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Create a fan club for any activity/Anime/Game you like, or join a club of someone else's!
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Fan Clubs
Pokémon Fan Clubs
Are you a great fan of a specific Pokémon type or a character from the Anime/game series? Then start a fan club!
[SMHG] Shiny Mega Hunting Guild - Version Two!
From Navneet
2 Hours ago
59 Topics
3,934 Posts
Country Clans
Is your native language not English? Then start/join a clan for people to small-talk in other languages.
český klan!/czech clan
From Galaxy_Von-Shwartz
1 Hour ago
30 Topics
16,488 Posts
Inactive Clubs
Fan Clubs that have been inactive for more than one month are moved here. Please contact one of our moderators if you want your club to be moved back to the active ones.
Monsters Domination[CLOSED]
From Luckylikeit
2 Days ago
654 Topics
35,833 Posts
Making Clubs (The How-To Guide)
By Queen_Pumpkaboo (02/Apr/2014 17:49)
15 Posts
1,629 Clicks
By watch_dogs_2
4 Months ago
The Everything Arts Club (Accepting!)
By Kitsu~Meme (16/Jul/2016 23:01)
10,610 Posts
104,532 Clicks
By Panta
14 Minutes ago
!!The Biker Squad!! (Not a gang) [ALWAYS ACCEPTING!]
By ThtGayGuy (15/Apr/2017 09:17)
283 Posts
1,509 Clicks
By ThtGayGuy
3 Hours ago
~~ The FlightRising Club ~~
By Bettalong (20/May/2015 04:25)
34,003 Posts
356,693 Clicks
By ArcaniteScholar
11 Hours ago
The Music Club! (Always Accepting!)
By Luckylikeit (21/Apr/2017 03:13)
4 Posts
33 Clicks
By Luckylikeit
1 Day ago
PokeFarm Q Club
By ~AnimeSenpai~ (04/Nov/2016 02:20)
28 Posts
288 Clicks
By AkaruiShiro
1 Day ago
Warriors Cats FanClub
By Fernsong (02/Oct/2016 05:17)
53 Posts
322 Clicks
By Fernsong
1 Day ago
Fire Emblem: Heroes Club
By Margreat (31/Mar/2017 23:54)
30 Posts
159 Clicks
By Margreat
2 Days ago
osu! Fan Club
By Waffle (14/Jul/2016 18:50)
310 Posts
1,777 Clicks
By osacrys
2 Days ago
- League of Legends United -
By Sumire (14/Aug/2016 15:48)
116 Posts
1,105 Clicks
By Naiara
2 Days ago
Pokeheroes Gender Queer Club
By ~Ruka_Shimizu~ (01/Mar/2017 23:11)
7 Posts
188 Clicks
By AkaruiShiro
2 Days ago
✰Yuri!!! On Ice Fan Club✰ [ACCEPTING]
By -Naoto- (16/Nov/2016 22:08)
413 Posts
3,332 Clicks
By -Naoto-
5 Days ago
By ToppMonstaCarat (27/Jan/2016 02:15)
845 Posts
7,666 Clicks
By ToppMonstaCarat
5 Days ago
Initial D Fan Club
By Hotcat (17/Apr/2017 21:54)
1 Post
10 Clicks
By Hotcat
5 Days ago
Voltron: Legendary Defender Fanclub
By -Lance (05/Mar/2017 00:33)
44 Posts
352 Clicks
By -Lance
9 Days ago
The OC Management Club
By jamesmadisonscreams (26/Feb/2017 01:38)
43 Posts
520 Clicks
By fluttershyfan2
13 Days ago
LoveLive! School idol project/festival Fan Club!
By Seer (19/Mar/2017 18:03)
20 Posts
151 Clicks
By Lyraine
19 Days ago
Animal Crossing Club
By -Flamey- (30/Mar/2017 22:36)
11 Posts
87 Clicks
By Jamison_Junkenstein
20 Days ago
Angel Beats fan club
By Loco8912 (29/Mar/2017 04:59)
1 Post
4 Clicks
By Loco8912
25 Days ago
The club of suffering PH users
By Nishinoya (28/Mar/2017 11:42)
2 Posts
56 Clicks
By enderknux
25 Days ago
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