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Trainerlevel: 84

Trainerpoints: 19,737/21,251

Game Records

Trainer ID: #18485955
Registration: 30/10/2013 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 5949:29 Hours
Total interactions: 8,977,143
Trainer Battle Stats: 51 won, 2 lost.
Money: 7,850,268
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Ow... I was planning to become bit more active upon the release of Hoopa, to shiny hunt him... but this release was later than I hoped since my premium ends in a few days lmao.

12 Days ago3 comments
new avatar new about me who dis

I'm back to being inactive. Gotta embrace the frustration of going back to uni in 2 days. Holidays were fun while they lasted and spend the whole time playing Skyrim and Overwatch lol

18 Days ago3 comments
So edgy it hurts. But I love it
(Seriously Reaper's voice is amazing. It's not the original voice in the video, but very similar)

19 Days ago0 comments
Well Overwatch has taken over my life.

21 Days ago9 comments
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays everyone!

26 Days ago4 comments
*pops in for a few seconds*

Got myself a PS4 now yay
Now I can play all these games I wanted to play, and I can now anticipate the release of Tales of Berseria and Horizon Zero Dawn.
Now I gotta throw even more money on the games rip
Overwatch, Battlefield 1, Final Fantasy XV, Last Guardian, Skyrim Remastered, etc

1 Month ago3 comments
Toothie --> Raayna

Changed because this was the only site which still had my old username. I mostly go by Raayna now.
You can still call me Toothie, Tooth or whatever

2 Months ago14 comments
My favourite Fall 2016 anime openings!

- Keijo
- Yuri on Ice
- Days
- Fune wo Amu
- Drifters

This season has a lot of good OP's to be honest, but these ones I realllyyy like!
(I also love the Fate reference in the Keijo OP with Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon lmao)

2 Months ago2 comments
Alright, since I'm continuously receiving PM's which I am not reading, I've updated my profile with some information.

I will pop into the game every now and then to skim through feeds, and to make some myself, mainly about anime or games, but wont actually play the game (PH) itself.
I am not reading PM's but I'm reading Pal Pads from my mutual friends! So feel free to message me whenever you want haha, though I may not reply straight away, which is why you're free to ask for my number if you have Whatsapp!

Also about the price check... Ehhh I really do feel bad for leaving this, since I know how much of the userbase depend on it for trading and selling, but I've make a quick note on the main post. Maybe moderators will choose to edit and update the list whenever, but it truly is a time consuming job, so it's best to make a post if you're wondering about a price.

3 Months ago3 comments
Going to take a break from this site for a while, mainly because I lost interest.
I'll be coming online a few times a week for a few minutes to slowly continue my hunts, but other than that, I wont reply to messages

To mutual friends:
If you still want to stay in contact with me/chat with me, then pal pad me now and I'll give you my Whatsapp!

4 Months ago5 comments
Wow I've become pretty inactive that I forgot about my shiny lottery orz
Sorry about that!

It ends tomorrow at 20:00 ST!

4 Months ago0 comments
Sorry if I take long to reply to messages or don't reply at all. I've become a lot less active due to loosing interest in the game. I mainly come online to get shinies and collect as many boxes and keys as I can.
Sorry for any inconveniences

4 Months ago0 comments
Told myself I quit drawing around 4/5 months ago...
Came back from the shops yesterday with a big and pricey set of water color pencils, and expensive brushes for them.

Why why why am I doing this

4 Months ago6 comments
Trading x20 Mystery Box (Dark Blue) for any other boxes/keys
(Not light blue boxes!)

4 Months ago0 comments
Time to replay Xillia 2 for the 5th time!

4 Months ago4 comments
That Free! Starting Days movie was really good! o:
I seriously loved it, and I'll probably rewatch it soon lmao.
Everyone were so cute <3

4 Months ago4 comments
Yuri!!! on Ice

I'm going to assume that the exclamation marks in these sport anime titles represent the gayness of the show.
There's going to be some other sport anime with 4 of them one day

4 Months ago7 comments
The winner for my lottery has been drawn!

A new shiny is up to win!
(Yeah, I decided to raffle another one since I need the boxes & keys lol)

Rules are the same - ends on the 08/09/2016

You can now get 3 tickets by advertising the lottery in your feed. More information in the thread!

4 Months ago2 comments
Ahahaha at last!
700 shiny dex entries!

I'll need to start hunting legends and events soon since I've got barely any normal Pokémon to hunt now haha.

Big thank you to the users who are gifting shinies to me ♥️ Like honestly, it's helps me out so much. Thank you!

4 Months ago0 comments



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