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Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 253/1,609


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
10/8 OS Purple Needle
598,000 / 13,276
Lunala plz
607,315 / 13,726
262 OS
(Crystal Aron)
1074,570 / 43,336

aBoUT mEh

I play Roblox
I leik Gible evo
I have a utub channel
My starter:
I have a pokemon legends account
I have a few shinies
I like Roblox Pokemon Brick Bronze but it got deleted ;-;
I want to give plushies to every1 who gives me plush that I dont hav
I came here from pokemon legends...
I have V.S Seeker so u can battle me
I don't have poke radar right now...
People I want to give a plush :
Currently have 168 dp going to save it 4 the next plush event thingy

I don like shiny pokes in rom hacks now ,too common

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do u know I typed the poll with my el. blpow(elbow)

My Pokemon Brick Bronze Team

Gible sprite by Viper

avatar by PrincessGreenie

If u haz anything from here pm me If u want to trade

Starters Collection


Chikorita bayleef
Cyndaquil quilava
croconaw feraligatr
Treecko grovyle

Turtwig grotle
Chimchar monferno
Piplup prinplup
Snivy servine serperior
Tepig pignite emboar
Oshawott Dewott
Chespin quiladin chesnaught

Froakie frogadier
Rowlet dartrix decidueye
Popplio brionne


CharmanderForLive hasn't collected any medals so far.


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whitefeathersrain 1 Day ago
CharmanderForLive 8 Days ago
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archangelunmei 10 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #531245134
Registration: 10/04/2018 (7 Months ago)
Game Time: 239:11 Hours
Total interactions: 101,827
Money: 196,856
Starter Pokémon: Charizard



3 Days ago3 comments
My poipole evolved to naganadel

3 Days ago2 comments
should i evolve my poipole to naganadel?

3 Days ago1 comment
okay get ready for the next sce

3 Days ago0 comments
ok next SCE is my last SCE of the day i think

3 Days ago0 comments
Noo i just missed another sce ;-;

3 Days ago1 comment
Sun, November 11, 16:00 10 mins. 214,046/200,000 4 162/200
Status: Finished. Your interactions: 2,419
i think i interacted 1273 on pc and 1164 on phone
and i got a badge yay

3 Days ago0 comments
Oh get ready for 9:00 SCE

4 Days ago6 comments
Berry Juice (Sweet)

Heat: 175°C
Duration: 15 Minutes


✓ 1x Honey (Your stock: 658)
✓ 3x Pecha Berry (Your stock: 54)
✗ 3x Watmel Berry (Your stock: 0)
✗ 3x Wacan Berry (Your stock: 0)
✓ 3x Mago Berry (Your stock: 4)

Gardener Level: 7
how do i get Watmel and Wacan Berries?

4 Days ago0 comments
when will i get another quest from Rowan? i have done the 18 eggs quest thingy

4 Days ago1 comment
I just missed a sce ;-; I was playing roblox

4 Days ago5 comments
So comment a name for my Crystal Aron and my starter,Charizard on this post and share this hashtag
The prizes are
Some random gems ,1k pd ,5 random berries and some honey
Ends when i got a good name for them
did i do this right?

4 Days ago3 comments
Does shiny pokemons counts as normal pokemons dex too?

4 Days ago1 comment
Oh, you've got 1x Nebula Stone!

But you need a Egg Radar Chip (Legend) to activate it, sorry...

4 Days ago1 comment
My poipole is a 20 os yay idk if i want it to be a naganadel

4 Days ago0 comments
My poipole egg is almost hatched and why my harvest sprite egg hatched first

4 Days ago0 comments
Plz click my poipole egg I'll click back

4 Days ago0 comments
Wow I got another rare candy

4 Days ago0 comments
just caught a wurmple but it instantly evolved to dustox

4 Days ago1 comment


Special PH Pokemons I have

My Starter:

20 OS Poipole ~ Naganadel ? OS(Purple Needle) :

262 OS Crystal Aron:

More soon

Needs Interaction:

Mass Click Me

Hunts (not shiny)

CharmanderForLive is currently hunting Crystal Aron

Future Hunts
Flabebe Eternal flower
Flabebe Sakura

Previous Hunts
Messenger Fletchling
Autumn Mareep

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