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Trainerlevel: 105

Trainerpoints: 32,606/33,179


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
3,38122,150,581 / 41,063,007
(Floette (Eternal Flower))
433232,647 / 563,767
Sugar Plum Fairy
(Mega Gardevoir)
10,026296,454,509 / 376,990,134
(Florges (Sakura))
1,1282,620,804 / 3,820,537
(Mega Ampharos)
2,17711,330,986 / 17,004,198
14,529417,283,688 / 633,319,111

Shiny Hunt

Liirah is currently hunting Flabébé (Eternal Flower).
Hunt started: 03/09/2018

Chain: 118
(2 Shinies hatched so far.)

More Shiny Hunt Stuff



Game Records

Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 29/Aug/2019
Game Time: 8849:22 Hours
Total interactions: 9,198,531
Money: 4,711,956
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Ask about my personal Haikyuu!!, if you care heh. Please no "1 - 40 lolol" because that's lame okok thank

Shaaamelessly stolen from Koushi.

Yesterday, 18:4831 comments
I probably already know the answer buuut. BNHA worth the watch? :v

Yesterday, 10:0126 comments
[reminder] keeping the upcoming event in mind especially, sharing your eggs and 'mons via direct link only gives 25% of the EHP/EXP a regular click would get you. Just saying.

With this being said, good luck everyone with the event and all starting tomorrow!

Yesterday, 06:570 comments
Somewhere between Shiny Mega Gyarados and Shiny Shadow Mewtwo I must've seriously lost my patience. I'm 3 seconds away from getting another extension pass just so I can hatch the shiny out of the very next egg like always - I just have no chill whatsoever anymore when it comes to (more or less) regular shiny hunts. ㅠㅅㅠ

1 Day ago14 comments
[looking for] Ghost Gems!

• buying for 1,000 PD per gem
• trading other gems, all kinds of different items and various shiny/mega-able/event Pokémon → see here.

First come, first served.

Please only comment if you're actually willing to trade. Thanks! ;3c


also still [trading] Frozen Lavas (summon item for Volcanion).

Looking for Nuggets, White Powder and Nebula Stones.
Accepting the following offers/combinations of the aforementioned currencies:

• 200 Nuggets
• 2 Nebula Stones
• 2 White Powder
• 100 Nuggets + 1 Nebula Stone
• 100 Nuggets + 1 White Powder
• 1 Nebula Stone + 1 White Powder

Interested? Then please, feel free to either check the GTS or comment here/PM me. :>

1 Day ago9 comments
You push the black key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Griseous Crystal found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

3 Days ago3 comments
strong 10k babe
totally didn't stuff him with candy or anything nu-uh

5 Days ago9 comments
Two things.

One, happy water day! ♡

Two, feed him a berry, please? I'll return with party clicks and berries! :3

5 Days ago12 comments
Sooo, I'm currently catching up with the SuMo anime and? Poipole is so cute?????

Also, the anime absolutely changed my view of Buzzwole. I mean, I still think its design is ridiculous, but that thing is frigging hilarous omg; I laughed so much during its episode. xD

7 Days ago6 comments
you can dance
you can jive
having the time of your life~

(character belongs to Yato, don't steal `w´9)

9 Days ago11 comments
(✧=W ‿◜)=ノ ᵒᵞᵃ

9 Days ago4 comments
Pal Pad set to friends only - y'all again have been flodding my pal pad lately and I just can't deal aha---

Even if it sometimes doesn't look like it, I'm still a very withdrawn and antisocial human being, eyup. Having people I barely know trying to chat me up all the time freaks me out, to be honest. So, uhm. Sorry, but no can do for the time being.

You guys are still cute and valid and everything, I just need me some quiet time okok. .o.

9 Days ago11 comments
Today's Free! episode was everything asdfghjkl ; A;

12 Days ago5 comments
Speaking of water days and all, I just noticed Rin-Rin turned 5 today. ; w; ♥

12 Days ago8 comments
ALSO I ALMOST FORGOT OMG-- (totally blaming my week off, makes me lose track of time haha oops)

Happy Water Day!!

12 Days ago10 comments
stay strong
keep moving
can't let the darkness blind us
carry on
we'll be the ones
that pull the stars down to us

12 Days ago3 comments
You received a Plushie from Liirah!


Special reward for spending 500,000 Dream Points at the DW Shop.

I .. Totally forgot the Pikachu plushies are a thing tbh lol--

15 Days ago7 comments
Have a cute baby just for the heck of it. ♥

17 Days ago9 comments

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