so safe now xD

6 Months ago9 comments
Premium member until 12/Jul/2018
Too much temptation on one year premium offer, and I ended up extending my premium a lot now. Heehee x3

7 Months ago15 comments
Ayy, hatched a shiny retro :'D
Jolly natured too <3
Got through the lag to do the concentration game, and it was definitely worth it xD

7 Months ago24 comments
Mind feeding this fish a berry?
Feel like she is behind xD I will return with berries if possible ^^

7 Months ago15 comments
You found 1x Mega Stone in this treasure box!
Treasure Hunt is probably the best game in Game Centre in my opinion, literally free with really good rewards xD

7 Months ago19 comments
Aww, a cute bud was attracted to a super honey <3
I guess I should use Honey tree more often even though I am lazy xD

7 Months ago17 comments
Mind feeding this a berry?
I will return with berries if possible ^^

7 Months ago52 comments
Omg, I finally changed my internet connection. 1Mbps -> 30Mbps :'D
I made 500 interactions within 5 minutes and 10 seconds just now. Ahh, this is so good xD

8 Months ago33 comments
Your Puzzle Collection

Pieces: 528/528 (100.0%)

I guess I did a lot of activities on PH, no more pieces to collect, ey :'D

8 Months ago25 comments
You found 1x Mega Stone in this treasure box!

Wow, my last treasure hunt of the day gave me the best thing I could get from the treasure hunt. Treasure hunt is always so kind to me xD

9 Months ago12 comments



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About Me

Something about me:

Having studies to do nowadays, so might be inactive on some days.
Still trying to be active, though xD

>Age: 18
>I am a Korean, but currently studying abroad in Malaysia
>I am not good in social interactions.. xD
>I am too shy and timid to approach people first or to go and add people first ><
>I don't get excited or angry easily
>I don't join raffles
>I don't usually gift anything
>I only sell pokemons in my trade boxes. (Not from Army box)
>I never lend pokemons (Even if you pay for it). Sorry
>I don't battle (Stopped doing it)

I would probably accept your friend requests unless you:
1) Beg for things (Including interactions)
2) Are being dishonest
3) Post too much
And rarely, other reasons
Feel free to add me otherwise ^^

My goals on PH:
1) Complete all dexes (pokedex, eggdex and shinydex)
2) Maybe.. trying to be a better person?
3) Enjoy this game. I hope you all enjoy playing on this site too (:

I guess that's all. Maybe I will add a few things, but anyway xD
Thanks for visiting my profile and reading this boring thing =D

My own notes:
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Hunts I want to do myself: Vulpix, Eevee, Dratini, Shinx, Litwick, Axew, Petilil, Spring Mareep
(In Random order)

And a lot more to hunt xD

1350k + 900 Ice gems

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