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About me

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Posted: Sat, 05/07/2014 16:11 (3 Years ago)

Name: Yuki-chan
Age: 17 Years Old
Date of Birth: 26th June 1998
Gender: Female
Location: Indonesia ;3
Favorite Anime: Axis Powers - Hetalia (It should be obvious, right? XDD), Detective Conan, Cardfight Vanguard, Shingeki no Kyojin, Hataraku no Maou-sama, Volcaloid (it's not an anime, but can't we just pretend that it is? \('w')/), and lots of others~ X'3
Favorite Character: Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia is Awesomeness! XDD) (APH), Ayumi Yoshida and Ai Haibara (Girls rock! XDD) (DC), Taishi Miwa (He's so cute X3 and nice XDD) (CV), Armin Arlet (His intelegence is awesome, and he can be a badass when he wants too ;3) (SnK), Chiho Sasaki (She's... Just... too... Cute!!! X3) (Hataraku no Maou-sama), Rin Kagamine and Len Kagamine (my favorite <3), and also Kaito Shion and Hatsune Miku (my second favorite <3) (Volcaloid).
Favorite Color: Turquoise, Blue, Green, White, Black, and Red
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, playing games, watching movies, listening to music, singing, hanging out with friends and family, and bug/bother people :3
And maybe eating cakes, donuts, and ice creams~ X3
Favorite Type: Ice, Dark, Grass, Fire, and Water. (May change in the future)
Favorite Pokemon: Plusle~ <3, Swablu, Glaceon, Umbreon, Eevee, Vulpix,Lilligant, Combee, and Togetic. (But I like all Pokemon in general)
Favorite Shinies: Glaceon, Umbreon, Lilligant, Furret, and Combee.
Favorite Megas: Mega Charizard X, and Mega Banette.
Favorite Legendaries: Jirachi and Celebi.
Favorite Events: Polestar, Flower Girl, Flower Boy, Cottonblu, Driflamp, and Festival Ralts.
Favorite Plushies: Plusle (currently collecting them), Minun, Combee and Jirachi.

Please forgive my bad English, since English is not my first language uwu

My Palpad's open for everyone, and I always accept friend request, so feel free to ask me about almost anything (and I'll try to answer all of them if possible ^^'), and add me as your friend ;3

PS: If you know any good Anime or Manga, feel free to just send me a PM or Palpad me. I'm always looking for a good anime ;3

Credits ;3:
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Avatar: © reserved for Yato :3
Banner: © reserved for Rabou :3
Poke Menu: © reserved for ChiipS :3

Posted: Wed, 07/01/2015 12:51 (2 Years ago)

Title: My goals

1. Get to level 50
2. Get a Pokeradar
3. Get all Eeveevolution
a. Male
b. Female
4. Get Jirachi and Polestar
5. Get a shiny Plusle
6. Get all shiny Eeveevolution
a. Male
b. Female
6. Get a Ditto
7. Hatch a shiny (from lab)
8. Hatch a shiny (hunt)
9. Finish the badge collection
a. Set 1
b. Set 2
c. Set 3
d. Set 4
10. Finish my Pokedex (38.03%)
11. Get all plushies from Dream World

Feel free to send a PM or Palpad me if you want to help me, like, for example, exchange plushies ;3
Posted: Sat, 21/03/2015 14:36 (2 Years ago)

Title: Collecting

Normal gems


Grass gems



Ghost gems


Bug gems



Fairy gems



Star Pieces





Buying/trading all the gems mentioned here for 500 PD or for other gems that I might have.
The last one might be impossible, but oh well *shrugs*

Palpad me if you have some for sale/trade please ;3
Posted: Sun, 22/03/2015 13:11 (2 Years ago)

Title: Plushie hunt




And also all the other plushies that I don't have. Palpad me for plushie exchange please X3
Posted: Sun, 08/11/2015 06:52 (2 Years ago)

Title: Artwork

Made by ChiipS

Made by Rabou

Made by Aisling

Made by Ludicrous_Lunpis

Made by CyndaquilLuvsVan_Halen

Made by Apte

Made by FenneCake

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Posted: Sun, 08/11/2015 16:26 (2 Years ago)

Title: Mass-Opening Boxes

Event: Halloween
Open: Sunday - 08 - November - 2015 (Late, I know -v-']a)

Boxes: 102 pairs

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Event Points: 53x Event Points, 51x Event Points, 70x Event Points
Totals: 174 Event Points.

Nuggets: 2x Nugget
Totals: 2 Nuggets.

Special Items: 1x Cover Fossil, 2x Green Orb, 1x Spooky Plate, 1x Hollow Space (Map), 1x Stone Plate, 1x Plume Fossil, 1x Refrigerator, 2x Light Rock, 1x Enigma Stone, 1x Icicle Plate, 1x Washing Machine, 1x Flame Plate.

Gems: 8x Fairy Gem, 12x Dark Gem, 4x Ice Gem, 13x Psychic Gem, 4x Water Gem, 14x Flying Gem, 6x Steel Gem, 1x Fighting Gem, 5x Grass Gem, 6x Fire Gem, 4x Normal Gem, 4x Dragon Gem.

Evolution Items: 2x Everstone, 1x Prism Scale, 1x Leaf Stone, 1x Fire Stone, 2x Shiny Stone, 1x King's Rock, 1x Magmarizer, 1x Dusk Stone.

PDs: 3,204x Pokédollar, 454x Pokédollar, 2,697x Pokédollar, 3,456x Pokédollar, 3,473x Pokédollar, 2,492x Pokédollar, 3,078x Pokédollar, 2,521x Pokédollar, 3,373x Pokédollar, 1,673x Pokédollar, 3,217x Pokédollar, 1,068x Pokédollar, 1,244x Pokédollar, 518x Pokédollar, 2,972x Pokédollar, 6,975x Pokédollar, 3,062x Pokédollar, 7,310x Pokédollar
Totals: 52,787 Pokédollar.

Normal Items: 19x Soda Pop, 6x Lemonade, 3x Relic Copper, 1x Relic Silver.

Vitamins: 2x Calcium, 1x Zinc.

Game Chips: 118x Game Chips, 1,457x Game Chips, 155x Game Chips, 372x Game Chips, 1,436x Game Chips, 870x Game Chips, 1,373x Game Chips, 455x Game Chips, 1,167x Game Chips, 634x Game Chips, 1,496x Game Chips, 1,822x Game Chips  Totals: 11,355 Game Chips.

Berries: 6x Kelpsy Berry, 5x Cheri Berry, 8x Wepear Berry, 4x Colbur Berry, 4x Kelpsy Berry, 4x Kebia Berry, 3x Babiri Berry, 3x Nomel Berry, 6x Nanab Berry, 21x Lum Berry, 6x Cornn Berry, 6x Oran Berry.

Next Event: Unknown due to massive exams.
Goals: 50 pairs from each colour!
Might change it to 100 X'D

Pairs I currently have


Come on people, sell me those boxes and keys~ XDD

Posted: Wed, 18/11/2015 18:46 (2 Years ago)

Title: PH Family

So, after a lot of pondering and rollling, I decided...

*drum rolls*

To make a PH Family Tree~ X3

*silence filled with Crickets*

*someone coughing*

Ah yeah, I know this sucks but it'll get better... Maybe...

ANYWAY, let's just finish it now since I'm tired, and still have some homeworks I need to finish. Stupid school for giving me way too much homework *grumbles*

PH Family

My ong Lost Twin: Apte
My Sister: RaineMarygold

And that is all~ I know it's really really short, but welp... Yeah, I don't know what to say anymore X'D

Anyway, thank you for reading, and bye~ 'w')/