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Pack in the Valley (Play)

Forum-Index Roleplay Pack in the Valley (Play)
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 20:44 (3 Months ago)

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My pack. My beautiful pack is in danger. Humans have come and are taking us away. I hope to keep my pack safe, but I cannot do that alone. Will the pack survive the humans, or will we all vanish?

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Alpha Female- Luna- saratank
Alpha Male- To be picked in the RP

Beta Male- Damion- DarkHorse90
Beta Female- (Person quit. Damion will pick his next mate)

Healer- Closed (Cannot have a mate) Max of 2
Twilight- frisco22hero (Now Hunter)
Idreal- DarkHorse90

Hunters- Unlimited
Star- saratank
Solar- frisco22hero
Dusk- wolfgirl
Twilight- frisco22hero (Former Healer)

Fighters- Unlimited
Fang- saratank
Lithy- DarkHorse90
Kaim- Blacklion1023

Apprentices- Less than Hunters and Fighters (6 months to 1 year)
Hawk- saratank
Veritas- Blacklion1023

Expecting Females- Max of 4 to start (Must have mates)
Lyra- saratank (will have the pups born in the RP)

Elders- Max of 10 to start

StormPack- A smaller Evil pack
Alpha- Fane- DarkHorse90

Beta- Scar- saratank

Hunters- Unlimited

Fighters- Unlimited
Rose- wolfgirl

Apprentices- Less than Hunters and Fighters (6 months to 1 year)

Loners- Max of 6
Freyvia- Blacklion1023
Aro- saratank
Darken- DarkHorse

Sunny X Damion (betas)
Solar X Lyra

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1- No Power Playing
2- No bringing up anything dramatic without asking me
3- No crushes or Mates with your own characters
4- Minimum of 2 wolves must be signed up per person (You can kill one off later)
5- Be active
6- I control Day and Night
7- Have fun
8- No controlling others characters without permission
9- No fighting with other people (Unless its with the characters)

Luna woke up as the sun hit her face. She let out a sigh as she walked out of her den and looked around. The winter had been a harsh one, but now that spring was here, new dangers are around the corner. She heard Lyra snoring slightly in her den not too far from the Alpha.

Hawk walked out of His den and looked around for something to do. He was still in training and knew he wasnt allowed to leave the camp alone.

Star headed out of the camp to hunt for the pack, leaving quietly.

Fang sat in the sun, trying to warm up from his cold den.

Aro snored in his den, about half a mile from the pack. He knew they were there, and they knew he was there, but they never had any issues.
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 21:09 (3 Months ago)
As the sun stretched across the sky, Lithy was standing silently on top of a cliff that watched over the pack. It was her overnight shift and in all honesty, she wanted to take the shift. A lot has been on her mind and she wanted the night to think everything through. She would shake her head as she then sat, waiting for the others to awaken.

Down at the pack, Idreal was curled up near a tree near the forest entrance. Still dreaming, the small wolf would start to yip in her sleep. Those squirrels were always after her but yet she could never catch them ever. Her slumber was usually always deep and always awakened by another. But until that moment, she would continue to dream...

Opening his eyes, Damion would yawn as he rolled over on his side to wake up a little more. Standing, he would walk out of his den and take a hard shake to wake himself up. Navy blue eyes took a glance over the pack and to see if anyone else was up. Lifting his head, he saw one of the fighters, Lithy, still at her post from last night. Taking a walk outside and to get a drink of water from the nearby stream, he yawned. Fangs like knives were shown as he quickly shut his jaws and made his way to the stream to wake himself up.

As the dawn broke, Darken opened his eyes from his curled position in a remote, dank cave not to far from the pack. He took a long in hail then exhale through his nose before lifting his head. Another day, another meal to find. Standing slowly, he stretched outward then backwards before taking his trot out of the cave. His midnight black fur was ruffled, for he didn't care what he looked like. He was alone and by himself as usual. Yawning, he took his walk to the nearby stream, unaware what the day held in store for him...
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 21:59 (3 Months ago)
Twilight woke up and padded over to Luna's den needing too ask a question that has been on her mind

Solar was already up and staring at Lyra's stomach
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 22:02 (3 Months ago)
Luna sat tall and glanced at Twilight. "Yes" she asked calmly. She hoped there was nothing wrong with Lyra as the pack needed healthy pups to be born after the winter took a few pack members.
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 22:03 (3 Months ago)
"I want to be a hunter" Twilight blurted out and looked down

Solar pawed his mate's stomach playfully
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 22:05 (3 Months ago)
Luna flicked her ear. "Are you sure? You can't change your rank again after this" she replied. "Most packs won't even allow a switch like this, but I will allow it since we do have Idreal as well for a healer."
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 22:05 (3 Months ago)
"Yes I am sure" Twilight nodded
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 22:07 (3 Months ago)
Luna nodded. "alright then. Go make yourself a new den away from the healers den" she said.
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 22:08 (3 Months ago)
Twilight padded over near fang an nudged him "Could you help me?"
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 22:11 (3 Months ago)
Fang looked at Twilight and lifted his head. "What do you need help with" he asked.

(I'm going to wait for the others before I post again)
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 22:47 (3 Months ago)
Seeing as others were awaking from there slumbers, Lithy still sat on top of the cliff watching. Waiting. She felt as though something was stirring it the distance. A sense that she didn't like. Her onyx black fur stood from the back of her neck to her tail. She was on edge. But she would wait before she would do anything...just to make sure.

Idreal finally awoke hearing the others. She stretched and with her happy trot, she came over to Luna with a nod. "Good Morning!" Before she made her rounds, she happily went over to Lyra and sat down wagging her tail. The small framed wolf made a sight pass over her and yipped happily. "Morning! How are you feeling?" She would wait until Lyra spoke before examining her thoroughly.

Damion finished his drink and made his way back to the pack. He nodded towards Luna and went to her. "How's Lyra?" He was stern with his question as knowing that the pack needed to grow. They were in need of young little ones around and knowing that she was the first female expecting, he knew this was a big time for them all.

Darken stopped and waited until Damion finished drinking. He saw this male before and he kept his distance, for he did not want to be seen. He was weak and didn't have the strength to fight a stick, let alone another male wolf that looked well feed and enough to tear his to shreds. He stood for another few seconds before he stepped out of the shadows to take a small drink but he was on high alert.
Lithy. Lover. Fighter. Expert Rapidash Breeder
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 22:48 (3 Months ago)
Solar was looking at Lyra protectively

Twilight struggled to make herself a new den
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 22:54 (3 Months ago)
Luna looked at Damion. "She seems to be doing well. Her pups should be due any day now" she said with a nod, glad to know others worried as well.

Lyra slowly opened her eyes and yawned. "Tired, but alright otherwise" she said. She winced slightly before she took a deep breath. "They are already very active and they arent even here yet."
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 22:54 (3 Months ago)
Solar pawed his mate "Need anything?"
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 23:01 (3 Months ago)
Lyra looked at Solar. "Can you bring me a large rabbit" she asked.
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 23:03 (3 Months ago)
Solar padded off and came back a bit later with a huge rabbit while Twilight was still trying to make her den
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 23:07 (3 Months ago)
Idreal nodded and put her nose gently to her stomach to feel the movement. She pushed alittle into her stomach to see the reaction Lyra would give. "Alright. Water and continue to do what is normal. If you continue to rest too much, there could be complications. Call me if you need." She nodded and made her way to the stream to gather some water and get some for her own...

Lithy stood on edge and leaped to all four paws and snarled. That sent. Someone was near and they were not part of the pack. A howl left her to call the other fighters to be on alert....

Before Damion could respond, the howl from Lithy was heard and his ears went high and were stern. His hair went up and he motioned for Luna to stay with the pack while leaped into the forest first to see what was the danger. That was his job while there was no Alpha at the moment. He took it upon himself to protect the pack when need be.

When Darken heard the howl, he knew something was up. He wasn't sure if it was him that was seen or something other that was the danger. Shoot...he thought to himself. With a sprint, he leaped over the stream and took off into the woods to find a hiding place. He couldn't get caught, at least not in this state...
Lithy. Lover. Fighter. Expert Rapidash Breeder
Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 23:10 (3 Months ago)
Sikar curled around Lyra and nuzzled her and Twilight finally sets up a den

Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 23:13 (3 Months ago)
: Sunny woke up and stretched, feeling the moss on her fur. She looked around, and saw that Damion had already left the den. She got up and walked out of the den, before noticing that everyone was leaving the camp: "Geez, do I have morning breath or something?" : She muttered:

:Blizzard woke up with a start at the sound of howling. He ran out of the den, and then the camp, trying to find where it was coming from:

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Posted: Wed, 11/04/2018 23:14 (3 Months ago)
Luna watched Damion before she called to Fang to follow. She saw him take off out of the camp to follow. Fang had soon caught up to Damion, though had to push himself harder than normal. "A loner" he asked when he was side by side with the other male.