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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 1,966/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
361152,114 / 459,711
°Golden Weedle°
375306,079 / 423,001
~Lucky Kitty~889 OS
(Maneki Espurr)
15846,982 / 75,367
17554,979 / 115,501

aBoUT mEh

ok uh about me's have pics right so here a pic of my team

||Bulba||he/she/they||still has school||what do you put in here now||

Wip I guess

CharmanderForLive -->BulbaForLife
Gonna change it in 2 Months and 15 Days. after this
P.S. i like charmander more than bulbasaur
Quote from People I want to give a plushMasterBear
Currently have like 601 dp i wanna save it 4 later

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do u know I typed the 2nd poll with my el. blpow(elbow)
if you want me to tell you what it means please PM me with the topic poll meaning and send a screenshot or send proof you voted on it pls dont spoil to others who havent voted thnx

PBB Team and rainbow charmander by MetalHeadKendra

If you have anything from here pm me If u want to trade

Special PH Pokemons I have

My Starter:

20 OS Poipole ~ Naganadel ? OS(Purple Needle) :

262 OS Crystal Aron:

Random Mega Able while hunting Crystal Aron

My First Shiny On PH

First Shiny Hatched

Second Shiny Hatched

Random Shiny on NORMAL wt

First Shiny Retro and First Shiny won On auction

20 OS Tapu Koko

More soon

New event pokemon Spoiler ALERT

Needs Interaction:
Mass Click Me

Starters Collection


Chikorita bayleef
croconaw feraligatr
Treecko grovyle

Turtwig grotle
Chimchar monferno
Piplup prinplup
servine serperior
Tepig pignite emboar
Oshawott Dewott
Chespin quiladin chesnaught

Froakie frogadier
Rowlet dartrix


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Newest gifts
MasterOfTheKey 5 Days ago
Rose~Kitty 6 Days ago
Elpihas 7 Days ago
Elpihas 7 Days ago


BulbaForLife hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #531245134
Registration: 10/04/2018 (10 Months ago)
Game Time: 486:02 Hours
Total interactions: 176,740
Money: 606,650
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Ill just post the results of the shares of the day
Day 1
Still no nebula stones

Recap of the prizes
A dragon gem
Some ice stones
Some honey
Random gems
2 winners gets each of the prizes
Mightadd 50k pd to it

36 school days to go
59 days to go
Today, 04:34
Today, 04:19
So what's the average interactions to get a zeraora egg?
Yesterday, 16:16
sCrEaMs aAaAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAa wifi is backkkkkkkkk
Yesterday, 13:22
Cough finger don't even think about clicking on ph today just wait for tomorrow and i shouldnt be typing this oof
Yesterday, 12:31
*Pokes the door a bit*
hi my WiFi is broken im using data i shouldnt be here rly i see zeraoura is here i cant spell it ok i think ill prob sign up 4 spriter ok bye
Yesterday, 12:05
Okay since my national exams are coming (in 60 days I think or 37 days of school) ;-;
I'll set up a giveaway thing for it yeeee
The national exams will be held at 22nd-24th April so Ill say the giveaway ends on Saturday 27th April
tHe pRiZes
A dragon gem some random gems ice stones and some honey (and probably a nebula stone if I had one oof)
There will be 2 winners and they will get the same prizes except the random gems they are random and if I had a nebula stone ill pick another winner for it the 2 winners cant join so there will be a slight chance I guess
nOw sPreAd tHe hAsHtAg lOL
1 Day ago
Why my notif is pretty ded :I
2 Days ago
By N0T_S0AP - 12 Minutes and 37 Seconds ago.
100? Nah what about 500? No wait I know 8k!

Wait no that's what people expect, how about 9k?

Okay so 9k it is

Hey just comment and share hatch my party and enter this givesway

It's only 9k nuggets for one winner ends at reset Tomorrow

Have fun
6 Days ago
Root Fossil caught!
Yay my first fossil !
6 Days ago
(sees 2 people changed their avatars) new avatar dont mind me
6 Days ago
Magikarp caught!
now I need 97 karps, 1 shellder, 2 marills, and, 2 more tympole
7 Days ago
Just a few questions
Can the new karps evolve and are they going to be shiny locked?
7 Days ago
Thanks to everyone who interacted my eggs but no gloweon eggs rip lets just hope one of them is shiny lol
7 Days ago
1 more egg to hatch then im done srsly why daycare just gimme 6 eggs or something not 12 eggs ;-;
7 Days ago


Hunts (not shiny)

BulbaForLife is currently hunting Gloweon.

Future Hunts
Flabebe Eternal flower
Flabebe Sakura
Disguised Exeggcute
Summer Mareep
Van Bagon
Festival Ralts
Rodeo Scraggy

Previous Hunts
Messenger Fletchling
Autumn Mareep
Crystal Aron
Fiesta Larvesta
Van Bagon
Witch Vulpix

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Charmander Avatar By FrozenHeroes Using

Charmander and Bulbasaur Avatar By ProfessorGreenie Using

Charmander and Bulbasaur licky By Dark_Chibiterasu Using

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