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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 614/4,601

Game Records

Trainer ID: #354727794
Registration: 11/05/2017 (2 Months ago)
Premium member until 11/Sep/2017
Game Time: 366:16 Hours
Total interactions: 371,345
Trainer Battle Stats: 3 won, 11 lost.
Money: 325,806
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


"Shiny Corphish caught!"

1 Day ago1 comment
#FreeMil Round 8 by Argentis

Answer B !

1 Day ago0 comments
I'm looking for Normal/Fairy/Rock and Steel Gems ! If you have at least like +40 to sell, message me !

1 Day ago0 comments
I'll see your lovely answers tomorrow in the morning as it's pretty late now here but I have a favor to ask to the community :

I spend some times leveling the Gem Cauldron and I recently unlocked the Dusk & Shiny Stone. Unfortunately, I'm colorblind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can't even make the Dusk Stone 'cause I can't make the difference between Poison and Psychic Gems. If I manage to unlock the Mega Stone, I would never be able to make the difference between these, Fire/Ground, Fight/Steel and Water/Fairy/Dragon Gems. Actually, I don't really need much Mega Stones and I don't really need them now but I wanted to know if I could count on someone to boil me Mega Stones from time to time for free >.>

1 Day ago2 comments
Kinda late but sad to hear about the death of the legendary Chester Bennington When I think that I missed them last month in France...
Anyway, remember folks, if things aren't ok, talk to someone :
France, USA, UK , India, Canada, other countries.
I speak with some knowledge, speak to someone, be safe ♥

3 Days ago1 comment
I swear, I'm here for a little more than 2 months now I didn't find any Harvest Sprites yet O.O I get where you're supposed to find them (almost) but nothing, rien, nada ><

7 Days ago8 comments
Some of the participants didn't claimed there prizes yet.
If you used the hashtag #MyFavoritePokemonIs, look at your gifts in the GTS !

10 Days ago0 comments
I'm buying Dark Blue Keys ! I need 80+ so I can pay with either PDs and Nuggets (maybe shiny if you want)

10 Days ago0 comments
"Congratulations! A shiny Eevee hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #87)!"
Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon or Sylveon ?

10 Days ago5 comments
In my Friendlist, under "Users who have added you", there's some users with a heart right to the icon to send them a message. What does it mean ? :o

11 Days ago2 comments
I'm looking for:
- Gold Boxes (15k each)
- Dark Blue Keys (10k each)
- Black Keys (400k each)
- Shiny Oddish (350k)

I can pay with PDs, Nuggets and every Pokémon in this box !

11 Days ago0 comments
All prizes have been sent ! If you entered #MyFavoritePokemonIs then you should check your Gifts in the GTS

Congratulations to all winners, thanks for your participation, I'm really happy about it, I enjoyed reading your stories !

Even if the contest is over, feel free to use this hashtag, continue to share the story of your favorite Pokémon and give a chance to others to know you better !

11 Days ago4 comments
1st Place: Argentis and DJ the Minun Flurty ! You and DJ seem to have good friends here. I only blew my 2-months candles in this game but I see everyday that there's some really strong links between some of you, no matter the dramas that occurs. But fortunately, there's still some persons you can count on. I really hope that it's the case for everyone here. The two more important things in life is knowledge and friendship. Your teacher gave you a better gift than I could ever do with all the Nuggets in the world by making you happy to learn something ! Take time to read, watch documentaries, browse the internet... There's a billion things crazily interesting in the world from mythology to astronomy to philosophy... And what's better than being with a friend and spend the night talking about the stars and whats beyond?

12 Days ago3 comments
2nd Place: Katelin and Dezi the Mimikyu. Your friend have good taste in Pokémon ! Take care of it (and Mimi too!)
Gottesbob and his Hylian Marowak ! In France there's a saying that goes like "After the rain, the good weather." I'm happy to see that you've faced with courage the bad moments in your life. Stay strong!

12 Days ago1 comment
With the great help of Neptune, here's the winners we've chosen :

[b]3rd Place:[/] Teyedy and his now old friend Renegade the Giratina
ShinySpaceCat and Ashes the Flareon (because Flareons deserves love too!)
Conqueror- and his starter ~Shogun~ the Emboar

12 Days ago2 comments
Driiiiiing! Times up!
My little "event" for my second month among you is over !

Firstly, let me thank you for your participation, I really really appreciated it. I've read some really interesting stories and I'm kinda sad that I can't give you all the first prize

Speaking of prizes, if you and your Pokémon didn't win, you will still receive 10'000 PDs for your participation ! Main prizes will be delivered right away but consolation ones may take a day max to be all delivered since it will take some times so don't worry !

12 Days ago0 comments
1 hour left before the end of my birzzzday party

Excuse me in advance but there will be at least 3 Close Feeds. But since some of you opened your hearts I can't only give the winners in a short and impersonal post.

Good luck!

12 Days ago0 comments
There's some pretty stories here. I swear, only 6 winners will be a tough choice to make...

12 Days ago1 comment
Don't forget the hashtag #MyFavoritePokemonIs to tell the world about what you love in your favorite creature here !

In less than 12 hours the winners will be announced !
Good Luck!

12 Days ago0 comments
Please, continue to share with the world the Pokémon you love most using the hashtag #MyFavoritePokemonIs and don't forget to link the name of your Pokémon to its page so we can directly give him a Berry ! ( Need help with BBCode ?)

Like I said, the prizes will be increased so here's what you may get in approximatively 24 hours:
1st Prize : 300 Nuggets + 200 Rare Candies & 500 Berries for your little friend !
2nd Prize : 150 Nuggets + 50 Rare Candies & 200 Berries ! (2 winners!)
3rd Prize : 50 Nuggets + 25 Rare Candies & 100 Berries ! (3 winners!)

I hope the prizes will help you forgive me for extending the duration of my Birthday Party by 12 hours I already read some cool anedoctes !

Rendezvous tomorrow around 10pm server-time !

13 Days ago0 comments


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