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Trainer ID: #732397273
Registration: 01/05/2015 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 804:21 Hours
Total interactions: 13,109
Trainer Battle Stats: 10 won, 9 lost.
Money: 4,824
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


close feeds oops.
I have very little time now oops

my friend asked me who I'd like to meet in real life
and I stared at her and said "Glenn."
she asked me if I meant TWD Glenn, and I nodded.
She then proceeded to say "don't you know Glenn died-?"
I made a crying/squeaking noise and said "I know thaat...!" in a sort of squeaky/crying voice.

and then she said "but seriously who would it be"
so I responded with "k Noah Fliess"
she glared at me before clapping sarcastically.

3 Days ago1 comment
tmw your friend sends you a cropped image they cropped and said "use it maybe"

and you agree
don't copyright me pl0x
definate credit goes to the artist since it's not my art.

3 Days ago0 comments
I am stuck on THE FIRST FREAKING PROBLEM in math, so


3 Days ago2 comments
Funny story:
I was sitting at the table crying because I was stuck on the same problem for about two to three hours at the time it happened.
My mother sees me crying, asks me hat happened, and I reply with "I've been stuck on this one stupid problem for hours now"
and my sister overhears us, since she's sitting on the couch in the living room, which is right next to the kitchen and not blocked off by a wall, it's an open space between each
and she sits there and laughs that stupid little "teasing cackle" laugh.
and nothing happened to her, except for the fact that I glared at her.
It was extremely rude of her, I'll tell you that.
She apparently found it funny that I was stuck on the first problem of a math assignment and she had completed her homework within minutes.
well I'm sorry, I don't have super easy second grade math.

3 Days ago0 comments
there's one thing I hate about the site we use for math. If you don't write something exactly right, you'll get it wrong.
For Example:
the answer for a graphing problem is the ordered pair (4, 5)
if you write it as 4, 5 you get it wrong. I do get that it is correct to write it in parenthesis, but you expect a kid who is probably rushing through to get it? I wouldn't.

3 Days ago1 comment
okay, I'll show the reference. I dug for it a bit more, and found out that I made it years ago
I mean years ago. I've used her frequently since then, and she's been fixed a lot.
I made her when I first started drawing full-time, in 2013, right at the beginning of the year.
*pulls out a cake*
happy (late) birthday Lucy
you're four years old now

as for her old ref?
be terrified of my younger mind children
when I drew her I gave her black eyes with red irises because EDGE, and nowadays, she has normal eyes.

she's grown since that first reference.
a lot.

5 Days ago0 comments
I was drawing dark gore art and er

that looks dark to me, but they just duplicated- or, pulled another out. when they duplicate Pandora or whatever that goddess' name is comes.

still, looks dark.
get it
because it's dark pit

5 Days ago0 comments
god this sucks-
and the lines go outside of the colors, ugh.

5 Days ago3 comments
so I was DA, and I started messing with my shimeji and this happened.

I laughed, I'm a cruel person

but seriously pit looks cute-

5 Days ago2 comments
personally I spent too long on that
New about me? I expected it to take a bit longer, but I didn't have much room to work with. I wanted it to be small!

but I really love how it turned out @-@

5 Days ago1 comment
I'm not proud of this
at all.

waits for people to say "why aren't you proud that's good"
I'm not proud of it for multiple reasons, one being the fact that the lighting and shading goes off the dragon a bit.
the other is that I believe my art just sucks.
just. sucks.

6 Days ago4 comments
@Previous feed
welp I'm on a tight schedule so
the lie was actually two
I never said it at all. and for who said I probably said "I'm gay" first, I said "Merry Christmas" right as it became midnight on new years.
I actually played a flute when I did band in 6th grade.
I really don't like the Kagamines, even if you can change their voices.

6 Days ago0 comments
-I've played a flute before
-The second thing I said in the new year of 2017 was "I'm gay"
-I don't like Kagimine Rin's/Ren's voices/songs

6 Days ago5 comments
I feel like the only human being on youtube who is willing to do the Wanna Play meme with no blood, gore, death, or scary themes.
Just make it super innocent-

7 Days ago1 comment
(*you desperately try to open the jelly jar)
(*you take out a knife in an attept to open the jelly jar.)
(*nothing seems to be working....)

7 Days ago3 comments
seeing as nobody even bothered to guess
DC Was obviously DeviantCringe- i mean it's his logo-
Solar was Solar Sands, again, obvious imo
IHE was I Hate Everything
and Baby was Baby Blue Bones

7 Days ago0 comments
*flips a table*

I'm doin in, I'm drawin' DC, Solar, IHE, and Baby.

if you know who they are I'll give you a nice thumb up

close feeds
I was listening to Korean music when I got this idea.

7 Days ago0 comments
close feeds probably

But I was looking through Shuckle Squads channel and saw this

I thought he meant he had a friend named Chris, and this Chris will help them stop with the cringe
not at all-

7 Days ago2 comments
shameless advertising.

don't judge me.

7 Days ago1 comment
I find this overinflated.
Solgaleo doesn't cost that much, even if it was just implimented, I'm sure.
only the birds and ditto cost that much.

7 Days ago20 comments



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