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Trainerlevel: 71

Trainerpoints: 4,075/15,193


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
¤ Charlotte ¤ [1os]
(Mega Banettenstein)
2,2429,153,478 / 12,069,135
¤ Dogtooth ¤
(Mega Houndoom)
1,6302,565,756 / 9,969,489
Fiesta Larvesta17 / 10
Fiesta Larvesta16 / 10
Fiesta Larvesta15 / 10
Fiesta Larvesta14 / 10

About Me

28yo | moderator | freelance artist | 24/7 tired
One Piece addict | lover of everything sweet & delicious

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[Avatar art by Biliken]
[About Me/Signature art by Nekodou]


Deity/Canine custom for Sentarou

Shiny Hunt

Katakuri is currently hunting Fiesta Larvesta.
Hunt started: 11/07/2018

Chain: 32
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)


Game Records

Trainer ID: #3764572
Registration: 04/08/2014 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 22/Feb/2019
Game Time: 2949:36 Hours
Total interactions: 355,071
Money: 11,273,776
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


//proud noises

Yesterday, 22:254 comments
Home sweet home. (•ᴗ•)

1 Day ago2 comments
So my friend and I went to the city today and I thought I could check my bank account. And I received a refund of 750€. Which is awesome!! ♡

Extra cash is always a great thing. =u=b

2 Days ago3 comments

I'll be on a small vacation from today until Sunday so my activity will decrease. I may check in to adopt new eggs but nothing else.

please contact another mod in case you have a problem that needs to be solved, until I'm home again! Thanks.

4 Days ago1 comment
[Quick Adoptable Auction!]

Adoptable. Winged Espeon
Bid in. Nuggets only!
Ends. Today at reset!

Info. You can upload this image to your toyhou.se account, but please credit me properly (My username there: Itami).
You are not allowed to claim this artwork, nor the design as your own. Do not change the design, do not resell. Giving them a story, name, gender, etc is fine!


4 Days ago6 comments
wow, I didn't have this strong mood swings in a while. And the day just started.. guess I'm gonna try to keep myself distracted, I dunno.
Oh boi.. (ಥ﹏ಥ)b

6 Days ago2 comments
I thought it might be a fun idea to draw how my fursona looked like in his early years.
For those, who don´t know, This is his adult self.

I kinda like the idea that he hasn´t been all rich and snazzy his whole life. So uhm, yeah. Have a poor young Itami who stole food in order to survive. :Y

6 Days ago8 comments
I think I deserve a treat. uvu

6 Days ago6 comments
Art Stream ONLINE!

Gonna work on some commission stuff, feel free to join! ♥

7 Days ago0 comments
Finished commission for Koushi of their lovely character Marie.

I had so much fun working on this. Marie is such a gorgeous character. ♥

(Btw, the quote is italian and means "We cannot have a perfect life without friends". I just thought it´d fit perfectly here.. uvu)

Art by me, chara by Koushi.
(Do NOT use)

7 Days ago8 comments
people. (눈_눈)

7 Days ago3 comments
stolen but let´s make it a little different..

Your thoughts/opinion about my Fursona?


8 Days ago9 comments
tfw you started doing some bl-themed fanart stuff and your brain just stopped working because it doesn´t know how (really)short hair works. rip lmao

I just need to teach my brain to not make the strokes too long, yesyes

9 Days ago2 comments
Even though I burned myself while handling the dough, I´d call this a success.

11 Days ago15 comments
To quote Bokuto: "Start watching Fairy Tail. I just know you´ll like it. You´ll love Gajeel."

Guess what? The owl was right. Again. థ◡థ

11 Days ago4 comments
Depending on whether my back decides to be fine that evening or not, I´m planning on doing an art stream this saturday to work a bit on open commissions, etc..

I just hope I won´t regret it then, ahaha. థ◡థ

12 Days ago7 comments
Seeing all these feeds about Artfight get me really tempted to join myself. But, also seeing that the site´s down every few moments just bugs me without even being on there, lmao. Maybe next year then.

12 Days ago0 comments
If I ever disappear without saying anything, I died from laughter.
You can blame ONIKITSUNE for that then. :Y

13 Days ago6 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Disguised Exeggcute hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #22)!

oh, that was a fast one!

13 Days ago2 comments

Family <3

Plushie Collection! <3


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