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Bandit's Life

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Posted: Fri, 06/04/2018 15:38 (9 Months ago)
The Beginning of the Beginning

The little Fletchling opened his eyes. He was encased... in a dark cocoon. He didn't know how he knew, but he knew it was an egg. With his beak, he started to peck at it. Little cracks began to appear, and all of a sudden... he was free! In front of him was a large figure.
"Hello!" it said. "Welcome to this world. What shall your name be? How about Bandit?" The newly named Bandit looked around. It was awful bright. Instead he looked back towards the strange being in front of him. "Where are my manners? The name's Valerie. Valerie Winter. You'll compete with me in loads of competitions! Let's go meet my family!"

Bandit perched on Valerie's shoulder, occasionally flitting about, relishing the rush of wind. They approached a large building. When Valerie opened the door, two kids came rushing up. "Mommy, mommy!" They spotted Bandit, and a look of disappointment crossed their face, unbeknownst to their mom. "Oh. You got another bird."
"That's right!" Valerie replied with enthusiasm. "I'll be going out soon to register him for some competitions, and schedule some training times. You can play with him while I'm out." She went up stairs to change quickly. Bandit looked at the two kids curiously. Were they the same as Valerie? They were a lot smaller, but they held a lot of affection for Valerie. Bandit concluded they were related, though they seemed to all look different. One had short hair, one had long hair, and Valerie had a bun. Bandit wondered about his own family, when a rock flew past his face. Startled, he looked back at the kids. They were laughing! All of a sudden, Valerie came back down. She smiled at the two kids. "Glad to see you guys are getting along! I'll be going out. Continue like this!" She then proceeded on to do her tasks. The kids looked at each other. "Rock, goooooo!" they shrieked. The rocks weren't so large as for the little Fletchling to dodge, but Bandit had to work hard still. After flying about for quite sometime, Valerie finally came back. "Well, everything's set! We go to work tomorrow, Bandit!" Valerie exclaimed, seemingly oblivious to the mess on the floor.