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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 3,011/16,501

Game Records

Trainer ID: #272477044
Registration: 09/09/2015 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 2847:05 Hours
Total interactions: 5,551,944
Trainer Battle Stats: 43 won, 58 lost.
Money: 987,675
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


Selling: 4x Azelf Vouchers, 3x starter vouchers, and a cold rock for nuggets or pd. Mainly lf nuggets.

If you know anyone who's buying any of these, send em my way :>

4 Days ago0 comments

Buying them keys :I

(*nts: Red boxes/keys -> Finny*)

5 Days ago2 comments
I- wanna make this look better but me shading it will probs make it end up worse :')

10 Days ago7 comments
I need a female villain-like name for a possible new oc of mine :x

She's really eccentric like and has a tendency to use a dagger/knife/kunai weapon

13 Days ago4 comments
Selling 1x Mesprit voucher, 3x Azelf vouchers, and 2 Articunos

for pd or nuggets. Mainly nuggets.

Just plop down an offer in the comments

13 Days ago2 comments

I swear. The last one wasn't there when I first looked there... that or I'm just extremely blind. (It was literally in the middle of the screen for me-)

13 Days ago1 comment
If y'all need a good laugh- (and to arrest val-) go check out Ayase's and Val's feeds- mkmk-

14 Days ago15 comments
If I ever manage to save or do anything for you that I still have on my end. Feel free to contact me. I wouldn't know when you're on/available and vice versa.

I don't bite maybe- .w.

17 Days ago0 comments
I'm just gonna say this because I'm kinda bothered by how much I've seen this ._.

Why must you ask for help before even attempting it for at least 5, maybe 10 minutes(?) Of course you're not going to understand the very first instance you look at an obstacle. You have to observe the clues given to think up of a probable deduction on how to overcome it. It's not like the world will be handing you a diploma for trying but not really.

I don't know- I'm just really bothered by this :v

18 Days ago6 comments
Selling an articuno.

Comment your reasonable offer .w.

21 Days ago10 comments
'Photo #5 - Rank 625 (Rating: 4.88)'

/laugH if only the minum(flifty) showed up then that would've looked better.

1 Month ago6 comments

1 Month ago0 comments
When you get called annoying as heck and obnoxious and chatty behind your back and had to find out the hard way of how rude and mean your so called 'friend' was.

Smh, if you didn't like how I acted on a daily basis, even being nicknamed chatterbox (or chatter-some) then maybe you should've reconsidered the way you approached me, more specifically told me to be less chatty around you and such.

I'm a simple human being, I in no way can read what you intend to do if you don't outright express how you want it. Mk? I just don't telepathically read your mind or read your feelings on the other side of the screen so just, express yourself more.?

also, this lil' rant isn't directly towards anyone on site, if anyone perceives it as so.

1 Month ago0 comments
Hmph. Cool strap a sign on me that says "senile, avoid" fun. jk. :y

Seriously. i would expect more than 2-3 people to notice my rant, not really "attention seeking" it's more so, kinda blergh in my mind. mk. mk. :v

/27 or mins after rant is posted, sees a person linking event egg and whatnot w/o whatever my rant was talking about really ticks someone off y'know?

k then. /flees back into the abyss called old and ignore. the box

1 Month ago3 comments
[Random rant]

I'm just gonna say this b/c you should probably be courteous towards others and whatnot and probably should already know this but...

Some people don't like spoilers. Especially spoilers of how to obtain things, what the event [insert object here] is and whatnot. So please, if there's a new event pokemon out and it's been less than a day or two, at least have a spoiler warning for those who dislikes spoilers. I know I'm not that mad about spoilers but I know for a fact other users do. Especially when they click it a link saying "please hatch this" or "please feed this" and whatnot, it's kinda hard to tell if it's the event poke or not. So yea.. consider how others would feel about such and such.


1 Month ago6 comments
I wonder... will we get Az's floette and ash's greninja on ph??

hmm, I slightly doubt it. lmao

1 Month ago8 comments
So i did a lab in ap bio yesterday, and it was a glowing e.coli lab and whatnot.

The results came in and ours ended up glowing :'3 she used my group's as an example and whatnot so wooo

1 Month ago2 comments
what the what?

Apparently my mom found a skunk around our house and she's like afraid to allow any windows and such to be open :v

dear mr/ms. skunk, sHooo.

1 Month ago5 comments
Selling articuno for nuggets :x

1 Month ago0 comments
Bah, some people can't respect other people's personal rules, along with the site's rules :v

Personal rule 4. Unless I actually want to help, don't go palpadding me to help you with stuff. It's my decision if I want to help you.

Personal rule 10. Unless I state I'm selling a certain thing, DON'T bother asking me for it. (for example, "Are you selling dragon gems?")

1 Month ago6 comments



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