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Trainerlevel: 75

Trainerpoints: 14,719/16,949

Game Records

Trainer ID: #831276257
Registration: 19/09/2016 (5 Months ago)
Premium member until 13/Mar/2017
Game Time: 1587:09 Hours
Total interactions: 2,660,589
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 7,236,672
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken



i got a griseous pearl, griseous crystal and 3 FULL MOON maps.

she got all 5 NEW MOON maps.

5 Days ago4 comments
Well it took 28 days for me to get 5 black keys. but i am now ready to open all the box and key sets i have. (50+ each normal, 5 black)

ALSO: black keys can be got from ANY failed attempt NOT just mega stones. Although... the odds seem to be better for mega stones and cost is about the same on average?

i was hoping for keys more often even at higher cost as can make 10-20 other things PER DAY compared to stone every 2 days.


i only got 4 keys, first 28 days ago, 26, 25 and last one 2 days ago.

my daughter got 6 total, also 3 first week, then about 1 a week... last being today.

cost of the 900+ total attempts is about 9 Million in Gems. so about 450k per key. almost worth it, but what we made can not be sold like megastone can be.

if we got as many as we did the first week would of been well worth it. but alas, twas not the way it went.

5 Days ago0 comments
Repost for those that missed it last night:

Ditto/Legend stats for last week:


49 TOTAL from LAB IN ONE WEEK. granted practically all of that was a 2x day (click fest event) day 4 was the actual 2x day, day 5 was almost as good due to click event new plushies.

EGG COUNT last 4 days
day 4, about 60,000 eggs, so 1 per 4000
day 5, about 36,000 eggs, so 1 per 3600
day 6, about 16,000 eggs, so 1 per 3200
day 7, about 12,000 eggs, so 1 per 3000 <<< TYPICAL DAY NO CLICK FEST
totals: 120,000...average close to 1:3500 eggs
***probably closer to 1:2500 removing shiny breeders eggs***

bad week... typically more ditto than birds

6 Days ago0 comments
Shiny Crabominable caught!


normally i do not post what i get from the lab a second time... BUT since this was MY FIRST shiny/mega it was worth a repost. (btw 3OS)

6 Days ago6 comments
FINALLY. its been weeks since the last one.

Your Gem Cauldron has finished boiling!

... But what is that!! Instead of the expected result, your cauldron produced a Mystery Key (Black)!

1x Mystery Key (Black) obtained!

7 Days ago1 comment
Who is in the mood for some KFC? (Kanto Fried Combusken)

25 Days ago1 comment

Your Gem Cauldron has finished boiling!

... But what is that!! Instead of the expected result, your cauldron produced a Mystery Key (Black)!

1x Mystery Key (Black) obtained!


(sorry not for sale/trade, as it is my first)

1 Month ago6 comments

weak pokemon? i can run maps
bad luck in safari? i can catch/hatch
shiny hunting? i can do fossils
giratina drive you nuts? i can do that too

if you do not care about OT, and have problems with the above, send me your summon item. i will catch / hatch / run for you.

fossils: instant
rocks, giratina mini game: less than a day
maps: 1-4 days

*** no caps in advertisement to drive my daughter nuts *** *smiles*

1 Month ago4 comments


Friend Finder is a small spreadsheet to compare your friend list for you without scrolling back and forth. to prevent people from posting their friend list online it can NOT be edited here, sorry, but you must download a copy to use it.

To make it shareable with hashtag i did not use URL link on purpose.

want to know who you are friends with but are not friends with you? or who are your friends but you are not theirs?

use this program to find out... remove all the dead beats that friend you for interactions then remove you as soon as you friend them.

also see who is a friend of yours, but you missed adding (or purposely missed)

share if you know someone that might find this program useful.

1 Month ago0 comments

finally got a hitmontop, which gave me this (all MY OT):

The big achievement

Congratulations, Bishop! Your Johto-Dex is now complete!

then since i got that, decided to borrow the Zapdos needed to get this (all my OT, except Zapdos obviously)

The big achievement

Congratulations, Bishop! Your Kanto-Dex is now complete!

1 Month ago7 comments
How to get GAME CHIPS.

1. concentration is the place to start. (buy 1000gc for 10k PDs if you have none). play concentration mid level for 1kgc, you DOUBLE your chips in 1 minute. do this 4 times until you can do hard (5KGCs). play this version everyday until you win the retro (and hope for shiny, does NOT break chain) this keeps chips up

2. treasure hunt... do this EVERY 10 minutes you are in game. yes you lose 8 out of 9 times, but can win up to 20k chips, mega stone, and other stuff.

3. MAIN WAY TO WIN BIG OR GO BROKE: Coin Flip... NOT REQUIRED... 1 and 2 is enough to do what is needed, coin flip will allow you to get lotto tickets and pokemon but is no guarantee, going broke happens a lot.

my method, to take advantage of statistics and probability: not enough room here to post, see comment.

1 Month ago6 comments


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