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Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 1,263/2,551

Game Records

Trainer ID: #354727794
Registration: 11/05/2017 (18 Days ago)
Premium member until 11/Jun/2017
Game Time: 123:48 Hours
Total interactions: 227,001
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 6 lost.
Money: 412,818
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


Should I call my Shiney Minior "Spcae Roky Boi", "Galaktik Roky Doggo" or "Dude isn't even Yellow" ?

Today, 21:370 comments
Yay, finally ! The 9th and Shiney Minior

Today, 21:250 comments
Shiney Alomomala from Prof. Rowan ! Damn, this dude's good ♥

Today, 20:132 comments
Feel free to send Battle Request if you want quick Battling points for the event
I need my last Minior quick :3

Yesterday, 22:036 comments
If you want Battle Points and easy wins, challenge me and my Magikarp !

Yesterday, 16:360 comments
I need 3 Pokémon to complete the Kanto Dex without the legendaries.
I buy Abra and Kadabra for 5K each and Kabuto for 10K PLUS I send you the Pokémon of your choice in my "Trade" box for the trade !

Yesterday, 13:250 comments
I need a few Pokémon for my Dex : Ekans, Abra, Kadabra, Cubone, Horsea or Seadra, Kabuto.

I'm willing to pay 2K for each of them (10K for Kabuto) or you can have a Pokémon from my "Trade" box !
(I can give everstones to the Pokémon you want and give you some for the Pokémon you'll trade me)

Yesterday, 01:564 comments
#FreeMil 26.
I wonder what I'm going to do if I win...

Yesterday, 00:250 comments
In daily statistics ? Eggs Hatched : 354 meens that I hatched 354 of MY eggs ?

2 Days ago2 comments
First Yellow Minior on site, Mega-Able Charmander X and Moltres from the lab & now, 6 Dragon Gems in the Treasure hunt
Today is* a good day

2 Days ago2 comments

2 Days ago3 comments
How do you even know if you have the first Minior of a certain color ?

2 Days ago6 comments
Prof Rowan just gave me an egg with a mega-able Charmander "as a gift". Well. Prof Juniper is still n°1 in my heart but you won some points in the classement Rowan...

2 Days ago0 comments
Train my new buddy Sylvanus and help him become a Decidueye

3 Days ago0 comments
Does anyone could trade my Shiney Hunter on the GTS and trade it back to me plzzzzzz ♥

3 Days ago2 comments
By DragonSumedh

I am going to raffle 30k pd or 1 dragon gem or 5 rare candies daily for the rest of May.
How It Works:-
1. Sharing this hashtag #MayMarathon through the link given below gives one ticket daily.
2. Sending a plushie worth 5 dp ea to DragonSumedh = 1 Ticket. (Example A Squirtle plushie costs 50 dp = 10 Tickets)
3. Sending any gem to DragonSumedh = 1 Ticket
4. Tickets accumulate till the lottery ends
5. I choose which reward is to be given
6. Daily winners will be posted
Note:- If you send me a plushie which is not in my collection then 5 dp = 2 tickets

Share It || Delibird || Tickets

3 Days ago0 comments
Does anyone have a Shiney Ampharos to trade ? #°_°#
And/or a Mega Ampharos ?

3 Days ago2 comments
Well, the strange Drifloon just reappeared and I was able to keep it So much love in this game

4 Days ago0 comments
I just got a screen with a strange girl with a Drifloon. Dafuq ?

4 Days ago3 comments
For Trade: Mega-Able : Charizard Y, Hunter, Gengar
Shiney : Audino

Looking For: Anything I don't have, any offer will be considered. Check my "Mega/Shiney" Box!

4 Days ago0 comments



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About Me

Hi! (/^_^)/

I'm a 24yo guy from the west side of France.
I'm a big fan of Pokémon since something like '97. I have many things about Pokémon : Games, cards, figures, mangas... and even tattoos
I also love animes, Punk Hardcore, Trap, astronomy, quantum physics, mythology, otters and dank memes
If I had to choose one Pokémon from each generation I would choose Gengar, Tyranitar, Metagross, Lucario, Chandelure, Goodra and Toxapex !

I collect Gengar Plushies and I need help !
Currently : 3/100

Current Goals:

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Kanto : ~142 / 150

Johto : ~85 / 100

If you have the time, spend a moment to train my Pokémon :3 And if you wonder, they all have names from gods and mythological creatures !

Shiney :

Mega :

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