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Trainerlevel: 43

Trainerpoints: 3,754/5,589

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Trainer ID: #149564505
Registration: 18/01/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 752:23 Hours
Total interactions: 795,043
Money: 136,568
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


(go to last feed for raffle)

It'll end today at reset so if you haven't entered and want you, now's your chance :>

And it'll take a bit for me to announce the winner after it ends since there's so many entrants I'll need to enter into the randomizer ;v;

Today, 15:491 comment
Hrmmmmm okay let's do this :>

Share the Hashtag #ImperialSMRaffle and comment down below for a chance to win my Shiny Mega Scizor!

This raffle will end on Sunday at reset.

2 Days ago123 comments
oh yeah boyyy I was able to run to a store with my friend to get my bf somethin yays :>

but hey, guess who had car troubles today of all days xD me. car overheated n was actin funny, luckily the fam at the Bo is letting me keep my car there overnight and my bf drove me home smh he takes such good care of me but geeeez why did i have to have car troubles on his bday xD

//idk why I'm treating PH like a journal rip i just have nothing else to say on here and i wanna be active so woo irrelevant things :>

17 Days ago5 comments
mans my bf is a butt he won't accept money as a gift smh, his birthday came so fast i wasn't prepared it's tomorrow so he either gonna accept money or get nothin n then i'll feel bad xD

man next year i'm gonna go all out, get one of those cards that calls him old, get him a gag gift, and some shirts he likes and a super soft blanket and some of his fav candy

19 Days ago3 comments
"increased breeding chance"
pls no, i have 29 eggs in daycare i dont need more

1 Month ago5 comments
Awww I got to see my bf while he was running an errand for work :> he introduced me to a lady he called his Bo Mom lmao and she was like "she's so pretty, she's beautiful" and i just died and she was also saying he looks happier than he's ever looked n wow that made me super happy

sorry to gush but aaaaaaa i can't stop smiling :"D

1 Month ago2 comments
[ Adopt Auction ]


You can offer: PD, Nuggets, Art, FR Treasure/Gems, items, etc

Ends in two resets

1 Month ago4 comments
Guys pls tell me why my VHS Pokemon: The First Movie says Pokeman: 1st Movie on it

on an official pokemon thing
pls why

i donut understand and it always cracks me up when i see it

1 Month ago5 comments
If you could have any of my characters, who would it be? :>

Will return if you link your characters too :3c

1 Month ago4 comments
Wow I'm watching vids of people checking their old Pokemon save files and now I'm in the mood to check mine and go through memory lane

and maybe start a new game too

1 Month ago0 comments
After a great day with the babe I come home to a sHINY HORSEA

finally !!
Turned a great day into a greater one wowza

1 Month ago6 comments
Horsea is my enemy ;__;

1 Month ago18 comments
gotta start being more active againnnnn

I've been too lazy and busy to come on here rip

like woah guys i got myself a boyfriend and i've actually been spending time with him wowowow, young child stepping up in life amirite

How's everyone been? :0

2 Months ago6 comments
//rolls over from a dark corner

psst say whatever

2 Months ago0 comments
Yo yo yo
it's ur girl-
can't have an actual conversation with someone in person because I apparently lose the ability to talk because I'm overwhelmed with my anxiety and it becomes extremely awkward which is why I really enjoy when people constantly talk and just want me to listen


3 Months ago11 comments
Just bc I wanna share things no one cares about lmao-

Oof I had a super weird and awkward experience it was a l o t xD
It was like a sort of second-hand awkwardness. A situational awkwardness?

Story in comments if I can find out how to word it lmao :>

3 Months ago10 comments
//extremely close feeds but whenever someone compliments one of my characters I sCREAM

It's nice knowing others like my sweet children (◕‿◕✿)

3 Months ago1 comment
I brought all this
So you can survive when law is lawless (right here)
Feelings, sensations that you thought was dead
No squealing, remember that it's all in your head

I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I'm useless but not for long
The future is coming on

3 Months ago4 comments


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