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Coolest Diary since 2/20/18

Forum-Index Diaries Coolest Diary since 2/20/18
Posted: Wed, 21/02/2018 01:00 (26 Days ago)
Cool stuff happens
For example, hatching a shiny retro totodile! WOWzers
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Posted: Wed, 21/02/2018 23:16 (25 Days ago)
Also becoming level 20! YaY
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Posted: Fri, 23/02/2018 23:21 (23 Days ago)
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Posted: Tue, 27/02/2018 23:15 (19 Days ago)

Title: Lottery Log

Spent: 20k
Vouchers? 1
GC received: 22k

Spent: 300k
Vouchers? 2
GC received:200k

Spent: 300k
Vouchers? 3
GC received: 158k

Spent: 225k
Vouchers? No
GC received: 84400

Spent: 100k
Vouchers? No
GC received: 58800

Spent: 50k
Vouchers? --
GC received: --
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Posted: Wed, 28/02/2018 04:24 (19 Days ago)
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Posted: Tue, 06/03/2018 22:55 (12 Days ago)
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Posted: Fri, 09/03/2018 02:30 (10 Days ago)
Second Shiny!

As if anyone cared

Sorry that the Lottery Log isn't being updated, I don't feel like doing lotteries anymore

Anyways, my total is 7 Regular Lugia Egg Vouchers, that I'll attempt to sell

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Anyways, feel free to PM or PP me if you want one, and I'm even selling an Azelf. Deals would include bug gems, PD, and nuggets.

BBCodes are too much fun
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Posted: Fri, 09/03/2018 03:38 (10 Days ago)
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Posted: Fri, 09/03/2018 21:42 (9 Days ago)

Shiny Log, I guess?

Future Shiny Hunt(s)
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Talonflame (even though regular looks better)

Current Shiny Hunt
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Received Shinies
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Totodile (Retro): Received by: Luck

Luxray: Received by: Pokeradar Chain #46

Growlithe: Received by: AH

Pinsir: Received by: Pokeradar Chain #56

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Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 14:45 (7 Days ago)

Mega-Able Log here?

From Random

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Mega-Able Riolu from AH

From Chaining

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Mega-Able Pinsir at Chain #15

Rowan Quest was a flop. Off by about 30 levels... But hey! It leaves an extra slot in my party that I didn't really need anyways

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Posted: Wed, 14/03/2018 21:15 (4 Days ago)
Got a new Rowan Quest help me out and feed a berry.
Hi Aidan.
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Posted: Wed, 14/03/2018 22:21 (4 Days ago)
I made a flying type fan club. Check it out!
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Posted: Thu, 15/03/2018 21:24 (3 Days ago)
My most impressive BBCode WIP

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Charizard used [s]Flamethrower[/s] Wing Attack!
[h][b]Hello! Welcome to the guild of [u][color=red]flying[/color][/u] types! Well, I suppose I should tell you all who I am, and what this guild is.[/b][/h]
[spoiler]Heya~ I'm the (current) leader of this guild. I have a special affinity for flying-types, seeing as how I am a... [pkmnbig]663[/pkmnbig] [b]Talonflame[/b]! My avatar is also not for you to worry about. Also, I type with my beak, so do not get worried if I do not reply immediately. If you do want to send me any [s]dinner[/s] plushies, I really like ducks. Shiny ducks.
[b]The Guild[/b]
[spoiler]In this guild, when there are enough members, we will talk about the best type of all! Flying! I will also create events, along with any co-leaders this guild might have. These events might include, quizzes, giveaways, and other cool stuff. [b]All events will have prizes at the end![/b] Of course, donations would be [b]very[/b] beneficial, as they would make these events even more [b]FUN![/b]
We also have a rank system. The more active you are, the higher rank! Also donating helps. The ranks go from Leader (me, for now) Co-leader, Moderator, Big Birb, Medium Birb, Little Birb, and no rank. Participate and donate to go up the scale, although Co-leader/Moderator are given through trust. (Just saying, Mods and Co need to subscribe to this thread)[/spoiler]
[spoiler][center][b]1. All PH rules apply![/b][/center]
[center][b]2. Respect! Birb rights matter![/b][/center]
[center][b]3. No mini-modding. My job![/b][/center]
[center][b]4. The password is your favorite flying type[/b][/center]
[center][b]5. Have fun! [s]Or else[/s][/b][/center][/spoiler]
[b]Huh? You want to join?[/b]
[b]... Well, fill out the enclosed form, and you could join this guild![/b]
[center]What matters?[/center]
If you are denied, you [b]can[/b] try again! Unless it says otherwise. I will tell you if something is wrong, and you can fix it![/spoiler]
[b]Example Form:[/b]
[spoiler][center]Username: TheBandedFlame [/center]
[center]Nickname: Bandit[/center]
[center]Password: [pkmnbig]663[/pkmnbig][/center]
[center]What matters? [b][u]Check the rules to find out[/u][/b][/center][/spoiler]
[b]Co-Leader/Mod Form[/b]
[center]Co or Mod:[/center]
[center]What experience do you have?[/center]
[center]How active are you?[/center]
[center]Why you want to be Co/Mod:[/center]
[center]Is this your first time applying for Co/Mod?[/center]
[b]|Current Contests|[/b]
[spoiler][b][center]Check back in later...[/b][/center][/spoiler]
[b]Prizes for next Contest[/b]
[spoiler][center]1. ----------- wins Shiny Ducklett Plushie[/center]
[center]2. ----------- wins Party Ducklett Plushie[/center]
[center]3. ----------- wins Regular Ducklett Plushie[/center][/spoiler]
[b]Rank List~[/b]
[center]Leader: [user]TheBandedFlame[/user][/center]
[center]Co-Leader(s):None, as of yet[/center]
[center]Moderator(s):None, as of yet[/center]
[center]Big Birb(s):None, as of yet[/center]
[center]Medium Birb(s):None, as of yet[/center]
[center]Little Birb(s):None, as of yet[/center]
[center]Members:[user]TheBandedFlame[/user], [user]Angelless[/user][/center][/spoiler]

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Posted: Fri, 16/03/2018 21:54 (2 Days ago)
Hey, I finished my Pinsir hunt, so I can use some vouchers!
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Posted: Sun, 18/03/2018 14:20 (14 Hours ago)
I didn't use any vouchers, but I did complete my Rowan Quest successfully!
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