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Horangi's (not-so) Important Thread

Forum-Index Diaries Horangi's (not-so) Important Thread
Posted: Thu, 25/01/2018 23:49 (1 Month ago)
This is basically where I can scream all my frustrations and I don't have to actually speak to anyone lmao xD I'm most likely not going to use and bbcode here, so it isn't pretty like others lol.

Please don't post here, my palpad and inbox are always open if you wanna chat.
Posted: Fri, 26/01/2018 17:22 (1 Month ago)
I lied. I'll use some bbcode lmao. Also, this piece is constantly a wip

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Posted: Mon, 19/02/2018 03:08 (28 Days ago)
How I got my betta fish and the story of my $20 impulse buy.

Eros is the flirtiest, most active betta I've had in a while. He was admittedly an impulse buy when I went to the pet store to pick up some pet food. I always go and say hi to all of the fish, especially the bettas because I know just how bored they can get. Most will either puff at you or ignore you but this oddball was dancing as soon as I went near the display. I wasn't looking for a fish so I actually left him there that night, figuring an active a gorgeous betta like that would go quick. 3 bags of rancid cat food later, and he's still there, completely ignored by everyone.

I sat in that store for nearly an hour contemplating buying him. A couple people bought bettas in that hour, but it was like he wasn't noticed. How do you not notice a pearly white betta that is excited to see you?! I bought him. My dumb self said "Yep. Horang, you need a fish. This fish needs you. You complete each other."

Up to the counter I go. Goodbye 2 hours of work. I walk outside with Eros' cup sitting in my hand and he is actually looking around outside. I know bettas are smart, but this guy puts all of my past ones to shame. He watched people walking past as we went to my car, payed attention to the vehicles driving past in the parking lot, and just genuinely seemed interested in the world around him. We go home and I get a small quarantine tank set up with water and filter media from my much larger, cycled aquascape. I do a mandatory 120 day quarantine 37 days to go, Eros! on any and all reptiles and fish that come into my apartment. They are placed into fairly barren enclosure away from all others and basically just monitored for any diseases, parasites, and any other nasties.

Well, just like a person in a room with a bed and nothing else, he got bored. Bored bettas turn into tail biters and can get seriously sick when bored. I first started placing some small things around the tank like stuffed animals and action figures. Change them around every few days and it cures boredom fast. Well now, I really want to see what I can do and on a whim I bought a thing of VDay gel clings from the dollar store and stuck one onto the outside of his tank. He went bonkers! He started investigating and then he'd zoom off! And back he'd come to investigate and off he'd go again! So I put a few more. Now I have packs for every holiday I could get my hands on as well as season ones! Smart as a whip and I'm really excited for him to go into the larger tank next month. I think he'll have a lot of fun with the plants.