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• Depraysie's Academy for the Gifted • (ACCEPTING!)

Forum-Index Roleplay • Depraysie's Academy for the Gifted • (ACCEPTING!)
Posted: Sun, 04/03/2018 20:02 (3 Months ago)
Quote from Depraysie's Academy
"Welcome, young one, to Depraysie's Academy for the Gifted! We are a high-class, prestigious, and innovative school for young teenaged wizards and familiars ages fourteen to eighteen with special, extraordinary abilities in the magical arts. You have been chosen among many promising applicants to attend our wonderful school, and we sincerely hope you will enjoy your stay here at Depraysie's Academy. Our academy was founded over 200 years ago by the legendary archmage Oren Depraysie, and I as the current headmaster and descendent of Depraysie himself will do everything in my power to make sure your bright future in the magical arts is fulfilled with honor and success."


Dylan Dimitri

Current Headmaster of
Depraysie's Academy
for the Gifted


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Depraysie's Academy is a prestigious and selective school for gifted wizards/witches and familiars. Each and every student has magical abilities extraordinary for their age and therefore cannot benefit in a normal school. The school has 2 species, wizards and familiars.

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Wizards, or witches, are the primary species of the school. They have the ability to cast spells with their wands or hands. Every wizard in Depraysie's Academy has their own familiar of the same gender assigned to them upon entry to the school, and shares their own dorm room with them. They are born to cast spells with one of the 4 types.

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The 4 Types


These wizards cast spells associated with water and ice. Their familiars tend to be aquatic animals, and have a great variety in spells.


These wizards cast spells associated with the ground, earth, and nature. They tend to have land animals as familiars and is generally the most appreciated out of the 4 types, as Terra is the only type which promotes life.


These wizards cast spells associated with heat and fire. It can be the most feared and disliked out of the 4 types due to how destructive fire can be.


These wizards cast spells associated with the air. They tend to have animals that can fly as familiars and is the only type that can fly themselves.

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Familiars are sentient animals that are the loyal servants to wizards. They have two formes, their animal forme (Their natural forme), and their human forme. Usually, familiars are assigned to a wizard of the same gender upon entry, and have special classes to attend that are only for familiars. They are magically bound to their wizard and their animal forme ranges from typical house pets to aquatic animals to exotic and wild animals. Romantic relationships between familiars and their wizards are frowned upon and against the school rules.

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Depraysie's Academy is composed of 3 buildings. A main building and 2 dorm buildings (One for boys and one for girls). The main building has 2 floors. The first floor composes of the main entrance, the library, cafeteria, and the familiar classrooms, while the second floor composes of all the wizard classrooms. The second floor is divided into 4 classroom sections, 1 for each Type.

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Grading System

The Grading System in Depraysie's Academy ranges from F (Failing) to SS (Comparable to A+)

Order: F, D, C, B, A, S, SS

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Conflict is Brewing...

Due to the different outlook on each wizard type, Depraysie's Academy is heavily divided and biased.
Terra's are often benefited for their life-giving abilities while Pyro's are often discriminated for their destructive and dangerous power. Rumor has it that the headmaster, Dylan Dimitri is also secretly biased towards a type, perhaps even his own. The conflicts are growing more in number and severity, and it won't be long until the violence gets out of control. Will you be the one to step in and help stop the conflict?

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(CANNOT be broken)

1. NO GODMODDING! Not everyone is perfect!
2. Please get the other person's permission if you want to seriously injure or have your character be in a romantic relationship with their character.
3. All characters must be aged 14-18.
5. Please do not roleplay as your own crush/gf/bf or familiar. It would be much more interesting with another person!
6. This roleplay is LGBT+ friendly!
7. Please keep genders and wizards/familiars even! We would suggest making male for every female and a familiar for every wizard!
8. You can have as many characters as you think you can handle.
9. Use brackets () [] {} when out of character.
10. Do not roleplay until we have accepted your form. We have the right to decline your form for any reason
11. Include everyone and don’t leave anyone out!
12. Please keep drama/violence PG-13, and fade-to-black when necessary.

Failure to follow these rules will result in strikes and/or ban depending on the severity.


(CAN be broken)

1. Wizards and familiars are forbidden from engaging in romantic relationships among each other.
2. No boys in girl’s dorm building and vice versa.
3. Fighting, whether physical or magical, is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate suspension/expelling.
4. Using magic during exams is forbidden unless the exam is about magic.
5. All students must be in their dorms by 9 PM. Anyone out after the curfew will face detention.
6. All students must be on time to class. Anyone tardy to class 5 times will face detention.

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All characters will be listed here with their respective dorm room. A dorm room consists of 2 students, a wizard and their familiar.


Adelaide "Addi" August - 14 - Pyro - Freshman
Familiar - Age - Animal - Grade

Wizard - Age - Type - Grade
Kai/Mikayah Sothe - 15 - Raven - Sophomore

Eleanor Callaghan - 16 - Terra - Junior
Rao Himi - 17 - Red Fox - Junior

Lillian Waters - 16 - Aqua - Sophomore
Ginevra Winfaal - 17 - Otter - Senior

Faeryn Pondwater - 18 - Aero - Senior
Aria Blaarjiscarf - 16 - Cat - Junior


Felix "Lynx" Zhang - 17 - Pyro - Junior
Zion Azriel - 15 - Arctic Fox - Sophomore

Theo Greensleeve - 17 - Terra - Junior
Riley Summers - 18 - Crane - Senior

Navneet Hagashida - 16 - Aqua - Sophomore
Jonas Brown - 17 - Swan - Junior

Ryker Riott - 15 - Aqua - Sophomore
Kai Browning - 16 - Dog - Sophomore

Ivan Karloff - 18 - Aero - Senior
Jason "Jace" Sutton - 17 - Hyena - Sophomore

Posted: Mon, 12/03/2018 00:27 (3 Months ago)
(I guess I'll start) :Aria woke with a yawn, the sunlight shining in her face. She stretched out, her claws unsheathed, and got up for the day. She leapt into the window, and stared out at the grounds, noting how nice it was that day. She decided to go for a walk later if she could:
Posted: Mon, 12/03/2018 00:46 (3 Months ago)
Lillian rolled over in bed, the movement pulling her from her dream. She grumbled, not wanting to wake up, only wanting to go back to sleep, back to dreaming. "Why are mornings so haaaard..." she grumbled, rubbing her haid, before opeming up her eyes halfway and slowly getting off the bed.

Jonas smiled as he woke up, popping up quickly and stretching. He looked outside, and smiled. "I'm sure it'll be a lovely day today." He got up, glancing around. "Not sure what to do until I have to get ready..." he mused, not caring that he was talking to himself.
Posted: Mon, 12/03/2018 02:05 (3 Months ago)
Navneet was lazily rolling around the bed until he jumped out of it rapidly. He was looking around his room and his eyes laid their sights on his familiar. Navneet went towards he window and he was staring at the campus building muttering Tch were the first words that came out of his mouth.
Posted: Mon, 12/03/2018 02:32 (3 Months ago)

Adelaide "Addi" August

14 | Pyro | Freshman | Tags: Open

Addi laid in bed, staring up at the high ceiling as the low sunlight splashed her dorm room in gold. Thoughts whirled in her mind, thoughts that made her anxious about the school. Freshman year would be the hardest year was what her friends back home had told her, and Addi felt that being a Pyro would only make it worse. Slowly sitting up in her bed, her head turned to her sleeping familiar, and deep down hoped that they would help her out in some way. At least this school made sure you had a companion on your side.

Zion Azriel

15 | Arctic Fox | Sophomore | Tags: Open

Zion was already awake, his small paws light on the floor as he donned his natural forme. As usual, he got only four hours of sleep last night, and all he could think about was sleeping. Stifling out a yawn, Zion morphed into his human forme and slowly began packing his backpack.

Ginevra Winfaal

17 | Otter | Senior | Tags: Lillian

Ginevra slowly opened her beady, black eyes as the orange sunlight woke her. Getting up with a stretch, Ginevra hopped to the floor and scampered to her wizard as she got up with the daylight. She smiled in her natural forme up at her wizard, "I agree!" she said joyfully, "I wish we could start later"
Posted: Mon, 12/03/2018 02:37 (3 Months ago)
Lynx mutters some pretty unsavory things as he slides a hand under his pillow, groping around for his phone to turn off its alarm. He blinks blearily at the bright screen, cursing the ridiculously bright light, and presses a thumb against the Snooze button with more force than probably necessary.

He sits up, pressing a hand against his head when the usual morning vertigo assaults his senses, hitting him like a freight train, and he blinks at the blurry world. Where are his sunglasses... Lynx reaches out towards the blurry black object on the nightstand, feeling for them before shoving them on his face haphazardly. Blinking a few times, the world comes into focus, even though it's substantially darker.
When Riley hears the sound of his alarm, he rolls over and pretends it doesn't exist. It lasts for all of three minutes, because eventually, the constant vibrating started to tick him off, so he gets up and scrubs roughly at his face. He turns off his phone, swinging his legs over the side of the best, heading for the bathroom quietly, wondering if he woke up his dormmate.

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Posted: Mon, 12/03/2018 02:50 (3 Months ago)
There was nobody in the bed on the other side of the room, something that both annoyed and relieved Eleanor. For one, this was the first year that she didn't have a familiar in her room. ".. Maybe they're late." she mutters, running a hand through her wildly curly hair and unsuccessfully achieving her goal of detangling it. She sighs, heading towards the bathroom where she'd dropped her things off the previous night, and found her purple hairbrush, blinking.


A stark black Raven sat by a window, a pair of glasses on the ground by her. Mikayah wasn't the best at being in-clumsy, and whenever she transformed, she had a tendency to drop her glasses. There was nothing to do except stare out the window, her dormmate wasn't awake.

credit to nezumi
tomatoes are smoothies and you can't prove me wrong

previously towoma

Posted: Mon, 12/03/2018 03:28 (3 Months ago)
Lillian smiled at her familiar, nodding in agreement. "It eon't take long to get used to the schedule, I'n sure." She mumbled, rubbing her eyes as she plodded to the bathroom, looking around for her toothbrush. "Hmmph..." she grabbed it, starting to run it through her hair, which was a mess from last night. "How was your sleep?"

Jonas looked back at his wizard, smiling. "Hey, you're up." He mused, running his hand through his own hair. "You need to get ready, class'll be starting... eventually. It'll be better to be prepared." He went quickly into his natural form, ruffling his feathers more than they already were in the process, and started to clean them.
Posted: Tue, 13/03/2018 01:04 (3 Months ago)
((I'm assuming the dorms have their own showers?))

The slim girl stirred as her alarm beeped and buzzed. She groaned slightly, sitting up wearily. Opening her eyes slowly, she raised her arms gently and stretched. "Right! Time for a shower." she spoke almost in a chirp, the mostly dark haired girl was more of a morning person than most. Her fingers lightly tapped the 'dismiss' option on her alarm and she then pushed herself out of the warm bed, her covers patterned in a midnight blue tartan.

All she had worn to bed the previous night was a baby blue crop top and a pair of pyjama shorts which, when she went into her dorm's bathroom, she quickly abandoned in favour of the shower's warm water. Ten minutes passed before she left the shower again and, instead of the pyjamas she'd folded in a pile, Faeryn instead wrapped a pastel blue towel around herself.

Before drying herself, the young lady dried her hair with the hair drier she'd kept under her bed, her hair becoming light and almost fluffy when she'd finished. Faeryn's clothes had been neatly placed on top of her bedside table, she'd placed them there the night before. A black touchscreen phone was next to them, it looked to be a newer model. Faeryn, now wearing underwear, sighed lightly as she slid into her leather skirt, zipping up the side when the item of clothing was in place over her hips. The black leather skirt reached down to the middle of her thighs.

When she was finished dressing she finally left her dorm room, a black leather bag ((It looks like this)) over a single shoulder. She noticed her familiar had left before her just as she stepped outside the door
"Oh... How didn't I notice that before?" she asked herself, her voice sweetly toned with a dash of confusion. "Maybe she went to get breakfast?" And with that thought, Fae left for the cafeteria in her rose printed bomber jacket, skirt and combat boots.

'Today's going to be a good day!' she thought to herself.


A hyena tossed and turned, unable to return to sleep. Even without a wizard to share the dorm with, he had trouble sleeping. Finally, he gave up. A snort left the spotted hyena's nostrils as pushed himself to his paws on the human sized bed. "Better get dressed." he curtly mused, turning into his human form.

Jason, now a tall boy with brown hair and lightly tanned skin, ran his fingers through his longish hair before grabbing a hair tie from his bedside table and tying it up. He gently brushed the scar on his lip then grabbed the burgundy shirt he left on a the pile of clothes he accumulated on the floor before raising it over his head, putting it on. Next came his jeans then socks and boots.

He looked around his dorm room, now dressed. It was an awful mess, clothes strewn everywhere and, somehow, a half chewed pizza box on the floor. The boy picked up the box and looked inside. Nada. His stomach protested against the lack of food.

"Guess I should get something to eat." he grumbled, rubbing his face before opening his door and turning into a hyena mere seconds later. His claws clicked against the floor as he ran down the corridor to the doors and out onto the campus. It was a bright, warm day. Much to his liking. There weren't many other students outside yet, another bonus for being out early. 'If it's always this quiet, then maybe I'll start waking up earlier...' he thought to himself.
"Nah, sleeping in is better."
Posted: Tue, 13/03/2018 01:13 (3 Months ago)
:Aria turned around from the window, and saw that the wizard that she was assigned to was gone: "She must have gotten distracted..." : She said as she leaped down from the window. She turned into a human, and started getting ready for the day: "I wish I knew why they put me with an Aero wizard... I would much rather have be the familiar of a Pyro." :Aria mumbled. When she was ready, she left the dorm to get some breakfast:
Posted: Tue, 13/03/2018 01:22 (3 Months ago)

When the aero wizard entered the cafeteria, she was surprised to see only one other student there. That student being Jace. Deciding to do a double take, she took another look around "Wait... Where is Aria then?" she thought, fairly confused by this. Rather than dwell on it, Faeryn shook her head and grabbed some breakfast "She'll turn up eventually." her voice was quiet, clearly she was reassuring herself.

She sat down at a table, away from the known delinquent, with her choice of food, poached egg with bacon and grilled tomatoes on toast. She began eating the meal, her knife and fork scratching at the plate every once in a while, irritating herself as she tried to avoid doing it again.
Posted: Tue, 13/03/2018 02:19 (3 Months ago)

Adelaide "Addi" August

14 | Pyro | Freshman | Tags: Open

Returning her gaze to her lap, Addi wiped the remaining sleep from her eyes, and let out a sigh. How would her classes go today? How much homework would she get? Would she meet anyone new? Those were the thoughts that whirled in Addi's mind every morning since she came to Depraysie's Academy. She thought back to the freshman orientation, where Dylan Dimitri, the school's headmaster, strongly encouraged everyone to reach out and meet new friends. Attempting to push her thoughts aside, Addi got herself off her bed and threw on her usual outfit: A drapey pink t-shirt with a black skirt reaching to her knees, and a white infinity scarf circling her neck. She slipped on her boots and threw her hair up in a small ponytail afterwards. Slinging her bag onto her shoulder, Addi left her dorm room, and quietly walked down the halls until she reached the outside.

Zion Azriel

15 | Arctic Fox | Sophomore | Tags: Open

Zion heaved his heavy backpack onto his shoulders, groaning as it weighed down his back. Glancing back at Lynx as he began to rouse from his sleep, Zion stifled a yawn once more and left the dorm room. Hands on the straps of his backpack, Zion trudged down the hallways bleary-eyed, until he opened the doors to the outside. Zion held a hand up at the rising sun as it attempted to blind him, and slowly trudged along the campus pathways until he found himself in the cafeteria. To his surprise, there wasn't many students yet. Usually he would arrive when there was only 10 minutes before the first period, but today he was early. This surprise seemed to wake him up a bit more as he searched the cafeteria for a place to sit.

Ginevra Winfaal

17 | Otter | Senior | Tags: Lillian

The otter smiled at Lillian, "It was fine! I'm still tired though," she squeaked. Ginevra scampered to her side of the room, and morphed into her human forme. Grumbling at the sight of her messy hair, Ginevra went through her short, dirty-blonde locks with a hairbrush. Finished, Ginevra slowly dressed herself in her favorite white sweater with a pair of ripped jeans to match. She happily threw on her owl necklace for an extra touch. Turning to her wizard, she began to twiddle her thumbs nervously, "I hope today will go alright," she said. "I'm hoping they won't slap us a bunch of homework."
Posted: Tue, 13/03/2018 03:21 (3 Months ago)
Lillian was struggling to get her shirt on. "Who knows about how much homework they pile on us." She mumbled, before yawning. "I should have done this before I brushed my hair..." She shoved her way into the shirt, shaking her head and looking at herself in the mirror, and fixing her hair. Then she looked over to Ginevra again. "The no-homework on the first day thing was mostly a thing in middle school, if I remember correctly."

Jonas was still trying to clean himself up, having already "fixed" himself up in his human form. "So, Navneet, how do you feel about today?" he asked his wizard, curious. Not long after asking, he fixed the last few feathers, and stopped. "I think it should go well." He gently flapped his wings, making sure everything was good, before folding them again.
Posted: Tue, 13/03/2018 03:40 (3 Months ago)
Lynx yawns into a hand as he quickly heads towards the bathroom to freshen up and get changed, coming out slightly more alive. He grabs his scarf and throws it around his neck, swiping his backpack from the side of the door, spotting his familiar and dormmate walk off in the distance.

He clears his throat quietly, takes a deep breath, and wipes all traces of morning crankiness from his face, trotting off towards the cafeteria with cheer he doesn't really feel. The only reason why he even puts on this particular face during the mornings is because apparently being overly cheery in the morning is annoying. And Lynx lives for annoying people.
Riley just shrugs when he sees the bed still occupied. It isn't really his problem if Theo decides to sleep in, so he just grabs his stuff and leaves, heading for his first class. It's better to be early than to be late.

He spots a few of his fellow students out already, and resolutely ignores them.

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Posted: Tue, 13/03/2018 04:18 (3 Months ago)
Navneet was still staring at the building as he heard Jonas speak. He wasn't really bothered by any of his actions. "You think?" He muttered in a very uninteresting tone. He wasn't really looking forward to this day. He turned around and muttered again "Let's get ready"
Posted: Tue, 13/03/2018 04:37 (3 Months ago)
~ Faeryn ~ Female ~ 18 ~ Aero ~ Senior ~

Fae brushed her red-tipped hair out of her face as she returned from handing her empty plate to the cafeteria workers. Looking up, the short young lady was a little surprised to see more students having piled in "I guess it is a new school year!" she chimed in a somewhat surprised manner, walking over to Zion "Hey, Zion!" she happily offered the familiar a greeting "How are you?". She sat down on a table next to him, an empty seat beside her.

~ Jason ~ Male ~ 17 ~ Hyena ~ Sophomore ~

Jace groaned slightly as more people entered the cafeteria, he'd already finished his breakfast and had just come back from grabbing a coffee. 'Guess I'll be off now.' he thought to himself as he left the cafeteria, hot coffee in hand. He glanced at Zion, another familiar at the school, making him crash into another student, his coffee flying over them both. ((Who wants to get splashed with hot coffee? ;v;))
Posted: Tue, 13/03/2018 23:36 (3 Months ago)
Posted: Wed, 14/03/2018 00:17 (3 Months ago)

Zion Azriel

15 | Arctic Fox | Sophomore | Tags: Faeryn, Jason

Jace's coffee stained Zion's red sweatshirt with hot brown liquid. Looking down at the stain, Zion simply just blinked, too tired to react, and glanced over at Faeryn, "I'm mighty fine, thank you." he said sarcastically as the scent of coffee wafted into his nose. Thankfully, only his sweatshirt was affected by the stain. Unzipping the damp hoodie, he took it off and revealed his white, graphic T-shirt underneath, tying his sweatshirt around his waist.

Ginevra Winfaal

17 | Otter | Senior | Tags: Lillian

Ginevra glanced down at her feet, "That's true, although I don't recall getting homework on the first day last year.." After a moment, Ginevra's smile returned to her face, "Oh well! I'm just hoping they won't ram us with a bunch of homework on the first day." Walking over to the front door, Ginevra grabbed her loose bag and swung it onto her shoulders, "I'll meet you at the cafeteria!" she announced, before leaving the dorm room and into the halls.
Posted: Wed, 14/03/2018 00:24 (3 Months ago)
Riley spots a boy he vaguely recognizes--he's probably a familiar in one of his classes, but he doesn't really take the time to interact with people, so. But he spots him walking, and not paying attention, and considers shouting at him to warn him of the boy he's about to walk into, but makes the decision too late, because now there's coffee everywhere, and oh dear. What a mess.
Lynx winces in sympathy when he sees his familiar and dormmate being doused with what has to be hot coffee. He picks up the pace, catching up to the commotion and ignoring the weird crane kid standing off to one side awkwardly. "Fine," he says, lips quirking up with mild amusement. "Well, at least you smell fine. I love coffee. I love you." He grins cheekily. "Seriously, though, you need anything? Ice?"

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Posted: Wed, 14/03/2018 00:26 (3 Months ago)
((not quite sure how to jump in/what to post as my familiar's wizard and my wizard's familiar haven't posted))

credit to nezumi
tomatoes are smoothies and you can't prove me wrong

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