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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 1,282/11,969

Game Records

Trainer ID: #884686073
Registration: 31/10/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 28/Jan/2018
Game Time: 3302:16 Hours
Total interactions: 5,422,677
Trainer Battle Stats: 10 won, 29 lost.
Money: 554,658
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


About the raffle from 2 days ago.
The winners will be announced tomorrow since I'd forgotten it. Sorry!
Someone feel free to pester me about it tomorrow if I don't post the raffle results after about 13 hours and 15 minutes.

Yesterday, 18:140 comments
Gah! Wie kommen deises Moskitos im Haus?! Hilfe mich!

1 Day ago10 comments
Just reached home after the German event. Met a couple of people around 15(?), I was the youngest. xP Some had done A1/A2/B2 etc...
What happened: Intro. Basic German discussion. WhatsApp group. (Everything leads to a WhatsApp group these days)

Also, I made 3 new friends. One of them studied in my school for 11th and 12th grade.
It was a good day overall.

Now... To study for my exams. .-.

1 Day ago0 comments
Comment here your favourite plant or animal for a chance to win:
- Dragon gem
- Cold Rock
- Kyurem

3 winners will be chosen from random.org
1st winner chooses their pick, then 2nd, and the left over one goes to the third.

Ends tomorrow at whatever time I feel like. But definitely after 3 AM server time. (12 hours from now)
Spread the word if you'd like.

2 Days ago22 comments
What's your Gardener level?
I'm at 45.

3 Days ago6 comments
Am I the only one who still hasn't got the Daycare quest?

3 Days ago3 comments
Deutsche Frage:

Ist es 'Tschüss' oder 'Tschüß'?
Sind beide reicht? Wann benutze whelches?
Und sag meine Fehler, bitte.

Danke. Ich lese deise feed wann ich Ich aufwache.
Gute Nacht!

4 Days ago2 comments
Math test today. Wish me luck!
It's 1:13 am :x Less sleep

6 Days ago4 comments

Thank you for this great opportunity. Have a great life ahead.

6 Days ago0 comments
Did Riako increase the Daycare egg rate or something? My pair has gone crazy today. o.o

Or it's probably the Daycare man has eaten so much that he can't eat any more of my eggs.

6 Days ago0 comments
6 eggs in Daycare. #Interactionexchange please? :0

6 Days ago3 comments
Oh bananas! I forgot I hadn't adopted the eggs from Daycare when commenting on feeds asking for interaction exchanges.
My party is full and there are 3 more eggs in the Daycare.

Interaction exchange please?

6 Days ago7 comments
What happened while I was at school? :0
And what's with the decreasing Trainer levels?
also, I don't remember what trainer level I was before. How do I find out how much I lost? xD

Someone, please bring me up to speed.

6 Days ago3 comments
Comment for a chance to win...

7 Days ago9 comments
Meep and I just proved that Meep is virtual and her photos on her phone's screen are real.

Is this virtual reality?

7 Days ago3 comments
A small word swap can make a big difference: It can make you drink the entire city of Vienna while you're floating in wine.

"Ich trinke Wien und Ich bin in Wein."

Correct me if I'm wrong with the translation.

7 Days ago0 comments
Check out this suggestion, please!

It's about having a page to show all your feeds.
I spent valuable time and energy for this. So please,
take a look.

7 Days ago0 comments
This feed if for self reference. Feel free to ignore.

8 Days ago3 comments
I just got this in my mail.

I really want to attend this. But parents. .-.
So much for not being 18.

8 Days ago6 comments



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Ich komme aus Indien aber lerne Deutsch!
So please pardon me when I make mistakes, and feel free to correct me. Thanks! ^^

Hello there, Saknar here.
You may also know me as Yelping_Nanolife, SimpleNatureLover, and Faluonra. So feel free to call me any of the above. ^^
I try my best to help everyone and be friends with everyone as long as you are not offensive.
I like reading, cycling, running and sketching.

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Female Scattercube from Muse
Remember to hatch extra shiny for Bk-201

Some things about me.
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When you chat with me:
• Do not offer plushie exchanges with me. I consider them as gifts and not trade items.
• Any Pokémon with a nickname in my possession is not for sale/trade.

P.S. Whatever Avatar I have, it's my own creation, please don't steal it. If you want to use it, ask me permission before you do so.

By the amazing CarpetMonster

I'm hoarding Aipom Plushies :3
But just because I'm collecting them doesn't mean I request plushie exchanges. I still consider them as gifts.

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