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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 4,280/11,593

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Trainer ID: #61827091
Registration: 13/10/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Aug/2018
Game Time: 1384:52 Hours
Total interactions: 2,997,714
Money: 439,220
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


ok i know what i am hunting is called a slowpoke but really how much slower can you get with both flutes, fountain bonus and a common pokemon...RADAR 95 hatched no shines yet.

3 Days ago0 comments
does anyone know which set of gem merging you need to do to get the 10% form please.

13 Days ago0 comments
and so the shiny mega hunting begins now i have one of everything, so if anyone wants a mega or a shiny charmander let me know i will have slots open till the shiny mega turns up.

15 Days ago2 comments
i am looking for a male keggleon please will trade a female one or anything in my trades boxes for it

21 Days ago0 comments
check gts looking for a gender swop on the new event keggleon

23 Days ago2 comments
Finally i have male and female of all the normal pokemon.....goal number two this year complete, on to getting one of each of every shiny now.

24 Days ago0 comments
looking to get any form other then core zygarde for the core version or 10 dragon and 10 fairy gems, or equivalent in dp or nuggets "

1 Month ago0 comments
PLEASE help me complete dex 6 am looking for specifically a male ocean vivilion and a male tundra vivilion, anything from trades common or the sort box is up for grabs, these are the only two i am missing now pleaase help i want to move on to dex 7

1 Month ago2 comments
please help me complete dex 6 am loking for specifically a male ocean vivilion and a male tundra vivilion, anything from trades common or the sort box is up for grabs

1 Month ago0 comments
whats with the zygarde message below anyone know?

1 Month ago2 comments
i've just woken up anyone willing to say what the retro was please

1 Month ago3 comments
has there been or is there a female mewton m meowth?

1 Month ago0 comments
well was kinda hoping for the x3 to get my mewtwo up and lvl at least with prof but still way behind. looks like i will fail this week again.

1 Month ago4 comments
And thats dex 5 Unova completed for males and females, slowly getting there on to dex 6 Kalos.
Missing ones for this if anyone can help are: -
FEMALES chespin, quilladin or chesnaught x2
FEMALES froakie, frogadier or greninja x3
MALE vivilion ocean and tundra.
MALE espurr
MALE heliolisk
MALE tyrunt
FEMALE tyrunt or tyrantrum x1
FEMALE pumpkaboo and gourgeist
FEMALE bergmite
FEMALE avalugg

1 Month ago2 comments
anyone got a female rufflet or braivery for trade or swop. even a lovely donation would be a huge appreciation.

2 Months ago2 comments
can anyone explain to me how i get karrablast or shelmet to evolve into a escalvier, in particular a female version.

2 Months ago6 comments
please check gts am looking for a male escavalier offering evolve versions for this one please help me finish this dex.

2 Months ago0 comments
has anyone seen or got an oricorio yet?

2 Months ago2 comments
thanks to Carnet who has been able to help me finish dex four for both male and female, on to dex five and the 29 i am missing from there....this may take a couple of days.

2 Months ago1 comment
please folks desperate to finish dex 4, only missing the male cherubi has anyone got one for trade or sale?

2 Months ago3 comments



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Shiny Hunt

Hunni is currently hunting Zygarde (10% Forme).
Hunt started: 25/04/2018

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2018 goals
1. get all berries to level 100.
2. get lvl 50 gardener. ACHIEVED 13:03 18/02/2018
3. get both sexes of all pokemon ACHIEVED 10:09 01/04/2018
4. upgrade all 15 boxes to lvl 4.
5. obtain the shiny shaymin plushie.


ONIKITSUNE looking for naughty nature pokes. Two naughty shiny Blitzle's are owed for the nebula stone i have already recieved from ONI.


links for hoopa

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