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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 5,776/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Au Dove
971,217 / 31,398


Shiny Hunt

Cofagrigus is currently hunting Combee.
Hunt started: 20/02/2019

Chain: 10

collecting plushies

just click on these to send so i can add to my hoard

collecting and future sm hunts

Rock gems:
Normal gems:
Steel gems:
Dragon gems:
Nebula stones:
Resolute stones:
Dark orbs:
ultra saddles

yes im collecting these but note i may not have the money to buy them so wait for me to post that i am buying before offering any of these and of course ill take donations if you wish to donate to me

future shiny mega hunts
sala de minci 2 of them and one regular 3 mega stones
bannettenstein 1 mega stone
diancie 1 mega stone
shuppet 1 mega stone
snorunt both megas 2 mega stone
roykku 1 mega stone
crystal agron 1 mega stone

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #257754977
Registration: 07/10/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 03/Sep/2019
Game Time: 5522:08 Hours
Total interactions: 6,180,108
Money: 100,218
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


finally got egg now i go to bed oh yeah enjoy the click fest it took nearly all of eccos fields plus the 8k i did earlier to get this my fingers are crying omg i hope to not have to do this again for awhile
Today, 03:45
Im just glad getting zeroara is higher then getting victini during an actual sce otherwise i wouldnt even attempt it because my luck is that bad
Today, 03:17
frig it im mass clicking ecco for my next attempt maybe within those 10k+ pokemon my zeroara lies
Today, 02:42
Interactions made 8,249 still no zeroara
Today, 02:40
me sees that said after thunderstorm zeora appeared
me does this mean....
son says no because then it d be endless
Today, 01:58
my luck is holding true to form with events like this yay me and yet my son got it fast
Today, 01:52
please interact comment or heart and i will return
Today, 00:17
close feeds this explains the huge mount of lag this last week
Today, 00:15
wwell my son got it in 500 clicks my luck it wont show up
Today, 00:13
great now another pokemon like shaymin and kyreum
Today, 00:02
I have feeling this shiny venasaur is going to be in my party for a while considering i want it to level up to 300 and with the way i interact vs people interact with me and 2X day not being anywhere in site itd be probably a month till its even 200 lol
Yesterday, 23:26
until the lag is back to normal im not boiling anything any more and i mean a full weeek of not as bad lag as i have been experiencing this week omg its been taking me 20 mins to do 500 clicks per hour where as normally it takes me 2 or three min tops
Yesterday, 20:41
Yesterday, 18:55
shindai is having a giveaway for those of us on toyhouse if interested check out their last feed
Yesterday, 15:51
actually after going through profile dex i actually have none missing its just i think what happened is i got a rid of a few dexes and up till now it just didnt register in lab that they were gone till today
1 Day ago
I have 165 tasty baits lol i should probably sell some but no gonna save them for when i change from fishing colored karp to back to regular fishing so i dont run out of bait for too long
1 Day ago
this is how i expect tonights fishing to go karp karp shoal salt karp karp karp shoal shell karp karp karp random gem karp karp karp another random item karp karp karp karp karp and with my final bit of energy a colored karp that i already got
1 Day ago
combee hunt officially started all i need is one male and one female lets see which i get first and dont mention the ratio im well aware of the ratio
1 Day ago
the one event hunt im def doing for myself that i m not looking forward to is doing jolly jr sad jr and mr moody hunt i know i dont have to hunt both of them to get shiny mr moody but i want to hunt both so i can have that evo line fully dexed
1 Day ago

rules and prices

the person responsible forthis is todd hurwitch


if i tell you no on a certain trade and you keep bugging me; at best, ill block you; at worst, ill block you and report you for begging.


1 dont pal pad to offer me something especially since i probably cant afford it
2 dont pal pad me looking for stuff either if i got it for trade then ill post it
3 dont ask me to post your feed raffle or other things ill do it of my own accord
4 dont repeat dont send me magikarp plushie
5 if its in my uft box its for trade
6 dont send me a magikarp plushie
7 dont tease me either by sending a magikarp plushie or by just old fashion teasing especially if i havent talked to you before and dont know you
8 unless i post a plushie exchange or i respond to one of your plushies exchanges no plushies sent with expectation of a return

warning breaking any of these rules will result in blocking

uft prices

1 regular breedable pokemon 500 pd
2 regular event pokemon 10k pd
3 retros from concentration game 500 pd
4 retros from anywhere else 10k pd
5 legendaries minimually 50k pd
6 kyreum, celebi, shaymin, lugia 10k pd unless your new and under a month then free
7 legendary retros minimually 50k pd
8 special events 50k pd
9 legendary events 100k pd
10 shinies/mega ables already spoken for

family and plushies

my sons: Omega_Mew, Cokodora

please add these plushies to my hoard



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