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Trainerlevel: 99

Trainerpoints: 16,354/29,501

Game Records

Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 03/Aug/2018
Game Time: 7154:14 Hours
Total interactions: 6,856,850
Trainer Battle Stats: 63 won, 7 lost.
Money: 2,103,945
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


[character auction] Butterfly Lumineon

Things you may bid:
• PD
• Nuggets
• Water Gems & Dragon Gems
Shinies I don't own yet (hunts/slots are acceptable, but only if I know/can trust you)

Auction ends the day after tomorrow, August 14th, around 19:00 Server Time. (I say 'around 19:00 ST' because I'd rather avoid last second bids/snipers, so it may end a little later than that, depending on people's activity and such.)

Winner will get a watermark-free version of the drawing.

4 Days ago17 comments
Liirah is currently hunting Magikarp.
Hunt started: 20/02/2017

Chain: 17,021
(456 Shinies hatched so far.)

Creeping closer towards 20k. You know, chain. I was totally joking about hitting 20,000. Don't do this to me, please. Please.

6 Days ago30 comments
Um. I mean. ... ... ...

I never realized omg.

8 Days ago35 comments
Tmw, after years of having/using SAI, you realize that SAI comes with a color blender with that you can set any two colors and it'll blend them for you.


How did I not know about this?! Why did no one tell me about its existence!? I feel utterly betrayed.

I should randomly click around programs I actually use on a (semi-)regular basis more often. Holy cow.

10 Days ago11 comments
When you have to walk to work (good thing that's even possible for me), instead of like usually taking the car, because of some ignorant .. beings absolutely blocking your car. : )

Way to start into a new week, mhmhm.

10 Days ago13 comments
[pay what you want art] offering headshot/bust art of your character like this. I need something a little relaxing between commissions and stuff, so yeah. I guess I'm gonna offer this. :'v

Post your character(s) in the comments. I'll draw a few I like/want to draw - I'm totes gonna be biased here, so please don't be sad/mad if I your character's not gonna make it. :' )

I'll message you once I've finished the drawing, you can then pay whatever or nothing at all, I guess (I'm only looking for PD (Nuggets lmao) though; Water Gems, if you want).

I'll probably do a few every now and then, so don't be surprised in case I randomly message you one day, throwing a drawing at you. :'3 Still, no promises you'll get something rip.

11 Days ago27 comments
Okay but. Can we talk about how adorable the animated shortfilm 'In a Heartbeat' is????????????????

gdi bbcodes

15 Days ago23 comments
#40. °^°

Another 2 years and I can maybe start the chain hah. :'v

15 Days ago16 comments
Interactions made 26


Man, this event sucks big time. >: >: >:

How am I ever supposed to get Shaymin and the new event within a whole month!?!?!?!? September basically starts tomorrow!!!

16 Days ago39 comments
Got my hands on a few gems (100-ish eggs) - interaction exchange? uwu

17 Days ago23 comments
[Gary Jules's Mad World playing in the background]

All around me are those shiny megas
Hatching early, hatching plenty


19 Days ago6 comments
A few things.

Lately, I've been in a grumpy mood. I'm trying not to let it influence my interactions with you, but my patience only lasts so long.

My Pal Pad has been set - and, for an indefinite period of time, will remain - friends only. Don't ask me to add you to my friendlist - I won't.

Changes have been made to my About Me. My box previously named 'For Sale' has been renamed. Any kind of messages regarding the matter will be ignored. If you keep on pestering me, you'll be reported.

No need to ask me what's wrong or anything. I'm okay, I promise! Nothing bad or whatever happened. I'm just in a mood. It happens occassionally (very rarely), but I'm used to it. It'll pass.

All this probably sounds a lot more serious and/or harsher than I meant it to, but it needed to be put out there. Sorry for not being overly cheery.

Hope y'all are doing okay. <3

21 Days ago28 comments
The best part about shark week? People messaging me shark-related stuff because, "it reminded me of you" or, "you need to see this".

Yes, more of that, please. ♥

21 Days ago10 comments
I need this in my life.

23 Days ago10 comments
In case you needed something to brighten up your day. You're welcome. C:

26 Days ago12 comments
I'm not sure whether I talked about that in a feed already (I know I did in the art club though) so .. some of you may or may not know yet, but I recently killed off my PokéSona Amelia because, hrmm, it was time for a change and something a little more .. creative. :v
But since I still wanted it to be Amelia - because she's still my baby uwu - I came up with Ghost!Amelia.

I already knew just how I wanted Amelia to become her ghostly self but it was just a basic idea, nothing fancy yet.

So I contacted lovely Giltine13 who had written a short story for one of my characters in the past and asked her whether she wanted to write Amelia's story for me.

After a little brainstorming and lots of work on Gil's side, she just finished the story AND OMG JUST PLEASE GO READ IT - IT TURNED OUT AMAZING. ;; A;;

27 Days ago10 comments
RIP Chester ; w;

28 Days ago30 comments


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Liirah is currently hunting Magikarp.
Hunt started: 20/02/2017

Chain: 17,564
(471 Shinies hatched so far.)

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