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Van Halen
9323,862 / 28,767

About Me

My first badge from beating Brittanyrs0419. It was a great battle that I will never forget.

My second badge

An adoptable I bought.

My Pokesona made by BanetteXD

QuoteFinally learned how to do this!


I do not sell/give stuff unless stated otherwise or you are a close friend.

Warning for friends

First time I'll let it slide.

Second time I'll remove you from my friends list.

Third is blocked.

Warning for other users

First time I'll let it slide.

Second is blocked.

As for buying things, I usually don't buy items/Pokemon though sometimes I just might.

Put into effect as of 4:35 9/11/18


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Trainer ID: #291584993
Registration: 18/04/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 2982:16 Hours
Total interactions: 949,307
Money: 197,070
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


It's the Otomra True or False Quiz! Get all them right and win 100k Pokedollar.
Written in third person to make it easier to understand

1) Otomra has worn dresses before and don't really mind it.
2) Otomra once had wine at the age of sixteen.
3) Otomra's bed is a queen sized bed.
4) Otomra has tried over one hundred teas.
5) In the sixth grade Otomra was one of the best students in class.
6) Otomra has a miniature flamingo fountain in his room.
7) Otomra has over twelve decks of cards in his room.

Well good luck everyone.
Today, 00:05
Well since about this time last year, I've been baby sitting my cousin and my brothers and I have got her into things like Pokemon, Ben 10, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Legion of Super Heroes, and All Might.
Today I am planning to get her into Star Wars. Wish me luck.
Yesterday, 13:13
Otomra's thoughts before bed.

So recently I found out I was a role model for a kid at my church for the past two years and the weight of it all just hit me.
I am going over every action I can remember when around him to see if I gave him a good example.
My brain is in disagreement with part of me thinking I shouldn't be viewed as a role model while another part of me says I should be honored and work even harder. At the very least I at least want him to not make the mistakes I made.

A bit heavier than usual so here is a joke.

Two fish are in a tank. One turns to the other and says, "How do you drive this thing?"

Well night.
1 Day ago
A think I like doing is asking people who come different backgrounds/lifestyles than me questions. This helps me understand people better and often gives me a lot to think about.
So I decided to talk to an anti-vaxxer today to ask them questions to understand their view points better and this lady just acted like she was so far above me and refused to talk to me because if I don't know the answers by now we wouldn't get along.
So the last bit of willingness I had to try and understand them is gone.
2 Days ago
Otomra's thoughts before bed!

Thought 1: Feeling a bit of pride in some of my work which is nice. It isn't as great as I envisioned but still 85% of what I wanted which is great.

Thought 2: I wonder what would happen if Darth Vader from Rogue One I liked him more in the original trilogy but that hall way scene at the end was in the Marvel movies.

Thought 3: The Simpson's Episode this Sunday wasn't that entertaining for me. Sure it was fun to see everyone younger plus we found out how the Captain lost his leg. Other than that it was meh.
I'd rather watch one that annoys me a bit (like the one last week where Marge was rather mean to Homer for weeks for watching a tv show without her) because at least then I'd still get a few laughs.

Well night.
2 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 29 Minutes and 33 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Cyndaquil hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #77)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.
2 Days ago
Otomra's thoughts before bed.

Thought 1: I wanted to work on a project in Minecraft tomorrow later today technically since it is past midnight so I got to do loads of math. I spent well over an hour calculating the layout and determined I will need 13 whole stacks of wood or 3,328 planks.

Thought 2: I accidentally made five pounds of chili. 2.2 kilograms of chili for the rest of the world.
This is almost as bad as when I made enough rice to feed sixteen people.
I am bad at remembering to read labels for food.

Thought 3: Why can't we make words with meanings? Someone else did years ago so why not do the same and hope something catches on.

Well night.
3 Days ago
Otomra's Thoughts Before Bed

Thought 1: My plasma ball fell and I was afraid I broke it. Fortunately it still works.

Thought 2: I prepared a children's church lesson for tomorrow. I hope it is a good one. It is about endings. Though part of me wonders if I should save it before my family and I move.

Thought 3: I am seriously considering making merchandise to fund my world domination plans. Maybe coffee mugs and t-shirts?

Well night.
4 Days ago
Otomra's thoughts before bed part IV.

Thought Number 1: Wholesome manga is always a good way to end your day.

Thought Number 2: I really want water right now.

Thought Number 3: I want to work at a bank or as the person who gives out free samples at a store.

Thought Number 4: I read the first three volumes of Bacanno. It was quite enjoyable.

Well night.
6 Days ago
Your dog by law is required to have vaccines. Your kids aren't required by law to have vaccines depending on the state.
This is unfortunate isn't it?
7 Days ago
Mission failed guys. They noticed I was part of "Sounds like anti-vaxxers are the worst but okay" and refused to let me in.
7 Days ago
I am bored, so I am joining an anti-vax group to try and get some laughs. I'll share the results if I get in.
7 Days ago
Otomra's thoughts before bed night 3.

Thought one: I finished the 28 Days Later comic and I am not quite sure how I feel about it yet. Part of me feels the ending is great while another part of me feels like it was meh or even bad. I'll need to decide how I feel.

Thought two: I found the Esquire article interesting and am looking forward to the other stories. I always like to learn about why certain people think certain ways so this has been fun.

Well night.
8 Days ago
Fifty minutes later and I am fine. I am unsure if the effects are over or if the ice numbed my tongue.
This will require testing come Summer.
8 Days ago
I put pepper spray in my mouth for a failed experiment. Now I am on my second popsicle.
In other words, a standard night for a mad scientist.
8 Days ago
Otomra's thoughts before bed night 2! I forgot to make one last night! :'0

Thought 1: Man is the 28 Days Later comic good so far. I am a bit shocked I haven't read it till now.

Thought 2: My pillow is really soft. I only had it for a week so it is still as cushionie as night one.

Thought 3: Man is Gatorade good. I have some of the glacial cherry by my bedside.

Well night everyone.
9 Days ago
The Dark Knight Returns is easily much better than Batman vs Superman.
Their fight is more entertaining, it ends in heart break, and it makes sense as to why they'd fight and stop fighting.
10 Days ago
So I decided to do what I dub "Otomra's Thoughts Before Bed" where each night before bed I share my thoughts. So Night 1 Hurray!

Thought Numero Uno: I am excited for the children's church message I am going to talk about being a good neighbor and this allows me to talk about my hero Mr.Rogers a bit.

Thought Number Two: I am mad about the Captain Marvel movie. First and the biggest is Black Widow should have not been ignored for so long. She has been in the MCU since 2010 and should have received a solo movie (Hawkeye too!) Second reason is the marketing is a mess (I love researching business/marketing so bad marketing like this annoys me)

Final Thought: There are 645 Cracker Barrels out there.

Well night.
11 Days ago
I am off to bed after watching Mr.Rogers' Neighborhood.
Thanks to it I feel happy being me.
14 Days ago
Super girl in the tv show is incredibly annoying in my opinion. Here are two examples.

One she threatens to torture a prisoner but when someone else does the same thing it is suddenly unforgivable and it is not right to scare them.

The second is when she tries to go to a party she wasn't invited to filled with many politicians and rich people. A security guard tells her no so she tries to sneak past him. He tries to move her back and she beats him up.

14 Days ago



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