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Trainerlevel: 47

Trainerpoints: 4,361/6,673


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Gem hunts

I will hunt 2 types of gems PER USER. PP/PM.
Let me know how many you want hunted. (No more than 200)
Only one user can request a gem at once.
(NOT BUG, FAIRY, and DRAGON as I will be doing rumble gem hunts or what I get from the GGC)

Well, pay what you want is always good, right? :3

Fire Gem - -/???
Water Gem - kytten 68/100
Electric Gem - kytten 38/100
Grass Gem - -/???
Fighting Gem - -/???
Poison Gem - -/???
Ground Gem - -/???
Flying Gem - -/???
Psychic Gem - -/???
Rock Gem - -/???
Ghost Gem - PrincessLilith 18/200
Dark Gem - PrincessLilith 29/200
Steel Gem - -/???
Normal Gem - TikaBlossom 16/200
Ice Gem - LunaRay 27/100

About me

LokiSakaro -------> Kisaragi_Aine
Nikki / Loki / Sparkles
Sun: Capricorn♑ || my sign: Leo♌ || Moon: Sagittarius♐
Taken by TikaBlossom **anniversary December 18**
BFF: SetsuHatica

1st lab mega abled: WEEDLE ?-?-18
1st lab shiny: SOLOSIS 1-9-19
1st lab birb: ZAPDOS ?-?-18

2ds friend Code: 2423-8677-1589 (message me here when you add me so I know who you are plz!!)
Pokemon fan since age 10
Gen 2 is my fav
I have 4 kitties! 1 momma kitty and 3 babies!!~
I have a fascination with bats, astronomy, music!
Currently learning to speak German
I have anxiety and bipolar. If I get on and I seem snippy, I apologize.

Shiny Hunt

Kisaragi_Aine is currently hunting Crystal Aron.
Hunt started: 12/01/2019

Chain: 19
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kytten 3 Days ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #860534482
Registration: 27/01/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1124:56 Hours
Total interactions: 1,032,295
Money: 33,155
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Mental breakdown in negative 10 minutes.
4 Days ago
5 Days ago
By Aoba_Seragaki - 5 Days and 13 Hours ago.
Hello everyone!
My friend have a bad days...
So i wanna do sth
Gifts for somebody
Send for him gift or poke (idk xd) do what you want!

Share #giftsforsb
And write under this nice thing ^^ (if you ofcourse want)

REWARDS: (later will be more)

1- 150 nuggets
2- 120k
3- 2DG
4- 1star piece
5- some boxes and keys

REMEMBER: I will ask him who sent him something. if someone sends nothing he can not enter.
ENDS: 28 feb
HEHE: ofcourse if i get more things (nuggets, pd,DG,star pieces and other items) i will add them

Enjoy and good luck!

Your a cool person to have on here! Your pretty nice to talk to and your really cheery! ^^ don't let life get ya down, bud!! Hang in there!!
5 Days ago
I think... I am gonna hop off for a bit. I can't manage to keep my eyes open. If you need anything, leave me a pp/pm and I'll get back to ya SOON as I get up.
Night night...
5 Days ago
MY FLIPPIN BF GOT ME A CELEBI PLUSH FOR VALENTINE'S!!!! I know it's early, but I am loving it!!! I named him Aspen!!~
9 Days ago
Friend of mine just gave me a wicked idea for a fusion! Guess I'll be drawing tomorrow. ^^
13 Days ago
If you have a mega stone and are willing to trade it for one full boiling set, message TikaBlossom
13 Days ago
14 Days ago

Global interaction goal:
351,425 /
160,000 interactions ✓

Your interactions:

I am SO proud of myself!
15 Days ago
#SamuelDaWhale - MetalHeadKendra

I have a whale to beat Oak and it needs it's levels to be raised. Help me out!

1st prize will be... A Shiny Bulbasaur and 25k!
2nd prize will be... A Shiny Froslass and 50k!
3rd prize will be... A Shiny Audino and 75k!

Interact with Samuel AND copy and paste this code as a status to be entered in the Raffle. Ends at reset!

You fed Samuel a Kelpsy Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 5,091 x 3 = 15,274 Exp. Points.

You have been rewarded with 6 Pokédollar!
15 Days ago
Free party clicks! Press the ♥ below!
15 Days ago
Dream Points spent: 270/600
only nidorans shiny plushie left to get. x.x
16 Days ago
Now offering gem hunts!!

Specify two gems and I will hunt them for you up to 200/each! First come first serve!
~~~~~~~ Only one user per gem type, though, as that is alot of gems. ~~~~~~~~~~

Price is PWYW. Payment is taken after gems are gathered. You can keep track of how many I am at and what is taken via my profile!
PM/PP to order now!~
NOT offering bug, fairy, or dragon
17 Days ago
*PSSSSST* something may/maynot have been added to my profile!~ Why not take a look!~
17 Days ago
Going to bed now. Night...
18 Days ago
20 Days ago
How do you evolve tyrunt on here?
21 Days ago
First person to tell me where my username comes from in the comments wins all the gems I currently have.
21 Days ago
Deer meat cut and packed up. Now we have to go home, put it in the freezer, and SHOWER. I'm filth.
21 Days ago


~Shop info~

~The sparkle den~
Current hunt for me: none

(1. 3 free spots for any hunt for solaris)
((2. Bulbasaur)) ((special hunt. . . 1 free Cajunbaby09))
(((3. )) ((special hunt. . . 1 free SetsuHatica)))

Special treatment list: (Meaning I can give a single free slot or discount(up to 50%!!) if asked. This also stacks with the shop discount if you earn enough points!! )
PrincessLilith, HunterTheHuman, AlolanZubat, SetsuHatica, Cajunbaby09, mattchu515, RASPberry, Shadowplay, Kaufee, Galvadyne, ShinyNinetales, LunaRay, Global_Yummy, Nnoitra, Silvermidas, Tangy, Rainbowblitzer103

{Misc for me}
Venonat - i
Misdreavus - iii
Zorua - i
Natu - i
Emolga - i
Tyrunt - ii
Diglett - i

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