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Trainerlevel: 80

Trainerpoints: 6,253/19,279


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
92147,261 / 3,184,359
20279,936 / 153,774
Nythin #268
3,10021,378,126 / 23,071,440
Cashmere #190
3,12919,577,506 / 23,505,049
Sproutlett30 / 37

Shiny Hunt

Sturmi is currently hunting Onix.
Hunt started: 19/03/2018

Chain: 2,190
(55 Shinies hatched so far.)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #271790056
Registration: 10/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Oct/2018
Game Time: 4524:21 Hours
Total interactions: 6,252,742
Money: 1,338,575
Starter Pokémon: Charmander



3 Days ago0 comments
So, Germany wasn't able to score. So what.. : D I was enjoying that game and I don't see a reason to be disappointed. This is sports - and this time Mexico did very well and so they deserved to win. Congrats! ovob anyway, I'm already excited for Germanys next match \>v</

4 Days ago7 comments
Most intense matches until yet? I'd say Spain vs. Portugal and Iceland vs. Argentina. Especially the last match was so thrilling, the whole defense strategy of Iceland made me forget to breath for a moment >0> can't wait to watch Germany playing today *v*

4 Days ago4 comments
I feel annoyed these days.. For those who have watched the E3 streams recently, you'll probably know why. 'The last of us' Part II was introduced and the trailer to watch was just amazing. Gameplay, Story.. we can expect a lot of this game. But why am I annoyed then? Because of people. After this trailer was showen, the talk about the age rating of the game started (especially in the US). The most interesting part about that: In the trailer we can see the main protagonist Ellie, kissing another girl. a 'queer' kiss. The whole game is about killing people and mushroom-mutants; a lot of gore, dark and brutal scenes. But people want to rate the game 18+ because of that one kissing scene. Guess I had enough internet for today.

Funfact: People seem to be 'surprised' about the fact that Ellie seems to be lesbian. While, this was the basic information to be shared in the DLC for the first part 'Left Behind'.

5 Days ago7 comments
Oooh what a game.. 5:0 for Russia <3

7 Days ago3 comments
I know, changed layouts are always a sensitive topic on -all- platforms. most of the people seem to be concerned and probably feel uncomfortable, especially if the change takes some time and bugs are randomly appearing - or, if it just seem to look 'wrong' at the beginning. but try to see it in a different way: we finally get a modern support for mobile devices which is actually needed for a lot of reasons. it may take a while, but we'll profit of the changes. and we all will learn to get used to the new looks. (:

15 Days ago13 comments
mind sharing your current favorite song(s) with me? >U>
I'm looking for a variety of different songs for another gaming playlist °v°/

16 Days ago17 comments
YOU are so much more than your sexual orientation.
What defines you, is 'what you feel', 'what you think', 'how you act', 'how you make other people feel'.

You're a human being. You're not only a sexual orientation. Don't give other people the power to decide at which time you can be proud of yourself. Enjoy appreciation, but Define your own borders. Stay strong for the things that matter to you - if that's your sexual orientation, ok. If not, also okay.
Be proud of being a human being. Enjoy your life. Spread love.

18 Days ago1 comment

I'll just leave that here. it's a cover of a german rapsong.
you don't speak german, but you are still interested?
-> lyrics in english

18 Days ago7 comments

[Day1] - remember, when cosmogs were released and how cute they were? nobody thought it might be a smol meany that doesn't want to hatch shiny. >o> but now it's in true danger - Mik0 wants to release all of these cute cloud gramlins into nothingness to gain more luck in shiny hunting o^o share the hashtag and name the day (day1) to have a chance to be the chosen one
that saaaaaves the cosmog froooom being releaaaased into nooothingneeess~ \o0o/ bohoo!

shh, no I am not exaggerating. e.e

21 Days ago6 comments
only 14 days to go until the first matchday of the world cup begins~
I'm already so excited and hyped \>u</

21 Days ago21 comments
#TeamSkitty <3

22 Days ago0 comments
Meow ❛◡❛ *hum*

26 Days ago0 comments
Detroit: become human ... SO GOOD ♥
dear quantic dream production, why don't you release your amazing titles for PC as well? ;; hhh... feels.
the list of PS exclusive titles I want to play gets longer and longer~

26 Days ago1 comment
- completed farcry 5
- started farcry primal

pfff. yes I had plans, watching some tvseries soon but.. but... öAö

30 Days ago5 comments
Orrrr that voice~ ;;

1 Month ago0 comments
Random question of the day why do Windows updates have to take so long D:

What do you think; would you rather describe me as guilty or innocent? or something in between?

1 Month ago8 comments
Coffee ~

1 Month ago3 comments
I'm not even surprised anymore, when I scroll through the notifications and notice a post that is just created to get reactions. What's bothering me, is the fact that people take their time to reply. As if they could do something against it.IRL we're able to ignore nonsense, to laugh about stuff that is obviously stupid - it's about time that we learn to ignore a few things over here, without replying. Don't give attention, Don't give nonsense a platform. Thanks.

1 Month ago8 comments
I need more wine.

1 Month ago26 comments

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