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Posted: Thu, 29/03/2018 20:27 (9 Months ago)
Angelless:.................if we keep going.......I’ll die. I know I can’t win. That’s why I will run. I’ll be back to finish this one day...... And that’s the day you drop dead

Angelless fled though a portal

Falling......Falling.......my memories.........fading..........why is this fall so long? Am I falling though time?........

To Be Finished.
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Posted: Tue, 03/04/2018 01:44 (9 Months ago)

Title: Chapter One: Into The UnderGround

Angell wakes up on a bed of Flowers “(Where am I.....Who am I? My name.....It’s Angell. What happened? My memories are all gone....)”Angell started to walk. “Maybe if I find someone they can explain!”

After walking deep into the Ruins, Angell bumps into a Froggit “Whoops! Sorry the-.” Angell was cut off as a swarm of white flies rush past her! “RIbbit RIbbit!” (Its a Human, KILL IT!). Angell instinctively pulls out a gleaming white blade. The Froggit recoils at the sight of it. “RIbbit?” (A magic Weapon?) “RIbbit RIbbit” ( Oh! I’m sorry, you must be a Monster!) Angell “I’m sorry......I seem to have Amnesia.” Angell explains. “RIbbit RIbbit!” (I’m so sorry! I’ll lead you to the Ruins House to make up for attacking you!) Angell responds “Thank you.......? I’m sorry, My name is Angell. What’s yours?” “Ribbit Ribbit” (Ribo, Nice to meet you Angell!)
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Posted: Tue, 03/04/2018 23:51 (9 Months ago)

Title: Chapter 2: The Spider Shop

Angell keeps gripping the LightBlade sheath, as it disappears when she lets the sword go. “RIbbit RIbbit Rib!” (As an Apology for attacking you, I’d like to take you to the spider shop) The Froggit croaks. Angell replies “A Shop Run by spiders? That sounds.........interesting. Let’s go then!”
Angell looks at the 2 webs “Are these...?” Froggit “RIbbit RIbbit” ( This is just the basic, Here!) The Froggit knocks to the tune of Spider Dance, And a portion of the wall slides away. The Froggit replies “RIbbit Rib” (This is the True Spider Shop!) Angell is stunner to see several mini bakery’s being run by hundreds of Spiders. The Froggit hoops over to a smaller booth and hands a few G to the spiders. The spiders come back a few minutes later ang give Angell a Spider Quiche! Angell smiles “Thank you Mr. Spider! Thanks for paying Froggit!” After walking out, the Froggit points the way to the Ruins only house, then leaves. Angell says “ What a nice Monster!”

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Posted: Sun, 08/04/2018 17:06 (9 Months ago)

Title: Chapter 3: About Angell

The SQ suddenly dissapears, and Angell nearly falls over in surprise “Wut! WUT? How? When? Why?” Angell holds out her hand, and too her surprise, a Screen pops up with Angells stats, and she recoils in surprise. “ Curious And curiouser! Angell thinks to herself. She takes a look at the Screen.

Angell Demaru Day.

Angell: THATS my full name?!

Attack (50+ 85) 135

Defense (100+50) 150

Magic Power 65


Primary: Divine and Demonic Blades (50)

Secondary: Magic Gun (35)

Armour: Woven Cloak (50)

IVT.......... LV1....... Exp 0.........Kills 0

Angell: So.........These are my stats. What’s in my “Inventory”?


“A Promise to Keep”

Ultimate Potion

“A Note To Self”

Spider Quiche.

Angell read “A promise to Keep”.

“He destroyed my world. I spared him. Was I a fool? I know why. I made a promise. To spare, until your Sure there is no Mercy left in there Soul......But win or lose. This is My promise to keep”

A memory surfaces

Agellen: Promise me. No matter what happens, you will at least try to save hi—....(Turns to dust)

“..............” Angell closes the screen and keeps going.

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Posted: Wed, 03/10/2018 22:00 (3 Months ago)

Title: Chapter 4: To begin anew.

Angell reaches a house. It wasn’t currently occupied... but it would be a nice place to rest. Maybe some sleep would do her good.

She woke up, only to Here the door open “Hello...?”

A fluffy goat monster peeked his head though the door. Angell waved “Umm hello! Sorry is I intruded in your house...” The goat walks in “Its fine! Really. I’m the only one here right now, my parents are coming later. My name is Asreil Dreemurr, Prince Of Monsters!”

Angell Shakes her head “I’m Angell (This kid is adorable). I’m... a...combat instructor! (Where did THAT come from?)”

Asreil s Eyes sparkle “Can I train under you!”

Angell mentally sighs “If your parents agree. Ok?” Asreil eyes sparkle more “Yay!” (Too cute!) “Well this will be fun!”